Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Raccoon City
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Dec 13, 2021 @ 9:45am
Dec 13, 2021 @ 8:12pm
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Raccoon City

This was a previous version, it has ee, but the thing is that if I added more things to the map, it would work. I'm currently working on a new version which you can play in third person and there will be a story mode.

in this version there is a fight with Wesker
cold war style extraction
and cinematics

warning certain areas give drops in fps up to 10 fps this is an earlier version of this map but well I'll leave it in case someone has a bad taste in their mouth


Welcome to raccoon city. You are ready to leave the most terrifying and infected city in the United States alive.
Enter the most iconic settings of the video games resident evil 2 and 3 remake.
places like the police station, the city center with the Toy uncle toy store, the gun shop

Difficulty: Very expensive doors, narrow areas, dark map, and the astronaut following you, fast zombies from round 5 and juggernog away from the spawn zone.

Warning: This is a test map reaching its final version, there are some bugs, mainly sound, as well as that it does not have ee. It only has an affordable ending

In the future the map will be updated with the one that will have a bossfight and puzzles.

- ffyl
- icu
- Tactiquilla
- Peks Cold war
- weapons MW2019 and bo4
- Add Brutus
- Enemies Custom

- Xdeferpc = Scripts and EE
- frankcastle = Nemesis model riggin
- Pepergogo = Scripts
- KillJoy = Models dogs resident evil riggin
- HarryBo21 = Perk Pack, Weapon Pack
- Logical = Perk Pack
- TheSkyeLord = Weapon Pack
- mickey0917 = Zombies In Spaceland Clown ZM Models
- DamianoTBMz = BOCW Minigun/Death Machine
- Kingslayer Kyle = Models zombies
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Jammy May 23 @ 6:58pm 
Having Nemesis is a nice feature but the price of doors makes the balancing of this map garbage
trashcatdoll May 21 @ 8:01am 
Esse mapa não funciona aqui. Acontece um erro sempre que tento jogá-lo. That map doesn't work here. I get an error whenever I try to play it.
Pro_Remedy May 17 @ 2:07pm 
Please make doors cheaper
CoyPinoy May 15 @ 7:25pm 
Add a contributable ending.
Uranium Apr 30 @ 9:41pm 
Map is a clunky shitfest. Do better next time.
Kat Apr 11 @ 2:06pm 
Good but challanging map, needs some work, Make it compatible with All-Around Enchancments too please
PO801 Apr 4 @ 12:01pm 
This map has potential but as of right now, it needs some work. The opening area and the road to RPD is too linear. Not enough room to move around which can result in games ending very fast. The doors are way too expensive. Especially for early game. The player will have to deal with so much within the first few rounds to just save enough points to open the first door. Having to deal with Nemesis and Mr. X is annoying. Just have one.
Hayden Apr 2 @ 7:15pm 
very buggy, needs fixing
LinkT000 Mar 26 @ 11:44pm 
I enjoyed the map very huge but I do have some pros and cons.

1) Map Looked amazing
2) The Soundtracks for safe house was on point
3) Tyrants was an amazingly scary ad on loved it
4) Nemesis was also an amazing ad on, was checking every corner
5) The map looked really slimier to actual Raccoon City very well done

1) Zombies Spawn rate to slow
2) Zombies to easy to kill like stuck at round 4 health
3) Doors were way to expensive
4) Buy able ending 100,000
5) Zombies got glitched out in some areas and would not go after player

I believe having the zombies health upscaled would help people have a better experience because then they would be able to farm for points to buy the doors. But I would say this would be a map to check out :)
BluntBurning Mar 23 @ 5:38pm 
This map is fucking terrible. Door cost is ridiculous, theres no where to move with the unkillable boss, random death spots around the map the spaceman replica sticks to one person and is constantly blocking pathways so theres literally no option but to die for the person hes after, guns are shit, zombies are fast and windmill so if you get hit at all its easy to go down, had to of spent over 50k on doors and still never seen jugg, barely any wall weapons. i could go on about how shit this map is. Only positive is it looked nice and ran a steady 120ish fps for being such a big map. :steamthumbsdown: