Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Raccoon City
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Dec 13, 2021 @ 9:45am
Dec 13, 2021 @ 8:12pm
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Raccoon City

This was a previous version, it has ee, but the thing is that if I added more things to the map, it would work. I'm currently working on a new version which you can play in third person and there will be a story mode.

in this version there is a fight with Wesker
cold war style extraction
and cinematics

warning certain areas give drops in fps up to 10 fps this is an earlier version of this map but well I'll leave it in case someone has a bad taste in their mouth


Welcome to raccoon city. You are ready to leave the most terrifying and infected city in the United States alive.
Enter the most iconic settings of the video games resident evil 2 and 3 remake.
places like the police station, the city center with the Toy uncle toy store, the gun shop

Difficulty: Very expensive doors, narrow areas, dark map, and the astronaut following you, fast zombies from round 5 and juggernog away from the spawn zone.

Warning: This is a test map reaching its final version, there are some bugs, mainly sound, as well as that it does not have ee. It only has an affordable ending

In the future the map will be updated with the one that will have a bossfight and puzzles.

- ffyl
- icu
- Tactiquilla
- Peks Cold war
- weapons MW2019 and bo4
- Add Brutus
- Enemies Custom

- Xdeferpc = Scripts and EE
- frankcastle = Nemesis model riggin
- Pepergogo = Scripts
- KillJoy = Models dogs resident evil riggin
- HarryBo21 = Perk Pack, Weapon Pack
- Logical = Perk Pack
- TheSkyeLord = Weapon Pack
- mickey0917 = Zombies In Spaceland Clown ZM Models
- DamianoTBMz = BOCW Minigun/Death Machine
- Kingslayer Kyle = Models zombies
Olli Apr 7 @ 10:16pm 
Anyone know how to even get through any of the doors in the RPD building????? I've literally been trying for actual days to figure out where to go, what to do and no luck at all.
BoKKo Apr 5 @ 6:13pm 
Oh yeah my game also ended because I fell into a poorly-placed death barrier
BoKKo Apr 5 @ 6:12pm 
Unfortunately, I can tell all of the work went into the aesthetics of this map. The atmosphere, sound design, and detailing are all spot on and absolutely amazing. Actually feels like a Resident Evil game. Gameplay-wise, though, I didn't like this map. It's too dark, too many narrow hallways that make avoiding the astronaut zombie incredibly annoying, it's very long so navigating from one end of the map to the other will take forever (Stamin-Up is not easy to find either), and worst of all, the DOORS. Expensive doors on a long map like this will instantly make it grindy and not fun to play. The player won't want to buy any of the cool weapons, perks, or anything else because they're constantly saving up points for ridiculously priced doors. It doesn't help that Juggernog is behind a lot of them either. While I respect the work that was obviously put into this one, it's not very good in my opinion
Agent_pnb Feb 28 @ 6:54pm 
ok, at the start it will suck, once you get to known the map, perks location, how 2 kill the bosses (even Nemesis) and got your settings stable to denie frame drops, WHAT A MAP, but that is the thing, you kinda need to give your time, cus AI is broken, door are a little overpriced before you get the map and deam the fps on the firts time, now I can play a clean 50 (r.i.p 60) but ok,(sorry 4 bad english, am Brazilian) hope the dev update until 2030 somehow this is on my top 5
Crazydog130 Feb 10 @ 11:00pm 
Never make a map again.
Scarab Jan 31 @ 12:53am 
the only things this map has going for it is the nostalgia for the good representation of the visuals, but as others have said its a genuinely fucking pathetic attempt at making a zombies map and you'd think the person who made this has never played a zombies map before in their lives, nemesis and the tyrant should have been flipped in terms of the bosses they represent, zombies get stuck on a bus stop halfway through the map and don't spawn in, the doors are stupidly fucking expensive and the buyable ending (if you make it that far, i sure as shit didn't) is apparently 100k which is about as much points you have to spend in order to get the point where you can buy it anyway, box spawn's are few meaning if you get a teddy in the RPD the next closest spot it can land is around 50k points through the map, so good luck. You have to try really hard to fuck up a map this badly from the gameplay point of things when it looks so good, and you sire passed with flying colours
Not_Diamond_The_Cyber_Wolf Dec 18, 2023 @ 8:31pm 
The map caused my Bo3 to crash almost a year ago now. Perhaps it was from a bug due to that?
PhantasmBlast Nov 30, 2023 @ 9:32pm 
I hope it gets updated lol
trappedreality{T.L.} Nov 28, 2023 @ 11:13pm 
door simulator
Lakyitu Oct 18, 2023 @ 1:42pm 
walked up a ramp that brought me out the map, and killed me to a death barrier. had both guns pack a punched,7 perks. i will never touch this map again :)