Farming Simulator 22

Farming Simulator 22

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FS22 Achievements Requirements [ENG]
By HuggernautNL
A description per achievement on what you actually need to do to obtain the achievements.
Road Trip
- Drive 100km with cars.

Field trip
- Drive 150km with tractors

Long haul
- Drive 50km with trucks.

It just fell off
- Repair a vehicle or implement.

Fix me up
- Repair vehicles or implements 25 times. (Can repair same vehicle multiple times, second hand vehicles do not count).

Van Gogh
- Repaint a vehicle.

Ultimutt Pawesomeness
- Pet your dog.

Allez Hopp
- Jump with a Horse.

You are not a kangaroo
- Jump with a horse 500 times.

- Fully ride a horse to it's first daily 100% ride.

- Ride horses for 50 kilometers.

Plant get enough
- Fertilize 1 hectare (can use helpers).

The plot thickens
- Fertilize 100 hectares (can use helpers).

I read Shakespeare and stuff
- Cultivate 1 hectare (can use helpers).

Highly cultivated
- Cultivate 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Just a sprinkle
- Sow 1 hectare (can use helpers).

It's sow easy
- Sow 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Own use
- Harvest 1 hectare of crops (can use helpers).

Large-scale supplier
- Harvest 100 hectares (can use helpers).

Help me to help you
- Complete 1 contract.

Helper A does not stop... Ever.
- Complete 50 contracts.

Clucky streak
- Breed 100 chickens.

Three little piggies
- Breed 50 pigs.

- Breed 30 sheep.

- Breed 30 cows.

Bringing in the honey!
- Place 15 beehives.

That's a wrap
- Bale and wrap 40 bales of grass. Achievement should immediately pop after dropping the 40th bale.

Cheese it
- Collect all 12 Cheese Wedges (collectibles) on the Erlengrat map.

Game on
- Collect all 20 cartridges (collectibles) on the Haut-Beyleron map.

Pretty colorful
- Collect all 100 Wooden Toy Figures (collectibles) on the Elmcreek map.

Gone but not for cotton
- Sell 40 cotton bales.
Round or square both works. Selling an unfinished 10% full bale also counts.
Needs to be done in a single play session, a bug in and Saving and quitting resets the counter.

I like to switch it up
- Buy and own 15 vehicles.

This is just my weekend vehicle
- Buy and own 30 vehicles.

Vehicle Fleet
- Buy and own 60 vehicles.

Well-Oiled machine
- Own 10 factories (construction menu, place them).

All out of land
- Buy 20 buildings or farm elements.

Raisin the stakes
- Sell 85.000 liters of grapes.

Olea Europaea
- Sell 60.000 liters of olives.

Original grain
- Sell 500.000 liters of sorghum.

Hard work pays off
- Have 10.000.000 credits.

It's just the beginning
- Play 10 hours in a single savegame.

It's never too late to farm
- Load a one year old savegame that has not been played in a year.

Rock on
- Sell stones, amount can be as low as 1 liter.
(Confirmed to work with placeable stone crusher).

I'm stumped
- Cut down 1 tree (must own land tree is on).

You wood not believe it
- Cut down 25 trees (must own land tree is on).

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TrendYEisteee Nov 30 @ 4:53pm 
That's a wrap
- Bale and wrap 40 bales of grass. Achievement should immediately pop after dropping the 40th bale.

The only that poppet up on Multiplayer for evry player on the server.
Zucchinibob Nov 25 @ 7:48pm 
'Gone but not for Cotton' still seems bugged. Tried selling/depositing 40 partial cotton bales split between the on-map spinnery and placed spinneries in one session and didn't get the achievement
HuggernautNL  [author] Nov 10 @ 2:49am 
I'm just glad everyone is still enjoying this guide.
The original descriptions of the achievements are way too vague to know what to do.
zheafkking Oct 13 @ 12:22am 
Thanks for sharing!:rockon:
Goatz Sep 30 @ 11:57am 
the ``Pretty colorful `` is still buggy for me, because when i collect all of them, the achievements dosent come up
TrendYEisteee Apr 27 @ 12:20pm 
@Skweggy No, not on Steam, the MS Fs22 you get achievments in mp, idk why...
Skweggy Mar 14 @ 2:18pm 
Can you get the achievements in mp?
HurtfulPlayer97 Dec 28, 2022 @ 11:36am 
As far as I know you still have to put all the cotton bales in on the same day.
Kowalski Dec 28, 2022 @ 5:10am 
is the the thing with the cotton bales still buggy?
Jimmy Dec 1, 2022 @ 8:42am