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Stadium: A Sport Odyssey
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Stadium: A Sport Odyssey

"Citizens of the United Regions, sons and daughters of this broken world, it has saved us all from extinction. We gather within its walls tonight for one thing and one thing only. To play the game, it has given us. Play bravely young champions towards the finals and the ultimate prize known to man………life!" The roar of the crowd erupts as the holographic Commissioner H.R. Cloverfield fades away.

It is the year 2067. Mankind has regrouped after "God's departure," a series of natural disasters that devastated the world over two decades ago. The surviving populations are now divided by regions governed by various companies and ideas on how to reshape the future. Despite the isolation between societies, they all covet the exact source of power. Etherium, also known as "E-cellz," is the highly efficient energy source of today. Along with advanced formulas, this power is generated in the grand vessel amongst the clouds known as the Stadium.

Stadium: A Sport Odyssey (or SASO) is a competitive two-player collectible card-board game based loosely on good old American football rules. You and your opponent take on the role of Head Coaches hired by a company to command their team in the ongoing contest held in the Stadium. By playing with pre-constructed or your own customized team deck of cards, coaches go head to head playing cards in phase turns. In the last phase, the stats of the revealed cards played are tallied and determine the play's success.

The goal is simple; out-think, outlast and outscore your opponent before time runs out. Calling the right plays, managing your players, and spending momentum wisely are but a few of your tasks for victory. The real challenge is taking control and maintaining the Stadium's ever-changing environment. Whoever masters this…. masters the game and future of the world.