Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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  • On the mood for a scary and stormy night ? Try out our own menu :
  • it has sweet animations, but be prepared for the ocasional lightnings,
  • the mod OST is also included in the menu, get some spooky vibes already !

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Corvus Badfeather has landed and wants YOU for his experiments

You will find him at the portal waiting for someone to help him to get things started.

The Scariercrow :
  • The centerpiece of the Scarenival ! Get it from ol' Corvus to unlock the next kits
  • Its spirit will attracts some "visitors" and you can enhance it by dressing it up
  • You can find some decoration boxes of various collections and pieces in graves :

    Note : This is a grumpy spirit, don't mess with it !

Now get your tokens, play games (for the sake of science) and build the greatest Scarenival !

The Spark Park :
  • Keep an eye out at the floor! The Bizarre Rod will cast lightnings around the park and they will aim random stones, players also attract additional lightnings !
  • A variety of vile creatures also found their way to play with you here, try not to run into them...
  • Stay out of troubles and you will be rewarded with tickets.
    Note : Corvus has covered the floor with an isolating solution, lightnings will cause you no harm... or good, we appologise to our robot friends.

The Spider Dinner :
  • We cooked a wonderful meal from our Ghostronomy collection just for you, however, Corvus forgot to feed the Spider Troup (again).
  • Teach them some manners and save as much food as possible, we will exchange what's left in tickets.
  • The spiders will try to get some food every few seconds, hit them to reset their hunger and try to keep in mind which spider will be hungry soon, they're scared of players most of the time but will scream and run toward it when hungry.
  • It is recommanded to bring fellow test subjects with you to help during this experiment.

The Hedge Maze :
  • Pass your token to our assistant in the beacon and... find him again.
  • A maze will emerge and rebuild itself everytime you make your way to the beacon.
  • Every completion gives you more tickets, so take a deep look and get moving !

The Claw Machine :
  • A special token available at the Experiment Both is required to play with the crane !
  • Challenge your patience, as the buttons switch, crack and a barely cooperating claw will do their best to not help you in your task:
    Plushies of all kind, size and rarity will flood the stage, use the buttons to move the claw and grab a plush then take it out before time's out.
  • It is recommanded to bring fellow test subjects with you to help during this experiment.
    Will you manage to collect all the 29 different plushies ?

The Experiment Booth :
  • At last, prizes !
    Only the bravest test subjects will earn enough tickets to exchange them for wonderful items :
    A delight after all the spook and games.
    A sweet Scarenival favorite.
    - Contain 4-5 Pumpkin Seeds
    Planty sweets in a giant one to share!
    - Contain 5-10 random candies
    - Some Peekaspooks would love to have their favorite candy...
    Warm and tasty as you would expect it!
    Corvus secret cooking formula.
    - A new ingredient to make special recipes
    - Also brewable with a living eel and spider at the Mad Lab
    Carved after you!
    Hand it to the claw, it knows the rest.
    - A special token to play at the Claw Machine
    Trimmed outgrowths of the labyrinth.
    - 12 decorative walls from the Hedge Maze
    To team with fellow scientists at the lab.
    - Increase by one the amount of potion made at the Mad Lab
    - You can add up as many players as you want!
    - Takes 20% on use, can be repaired with a Sewing Kit
    Tools to clense and curse graves.
    - Refill a Grave for 25%
    - Destroy any Headstone or full Grave for 35%
    - Deploy it to make a new Grave for all durability
  • Our 12 Spooky Oil specialities will be often displayed at the booth, try them out !

Mod Version : 1.0.10

> Full update changelogs

  • Devs :
    ADM - code, anims, sounds
    Notka - arts

  • Music :
    Will o' Wisp Production :
    • Antonis
    • Stavros
    • George
  • Special Mentions :
    Steamerclaw - for initial character quotes and inspirations
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urielbenetti Dec 3 @ 1:03pm 
thank you/obrigado/gracias,ADM!
ladybee71 Nov 19 @ 7:25am 
LOVE this mod!!!!!
Benedek Nov 15 @ 1:24pm 
✨ Kami ✨ Nov 13 @ 8:02pm 
Something wrong with this mod, my friend cant join because its show him this is old mod in spite of resubscribe. My friend told me maybe this mod update with wrong version in modmain . Can you check it ?
ADM  [author] Nov 11 @ 10:11pm 
@Pinkamena11 Faz Pony next year yes, we got things to do on other projects so the Scarenival will be on break before we add new minigames and items like an annual event :) Quality plush take time !
Pinkamena11 Faz Pony Nov 11 @ 4:05pm 
Can you please add more plushies like from this mod?
Mr Scruff Oct 30 @ 7:33pm 
Oh yea i guess it was originally tree
ADM  [author] Oct 30 @ 3:52pm 
@Mr Scruff use an axe to cut it down :)
Mr Scruff Oct 30 @ 2:53pm 
How to move the scarier crow?
I can't hammer it
ADM  [author] Oct 29 @ 9:48pm 
@xx_xx Uhhhhhhhhhhhh... I have no idea how that's possible.
I can only recommand you to use a hammer and destroy the stage to replace it honestly I don't have slighest idea of what that sign thing could be, but I will take a look