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Garry's Mod

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Metrostroi (Subway Simulator)
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May 20, 2014 @ 6:32am
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Metrostroi (Subway Simulator)

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Tutorials and others
You can discuss this addon and find support at our official discord.[]

- Fully simulated 81-717, E-type trains (E, Em508, Ezh, Ezh3), metro trains - with all the electric circuits and pneumatic systems. Every relay and electric component of the train is simulated.
- Fully simulated 81-720 "Yauza" and 81-722 "Yubileyniy" metro trains - with all train and pneumatic systems simulated.
- Metrocars type 81-718 and 81-719 with the Thyristor-Impulse control system made in modification of the city of Kharkov.
- Realistic train perfomance and physics
- Bogeys and special equipment for use with custom contraptions. Metrostroi bogies have proper friction, sound and a built-in motor, as well as a pneumatic brake.
- Passengers on stations which take subway trains for a ride
- Very detailed sound design of the trains inside and outside of the tunnels
- Simulation of voltage dips in control circuits and interior lighting

Author: Black Phoenix.
This map is a work-in-progress subway map with two metro lines. It features soviet-style subway stations, ARS/ALS system for traffic control. This map should be installed automatically along with this addon.
Download: Map & content

Author: MyCbEH.
Download 1: Content 1/2
Download 2: Content 2/2

Author: MyCbEH.
Download 1: Content 1/2
Download 2: Content 2/2

Extra information
An extra binary module is available for speeding up the train simulation by using multithreading for trains internal systems modelling. You can download it here: http:// rghost . net /8SrcqCYZW

License information
Copyright (C) 2013-2018 Metrostroi Team & FoxWorks Aerospace s.r.o.

The addon contains proprietary source code from FoxWorks Aerospace s.r.o., see this (license.txt)[] for additional information.
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Ace Clover , hold shift when moving from brake positions to 0
Ace Clover Nov 16 @ 1:21pm 
When i brake, the throttle gets stuck, how do i release it?
glebqip(RUS)  [author] Nov 15 @ 9:09pm 
чики брики (czikibriki) , you can interact with buttons with Reverser wrench weapon or when you sit in train. If you still can't interact, check, that you don't have script errors, and check that you can't interact with all train entities
something is wrong i cant interact with stuff
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hackrazor1012 , for most of trains from "Fully started" state all that you need is:
Insert reverser(Shift+0)
Move it forward(0) If you hear ARS signal - press Space
Open driver valve (Shift+L)
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None of the trains are doing anything, I can interact but nothing does anything
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Okay, this is cool and all, but HOW DO YOU MOVE