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Metrostroi (Subway Simulator)
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May 20, 2014 @ 6:32am
Aug 2, 2017 @ 1:20pm
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Metrostroi (Subway Simulator)

This addon requires additional content packs, which should install automatically when subscribing to the addon. Please subscribe to these addons if workshop has not subscribed your automatically.

In case you are experiencing any issues, these packs are available for manual subscription:
- Scripts
- Part 1
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4
- Part 5
- Part 6

All of the additional content packs are mandatory for using this addon. The addons have to be split in multiple content packs due to their size exceeding maximum workshop limits.

The legacy version of this addon is available here. It contains the same content and scripts as old version of this addon. It is NOT compatible with the new version of Metrostroi

Tutorials and train manuals
Train manuals

- Fully simulated 81-717, E-type trains (E, Em508, Ezh, Ezh3), metro trains - with all the electric circuits and pneumatic systems. Every relay and electric component of the train is simulated.
- Fully simulated 81-720 "Yauza" and 81-722 "Yubileyniy" metro trains - with all train and pneumatic systems simulated. NOTICE! You will get the best experience from 81-722 when using 6 wagons on the gm_metro_crossline_m12 map by SawMal (see links below).
- Realistic train perfomance and physics
- Bogeys and special equipment for use with custom contraptions. Metrostroi bogies have proper friction, sound and a built-in motor, as well as a pneumatic brake.
- Passengers on stations which take subway trains for a ride
- Very detailed sound design of the trains
- A basic Tatra T3 tram model

Author: Black Phoenix.
This map is a work-in-progress subway map with two metro lines. It features soviet-style subway stations, ARS/ALS system for traffic control. This map should be installed automatically along with this addon.
Map & content

Author: MyCbEH.
Download: Map & content

Author: MyCbEH.
Download 1: Pack 1/2
Download 2: Pack 2/2

Author: SawMal.
Download 1: Map
Download 2: Content

Black Phoenix - Programming
glebqip - Programming, Sound design, Sound engineering
oldy - 3D Modelling, Texturing, Sound design, Sound engineering
E11te - Content manager
[Pollitto] Курритто - Translating
RHINO - Voiceover
Акр - Voiceover
Don Tiguan - Adjusting instructor
MakichOS - Voiceover
Мусьен - Maps
Kid - Additional texturing
CyriTrainz Team (CyriMax, KiriZar) - original (old) 81-717/81-714 train models
Streamline - gm_metrostroi stations 109, 110, 210, 212
SirZoloft - gm_metrostroi station 112
Sgt.Sgt. - gm_metrostroi stations 113, 214
GameDev - gm_metrostroi station 117

Extra information
An extra binary module is available for speeding up the train simulation by using multithreading for trains internal systems modelling. You can download it here: http:// rghost . net /8SrcqCYZW

Metrostroi is a prototype for the Subtransit metro simulator. These features are not available in these trains:
- 81-717 train is based on Ezh3 model and lacks some 81-717 specific features (ventilation, proper BPSN modelling)
- Some 81-717 indicators are based on the manuals and might be connected to slightly wrong circuits.
- 81-717 circuit breakers are actually from Ezh3 and don't match up with what they should really be in real train.
- ARS/ALS system modelling is based on the manual
- While all perfomance data more or less matches real world one, some changes had to be made for it to work nicely with GMOD maps

License information
All the models, materials, sounds belong to their corresponding authors. Permission is granted to only distribute these models through Garry's Mod Steam Workshop and the official Metrostroi GitHub accounts for use with Garry's Mod and Metrostroi Subway Simulator.

It is forbidden to use any of these models, materials, sounds and other content for any commercial purposes without an explicit permission from the authors. It is forbidden to make any changes in these files in any derivative projects without an explicit permission from the author.

The addon contains proprietary source code from FoxWorks Aerospace s.r.o.
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[11]Troll Mar 8 @ 5:36am 
когда он появиться
[11]Troll Mar 8 @ 5:35am 
где русич!
glebqip(RUS)  [author] Mar 5 @ 7:54am 
De Spy , recommended host a dedicated server on pc(parallel caclulations) with turbostroi or play on another servers.
Goldenschmidt [DK] Mar 4 @ 6:52am 
Internet connection has nothing to do with client lag. Internet connection only produces higher pings.
Client lag is when the game is running low on FPS.
This is most likely a problem with your computer not running very well with this addon.
De Spy Mar 4 @ 5:59am 
everytime I spanw a metro train it lags so much.
either me wifi connection is like a potato or that my pc is like a potato.
Goldenschmidt [DK] Feb 28 @ 3:07pm 
For the 81-722, when you get a red outline around your screen, just simply click it. If you hear steam continously getting out, while screen has red outline, then you should press 9 once, wait 5 seconds(just in case), then press 0 again, and try once more. (Don't forget to click the screen, until you either have a yellow, white, or no line around the screen.(I suggest doing it until you have no line around the screen. Yellow stands for warning, while white stands for info. Red is an alert))
Meme genocide x) Feb 28 @ 11:45am 
Hello i have tried everything to start any train up but it just wont work. I have managed to start the 81-722 once but it just had a red screen and stopped driving how do i drive it? i tried following youtube videos but none seem to work
Asuta Feb 27 @ 12:52pm 
There is metrostroi.fgd for mapping?
Arkeltays Feb 25 @ 5:50am 
the button you are searching is the HV switch, it's a big round red switch on the right side, because metrostroi is a big addon, to get more performance, some entity stop rendering at a certain distance, such as your HV switch, so you need to move close enough at the right side to see it. But all of this is only if you spawn your train with the tool train spawner, and you unset HV switch in the settings. If you spawn your train directly by the spawn menu, so you just need (if it's a 81-717) to enable the battery, turn on power supply and motor compressor, press 0 (not the one of numpad), enable ARS and ALS, press space, open train line, brake line and EPV line, and here we go !
Goldenschmidt [DK] Feb 21 @ 3:34am 
I follow the instructions on how to turn on the trains.
I turn on the battery as told.
I get out of the train, as told.
I go to the right side of the train, and searches for a button to press.. I don't find any. Only those small handles at the front and back of the train. Though, they don't do anything. Only says "Sealed"
Even the debugger doesn't reveal any buttons on the right side of the train. Did I do something wrong?