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Station Solar System Exploitation
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Jul 31, 2021 @ 3:34am
May 12 @ 10:22am
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Station Solar System Exploitation

Station Solar System Exploitation (3.4)
A small mod for enhancing starbases so they can provide a greater economic boost to your empire and have a greater impact on the planets in system, inspired by some of the features of Stellaris Immortal. Each one is unlocked by one of the standard technologies.

New Starbase Modules
  • Solar Panel Network: Because it isn't just hive minds that can figure out to put solar panels on the thing that orbits a star. Produces 6 energy, or 11 with the Supercapacitor building.
  • Mining Terminal: Requires a mined minerals or alloy deposit in system. Produces 6 minerals, or 11 with the Mining Hub building
  • Research Terminal: Requires a deposit with a research station in system. Produces 3 of each research type plus additional research if you have the relevant research building.
  • Hydroponics Module: Produces 5 Food.

New Starbase Resource Buildings
  • Supercapacitor System: Produces 5 energy, gives a bonus to all energy mining stations in system and enhances all Solar Panel Networks on the station.
  • Mining Hub: Produces 5 minerals, gives a bonus to all mineral mining in system and enhances all mining terminals on the station.
  • Alloy Refinery: Requires a mined alloy deposit in the system. Produces 5 Alloys and gives a bonus to all alloy mining in the system and produces additional allows per Mining Terminal on the station
  • Atrophysics Lab: Produces 5 physics resarch, gives a bonus to all physics research stations in the system and all Research Terminal Modules produce 5 additional physics research. If the system contains an exploited Dark Matter deposit it also produces 1 dark matter.
  • Atrogeology Lab: Produces 5 society resarch, gives a bonus to all society research stations in the system and all Research Terminal Modules produce 5 additional society research. If the system contains an exploited Zro deposit it also produces 1 zro.
  • Areospace Lab: Produces 5 engineering resarch, gives a bonus to all engineering research stations in the system and all Research Terminal Modules produce 5 additional engineering research. If the system contains an exploited Living Metal deposit it also produces 1 living metal.
  • Food Processing Hub Module: Produces 5 Food, enhances the food produced by all farmers in system and all habitable planets produce 5 extra food.
  • Strategic Resource Refinery: One for each of motes, gas and crystals. Requires the relevant strategic resource, boosts mining station production in system and produces a small quantity itself.

New Starbase System Enhancement Buildings
  • Battle Stations: Gives a bonus to the starbase health, armour and shields.
  • Revinue and Customs House: Boosts trade value of all colonised planets in system as well as trade collection and protection range of the starbase.
  • Fulfillment Warehouse: Boosts amenities on all colonised planets in system and the trade collection range of the starbase.
  • Systemnet Comms Grid: Boosts unity and happiness on all colonised planets in system.

Building Module Bonuses Don't Show Up?
The building module bonuses get folded into the base value of the module. If you check a module production before and then module production after the building you'll see that the base value has jumped appropreately. This is a limitation of the tooltip system unfortunately. Stellaris Immortal had the implementation on the deposit system itself, but that is a heavier touch and introduces a lot more compatibility issues than I want with this mod.

Building X doesn't show up in the list?
Because the building list gets cluttered and bounces around when you select anything my bonus buildings only show when it is possible for them to be built. So the Alloy foundary and exotic resource buildings will be completely hidden if there isn't a relevant deposit in the system. Similarly the ones that enhance colonised planets will only show if there is a colonised planet.

Changes the default solar panels, so may have minor compatibility isses with anything else that does (my change is for them not to display so all empires will use mine), everything else is new content so should play nice with all other mods.

Should play fine with mods that increase the number of buildings / modules on a starbase.
In the case of mods that also add similar modules and buildings (star base expanded/extended, NSC etc...) then they are unlikely to interact (my buildings won't recongise a starbase extended mining module) so it may get confusing.

  • Many of the ideas, names and art assets come from Stellaris Immortal.
  • Fulfillment Warehouse is definately Space-Amazon Prime
  • Systemnet comes from GalNet from Elite Dangerous and hopes to become GalNet via a megastructure when it grows up. Who knows if I get bored enough.

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Draconas  [author] Jun 6 @ 2:43pm 
The only one that replaces is solar panels, and I do not make any changes to the number of modules available on a starbase, so you need to pick what you want starbases specialised in.
kaelis Jun 6 @ 2:22pm 
Are these modules replacing vanilla modules or are you increasing the number of modules a starbases can support?
Draconas  [author] May 12 @ 10:27am 
3.4 update done. Just required adding a clause to not build new modules on an orbital ring.
Draconas  [author] Feb 24 @ 9:41am 
Draconas  [author] Feb 24 @ 3:55am 
Good spot, looks like I failed to push (sorry, had a lot of mods to update). I will sort that when I get home.

There are basically no changes between the 2 versions, so you are fine with the 3.2 version and it will seemlessly upgrade
Kaernunnos Feb 24 @ 2:55am 
I see a comment yesterday saying 3.3 release, but steam says last update was in Dec?
Draconas  [author] Feb 23 @ 4:45am 
3.3 Release. Basically no changes
Draconas  [author] Dec 3, 2021 @ 3:29am 
Minor release, bumped a lot of the AI weights to try and encourage it to take things, no promises, going deeper would require prodding the AI's starbase logic which i am not prepared to do right now.
Knight Dec 2, 2021 @ 10:32pm 
Draconas  [author] Nov 29, 2021 @ 3:17am 
Terra - the former, I did not put a great deal of testing into the AI's usage of these, so while they have weighting, it is not super high or situational.