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What is Uber Upgrades? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Uber Upgrades, the TF2 server-mod. Uber Upgrades is a mod that allows players to use Mann Versus Machine style weapon upgrades in regular Team Fortress 2 gameplay.
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Uber Upgrades is a Team Fortress 2 gameplay mod. It can be played on any map as a stand-alone mod or coupled with many other mods. It’s a significantly game-changing mod but doesn’t affect standard map rules and objectives.

The plugin originally released April 2013. Today roughly 5 servers run this mod.

So what is Uber Upgrades?

Uber Upgrades is a server mod that allows players to use Mann Versus Machine style weapon upgrades in regular Team Fortress 2 gameplay.

Every time the player spawns they are presented with a menu. This menu can also be brought up with the chat command ‘slash buy’ or by pressing the show-scoreboard and reload keys at the same time. From this menu and sub-menus, players can buy and remove weapon and characters upgrades. On some servers cosmetic effects can also be bough. The attributes that are purchasable are comparable to Mann Versus Machine upgrades. They range from simple stat changes to gameplay changes effects.

A big part of Uber Upgrades is the money system. Money is used to buy upgrades. Players drop piles of money on death. The current amount of money the player has is displayed on screen in red.

Some servers use a temporary money system. On these servers when a player picks up a pile of money, the money goes into a yellow value displayed on screen. When the player dies, all money in the yellow pool of money is lost. The money transfers over to the regular-usable pool of money slowly when the player stands on a control point or otherwise does something toward an objective or instantly by touching a resupply cabinet.

Besides picking up money there are 2 other sources of money. Money is simply awarded to players over time, and teammates receive a small percentage of money when one player gets it. Money and weapon upgrades transfer between rounds but not between map changes.

The Uber Upgrades mod is a really customizable mod. Because of this many aspects can differ greatly between servers. Custom weapon upgrades, the rate at which players get money, the cost of upgrades, etcetera can all differ.

Oddly the Uber Upgrades mod can be used in Mann Versus Machine mode. When this is the case the regular upgrade shops aren’t usable as they’re not compatible.

And that’s basically Uber Upgrades in a nutshell. A change to gameplay that makes Team Fortress 2 a bit more like the moba genera of videogames.

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Learn More/Play on the Server
  • A list of servers that run this mod.[]
  • The mod itself on Allied Modders.[]
  • The official steam group.
  • Chat commands:
    !buy or /buy to bring up buy menu.
    ! or /uuhelp for info/help. ! or /uurespawn and then the number 1 or 0 to toggle between showing and not showing the buy menu on repawn.
    (Note: for all chat commands in every mod ! or / is needed before the command. The difference is: / makes it so the command isn’t in chat and so use it if you don’t want others to see what chat commands you’re using.)
  • One side effect of this mod is that a lot of the time players will be idle in spawn choosing upgrades. The 2 spawns usually will have players doing nothing.
  • Players are labelled by level on the scoreboard. This roughly indicates how much money they have spent on upgrades. This label is server specific and resets when the server changes map.
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hey, i saw you in black wonder server.

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Does someone know stack tweak?
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any way i can play this alone with bots?
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Endless money for some players:steamsad:
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anyone got a clue how to install the mod on a server?
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i dont know how to use qbuy because this is the first time i join a uber upgrade
Mandrew Oct 20, 2015 @ 1:36pm 
Can I please have the download?
Is snales buges? Oct 17, 2014 @ 12:04pm 
@[Faze clan] Jnick22
Build a level 2 dispencer and press your special attack key next to it with 150 metal (this is 150 metal for each)
那拉拉 (Nà lāla) Oct 7, 2014 @ 1:33pm 
How does the Sentryhat/Wrist work?