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[TUTORIAL] Adding Map to EXISTING Save / Reload after UPDATE
New map comming out? Update of map you already visited? - you don't have to start new game!
You can add or reload any part of map to your current saved game.
Few words for the beggining
So this "was' kinda forbidden knowledge, but as a father of 2 months daughter, i don't have time to start new game over and over and over again, after any kind of updates / new fixes of map mods.


Being myself a bit of a modder, but for personal use and i found (red about it, improved) method to add map to existing save or reload any "chunk" of map you wish for your save.

This works for:
- adding new part of map
- reloading after update's
- wiping out chunk of map (so you can AGAIN enter town like never before to loot again / or kill 3000 zombies)
1. You need to start a new game (save) with all mods you have now + with new maps you wish to have - lets call it MAPSAVE
2. Once it loads, exit game, you are done here
3. Go to your save folder (i think for most is C:/USER/Zomboid/Saves/)
(your save is within one of the folder, i always play Sandbox so it is Sandbox for me)
4. BACKUP YOUR SAVE FOLDER - kinda usefull you know.
--------- Now the fun part ----------
5. Copy and overwrite file "map_ver.bin" from that MAPSAVE folder to your save

IF you didn't visit that part of map you are adding YOU ARE DONE, GOOD, FINISHED -> GO PLAY
Warning: That part of map will be removed, cleansed, wiped out, nothing, nada. No bases, no loot, no vehicles and no zombies if you wish
It will LOAD again like you never visited it before.

1. Go to your save folder (you might backup it)
2. Remove map_XXX_YYYY.bin files that are dedicated to that part of map you want to remove
But how do I find which? There are several ways:
- Ask developer
- Spawn in that location and then check what are names in MAPSAVE folder
- Use minimap (there is GPS track at the bottom f.e. 8066-10662 which means it is in map_806_1066.bin file)

for example BLACKWOOD mod those are files:
map_780_1050.bin to map_780_1080.bin (30 files)
map_781_1050.bin to map_781_1080.bin (30 files)
... etc etc
map_810_1050.bin to map_810_1080.bin

Total of 900 files.
3. DELETE THEM. ALL 900. (This will reload building)
4. DELETE chunk file for that part of map: chunkdata_26_35.bin (This will reload loot)
5. DELETE file zpop_26_35.bin (This will remove zombie info, so new spawn)

I know there are some who knew that.
But for others - I hope it will be helpfull.

My guide works for MP as well. Just create new single player save with maps you want to add, and then take map_ver.bin and replace old one on your server!
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honach Mar 1 @ 12:23am 
Thanks man, helped a lot!
SyKeS Feb 13 @ 11:02am 
anyone know how to put this into simple terms or make a video? kinda weird about the wiping part. I just want to add this to my single player save
Zenethian Dec 26, 2023 @ 2:51pm 
Anyone know how to get the in-game map to update after this? The actual buildings and stuff load after using the map cleaner, but the in-game map shows the old vanilla map.
Lunaversity Dec 22, 2023 @ 3:11am 
For multiplayer I couldn't find map_ver.bin so I just said screw it and loaded in, the map regenerated with the new maps we added just fine.

However I believe if you have visited the cell in which the new maps you added they will not generate but you can use to remove those cells so they regenerate on the next launch. Just make sure to backup your save ofc.
Jamsheed Dec 19, 2023 @ 10:40pm 
For anyone wondering, here's what my map loader looks like in the .ini file (for reference only) -
Map=vehicle_interior;BedfordFalls;North;South;West;Blackwood;Elysium_Island;Fort Waterfront;Ashenwood;Louisville, KY;ForagingZ;MotoriousExpandedSpawnZones;Muldraugh, KY

Recommendations for easier mod management in servers-
Mod Manager: Server
Mod Manager: Enhanced Load Order
Jamsheed Dec 19, 2023 @ 10:39pm 
Easier way for the "Wipe Part of Map" -

1. Make sure to backup your server's Map.bin folder (\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer)
2. Use Zomboid Chunk Cleaner to highlight the area where your modded map won't load
3. Press the Delete *number* Chunk button

That's pretty much it; also works if you have installed mods that adds new items and you want it to load in discovered areas

NOTE : Make sure that your modded maps are on top of the mod loader and first ones in the map settings inside the .ini file
RenderOfTime Dec 12, 2023 @ 9:29am 
so I am very stupid, so can someone simplify this I want to make it so Interior works in a SP save, brand new. I go into my files Copy my save then replace the original with the copy?
Sugar & Spice Nov 9, 2023 @ 6:15pm 
I can't find a 'map_ver.bin' file on the multiplayer server in the save file? Is it called something else now?
sgtklink Nov 8, 2023 @ 1:52am 
@EgyptianGuard If you mean using your new saves' map_ver.bin to overwrite your old one for your save you want to keep playing, then no. This should only be used if you're adding something in an area you haven't been to, or integrating loot tables/vehicles or whatever into your game.

Deleting the other stuff (map/chunk/zpop) where your base is can delete all the stuff you have.
EgyptianGuard Oct 28, 2023 @ 12:14am 
does replacing the map.bin thing delete all progress? like will i still have my base?