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Madness Combat
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Apr 29, 2014 @ 10:50am
Jun 22 @ 9:02am
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Madness Combat

Alot of people asked for it, so - G2 models are back.

Patreon link, if you want to support me

This is a Madness Combat models that I made for animations, and I share them with you in case anyone want to try them as well.

UPDATE - 06.12.14
Hello there! Update is finally here. Yeah, it takes really long time, I faced a lot of errors and problems on the way to it, and at some point I was ready to give up, but it`s all behind and I hope that was worth it. I finally fixed invisible models for dx80 users(at least I hope so), learned how to make faseflexes and finally start working on weapons models. Change list:
-Users with dx80 will now see the models.
-New models - Zombie and Agent-zombie. Here is more - they have faceflexes, so faceposer work on them, check it out.
-New weapon models - Glock and SharpKnife. Yeah, it`s not much, but I will add more, when they will be ready.
-New physics. Now all models is selfcolliding.
It would be helpfull if you will leave a comment about physics and dx8. Is it working on your pc now or not, and is it better or not? Well, it`s seems, thats all for now, see you on the next update.

UPDATE - 24.07.15
-New model - Tricky the Clown(faceposable, bodygroups for his mask - Mask, Damaged mask, No Mask)
-New item models - Clown Sign, Clown mask.
That was a long break ...
25.07.15 Quickfix - fixed the mask texture, so it doesn't look like plastic now.

UPDATE - 31.10.16
- New models - G3 type - Grunt, Agent, Awesomeface guy, ATP engineer, few cosmetics and weapons.
- Fixed some textures.
- Important - from now on, G2 models are not sopported, all future models will be G3 type.
Watch video, I explaned wat is new there. Bah, who am I fooling, noone give a crap about videos and descriptions.

UPDATE - 31.05.17
- New models - MAG Hank; MAG Agent(this is early version, I will tweak it a bit in the future); weapon model - Halbert.

UPDATE - 12.08.18
- All G2 models deleted due to the situation where some users not understanding why there is different size and design models in one pack. Noone watching the video it seems.
- Updated Grunt, Agent, Zombie models and textures. Grunt now has 2 variations on outfit(see bodygroups). Also - there is 3 variations of zombies, since source engine not allowing faceflexes on bodygrouped meshes, so there is 3 different heads and outfits.
- New models - Sanford, Deimos,
- New item models - Sanford Hook.

UPDATE - 09.02.19
- G2 models return. No updates to them though.

UPDATE - 27.03.21
-New ragdoll models from my latest animation: Gen 3 Hank, ATP Soldat, MAG Torture.
-New weapon models: Machete, Axe, MP5, UZI, Defender, Shotgun, Torture Shotgun.
-Finally fixed Phys-models for all ragdolls, now they are a bit easier to pose, and "Ragdoll mover" Tool works with them without crashing.
-New phys-models for weapons - now they are more accurate to the model itself, makes it easier to grab them with physgun.
-Fixed one faceflex in Sanford model, now "Tired Glasses" slider actually does something.
-New bodygroup for Grunt - hoody in "coat" group.
-Updated mask model for ATP Engineer(you can't believe how messy the vertices were before).

UPDATE - 19.06.21
-New models - Tricky, Classic Tricky, Trucky-Grunt, Shadow Tricky.
-New weapon model - TrickyG3 Street Sign
-Fixed Soldat to have yellow blood.
-Fixed MAG Torture's bodygroup "Nails", so they actually disappear now.
Bid thanks to Ashley-Star-Chan for finding and repoting those bugs!

FIX - 22.06.21
-Fixed Tricky's mask, so the holes actually look like holes.
Big thanks to EbilBorf for finding and reporting this bug!
-As a bonus, I found old model "Grunt AwesomeFace". Not completely restored, it's missing some normal maps, but it seems they were lost for good. The model looks awfull, compere to new ones, but there was someone asking for it, so here you go.

P.S. Thanks to:
- Stiffy360 and CaptainBigButt from facepunch for helping with models
- Repter for translate
- MacWrecker for posters for addon.
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