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Final Fantasy XIII | 4K Remastered Pre-Rendered Cutscenes w/ PS3 Audio Tracks [EN]
By Nom_Nom✔
I have officially dropped the support for v1.0 FMVs and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes - this is because, they are being replaced with v2.0+ which are easier to install. If you are trying to incorporate v1.0 with v2.0+, I urge you to wait for the rest of the chapter's releases.

NOTE: Please do not award this guide any Steam Awards. This is not fair for other users who have contributed to make this 4K Upscaled FMVs possible, alongside them porting PS3 uncompressed audio tracks to .wav files that has been mixed into the FMVs.

The best you can do now, is like and favourite this guide. This will motivate me to keep making Steam Guides whenever new Pre-Rendered Cutscenes have been processed and released for a game.

You will need more than 100GB+ Hard Drive Disk space. The FMVs file size will be large!

If any contributors of this upscales see this guide, let me know down in the comments or add me on Steam, so I can add you onto the list of the Guide's Contributors.

After that, 60FPS versions of them FMVs and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes will be worked on.
[This guide will be bland due to the 2MB image size limit.]

Starting from few months ago, I have been slowly working on v2.0 of these FMVs. Using a newer and superior AI model to add more detail than before. This is particularly true with the character's skin, clothing and hair.

However, due to the nature of the AI model, this requires more time to implement successfully within the FMVs & Pre-Rendered Cutscenes. Making the releases of remastered FMVs/Pre-Rendered Cutscenes take longer than usual.

Please join the discord server for live updates for the v2.0 FMVs/Pre-Rendered Cutscenes. v2.0 is packaged as a Nova Chrysalia Mod Pack, therefore, only installable using that tool.

Due to miscommunication and untimely manner of Japanese FMVs being upscaled. I will be single-handedly processing them myself in the future.

Overview [Revised for v2.0+ & 60FPS Support]
By using AI upscaling software, I have practically remastered the FMVs [Full Motion Videos] and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes of Final Fantasy XIII. By carefully fragmenting each section of a FMV and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes into sequences, so that each sequence can be upscaled with the best results that can be achieved.

Using GreenThumb2's Cutscene Extraction Tool, I have been able to extract the WMPs. Thanks to the tool, these have been organised nicely, into chapter folders. From there, I was able to start the remastering process.

This is where N12734's mod comes into play. When I have successfully upscaled the cutscenes to 4K and converted to Bink, I have mixed the audio tracks from his mod into these upscales. This was easy to do as they were clearly labelled with their filename and their track number.

What is new is that the AI model now used is providing better frame results than what was delivered in v1.0. This is now being superseded with v2.0/v2.1. Also, by allocating a perfect bitrate rather than the defined bitrate being everywhere in v1.0, the file sizes are being slightly lower than v1.0.

Also what is now new, but will not be worked on until the remastering process has been 100% completed, is the 60FPS support for FMVs and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes. 120FPS is possible but will not be worked on due to the amount of time and space required.

Discord Server
If you would like to join my Discord Server, for upcoming announcements of next games that will have their Pre-Rendered Cutscenes upscaled to 4K, click here[].
[If any modders that was credited within this upscales joined the server, ping me on Discord.]
Screenshot & Video Showcase
[More screenshots are on Nexus Mods.]

Video Showcase w/ PS3 Audio Tracks [YouTube supports 5.1 audio channel playback]
[YouTube will compress the audio regardless. Hopefully you can hear the clarity of the audio. There is no audio comparison in this video.]

Video Showcase w/ PS3 5.1 Audio Tracks | New AI Model Representing v2.0 of FMVs/Pre-Rendered Cutscenes
If the video does not play properly, use the link below that will open up on your default browser.
YouTube Video.

Please note; You will either need to have a capable CPU or GPU to playback YouTube AV1 Video Codec which is used for 8K video playback. For GPU side, you need an RTX 3060 IIRC.

[SPOILERS] 60 FPS Preview [Only for the last chapter until further notice].
Why are the FMVs are so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG?!
Simple, Bink loves to add a lot of compression noise. Plus, 4K contains four times more pixels than 1080p. I had to up the Bitrate else there are very noticeable mild-moderate-slightly severe macro-blocking alongside numbed details within the frames. This game consists of between 2-3 minutes FMVs that contains anywhere between 2000-6000+ frames.

Furthermore, some of the FMVs are detailed and some FMVs becomes more detailed when processed through Topaz VEAI. Who would rather prefer compression noise over detail?

Yes, Bink does seem to be automatically apply appropriate bitrate on fast motioned FMVs, but there are many frames that suffer from compression artefacts. Due to the high bitrate, the playback of these FMVs may STUTTER for the first few seconds. This could also be a side effect of having a slow HDD, that is slowly reading the movie files and frames.

I would highly recommend to defragment your hard drive when using these 4K Upscaled FMVs for optimal playback performance. Use Defraggler[] to do this, Windows Defragmentation tool is useless.
Original Mod Pages
Download Link
Download Link - Nexus Mods
Download Final Fantasy XIII - 4K Remastered FMVs & Pre-Rendered Cutscenes from Nexus Mods.[]
You will see both Japanese and English FMVs on the Files tab.

Download Link - Google Drive
Download Final Fantasy XIII - 4K Remastered FMVs & Pre-Rendered Cutscenes from Google Drive[]
Some files are encrypted with a password to protect myself from DMCAs or false DMCAs, but not all files are password protected.
Password: 4KFMVS [Case Sensitive].

[Current English FMVs v2.0/v2.1 Total File Size: 150GB]
[Current Japanese FMVs Total File Size: 68.5GB]

Installation Instructions for v1.0
Compatibility Notice
Please note that if you have GreenThumb2's FFXIII HD FMVs installed and want to use this, run the Install_FFXIII_HD_Movies.bat (from his upscales) and choose the option to revert the movie files to original. You do not need to delete the .bin files from his HD FMVs upscales from the Movie (if you want to test / make a decision on which to use). My upscales has the same file name as GreenThumb's HD FMVs file name but with _4k at the end, to prevent file conflict.

Installation Instruction [Only for v1.0]
Simply, install the main installer file within the root directory of Final Fantasy XIII. This is in Steam --> Steamapps --> common --> FINAL FANTASY XIII folder. Once you have done that, download the 4K movie files separately and place them into movie folder. This movie folder needs to be created manually if you have not extracted the contents as a folder - DO NOT PUT THE FMVS IN WHITE_DATA --> MOVIE folder.

Once you have done that, open up the Install_FFXIII_4K_Movies_English.bat file [or Install_FFXIII_4K_Japanese.bat for Japanese FMVs] and follow the instructions on screen.

GreenThumb2 suggested / recommended to use Add New Movies/Ones option as that is more quicker to add/replace movie files. Replace all movies is generally used to update a pre-existing FMV to a newer version or to re-install a corrupted FMV.

[As you can see, you will need to create a new folder called "movie", which can be seen at the top, within the FINAL FANTASY XIII folder. This is to allow the main FMV installer to detect the movie files for installation.]

[Within this folder, you must extract each part/section/chapter FMVs into this folder.]

Please note; for the Japanese FMVs [Only Opening Credits, The Hanging Edge, Lake Bresha, Vile Peaks], you need to bulk rename these files so that they have _j at the end of their file name. E.g. z000_a_4k.bin --> z000_a_4k_j.bin.

The main FMV installer, needs to be extracted directly within FINAL FANTASY XIII folder, where the ffxiiilauncher.exe is in.
Error Codes w/ Explanation & Solutions [Only for v1.0]
Error -9: This is indicating that the FMVs could not be found within the movie folder. This suggests that you have not extracted the FMVs to the correct folder, that you have to make within the FINAL FANTASY XIII folder or that you have not created a folder called "movie" within the game's root folder.

Solution: Make sure that you have created a movie folder, where the FMV files are extracted to. Also, if you are installing Japanese FMVs, the following section/chapter [Opening Credits, The Hanging Edge, Lake Bresha & Vile Peaks] needs to be renamed with _j at the end of the filename. E.g. z000_a_4k.bin --> z000_a_4k_j.bin.

Error -23: This error occurs when the original game files, that are required for the FMVs to be installed, are missing. This also could occur, when the installer found another Final Fantasy XIII path that is not the correct path.

Solution: This can be corrected within FFXIII_Dir.txt by pasting the correct Final Fantasy XIII path.
To fix this issue, make sure the movie folder, within white_data folder, is still there, alongside the files within it. Worst case scenario, you will need to verify the game's files on Steam.
Installation Instructions [v2.0/2.1 - Unpacked Game Files]
Installing using Nova Chrysalia - v2.0
1. First off, download and extract Nova Chrysalia from the link provided below. Preferably to extract the files within a folder, on your desktop.
Click here to go to the Nexus Mods page to download Nova Chrysalia [REQUIRED][]

2. Next, download any v2.0 of the FMVs/Pre-Rendered Cutscenes of your choosing. Extract the modpack (with the file extension of .ncmp) anywhere. Again it is preferable to extract these into a folder on your desktop.

3. Launch up Nova Chrysalia Mod Tool. Ensure that you have unpacked the files of FFXIII already (and make sure you have directed the mod tool to the correct FFXIII directory path). To do this, simply hit the Unpack Game Files (EN) or (JP).

After you have done that (use the above screenshot for reference), under the Filesystem on the right, make sure it is changed to Unpacked Mode.

4. Next up, hit over to ModPack Manager on the second tab.

In this section, you will be able to see all the mods you have added to the Nova Chrysalia tools. You will be able to install, uninstall, read the readme files for any mods that were created and added for Nova Chrysalia.

5. Let's start off by hitting the Add ModPack button on the right.
Now, a new window will appear, requiring you to add a NCMP (Nova Chrysalia ModPack) to the tool. Direct the window to the file you have extracted not so long ago, then open it.

6. You will now be able to see the 4K Remastered FMV added into the Nova Chrysalia tool. Double-Click it and click on Install Mod. This may take few minutes depending on how fast your storage is and the amount of files being added/overwritten.

7. You will be told afterwards, when the FMV have been installed successfully like this. Alongside this, you are good to go and play the game with the FMV installed. You will need to open Nova Chrysalia and launch the game every time to play the game in unpacked mode.

Installation Instructions [v2.0/2.1 - Packed Game Files]
Using the installer, is very easy and self explanatory. Majority of the instructions are provided when you open the installer.

  • You still need to download v2.0/v2.1 FMVs from either Google Drive or Nexus Mods.
  • You will need approximately 20GB free space for each 4K pack, to allow the installer to unpack the files and install them for you. The installer WILL check if you have the storage space beforehand, and will prompt you if you do not not have enough space to install.
  • DO NOT CLOSE THE INSTALLER VIA THE CROSS BUTTON. Exit the installer as you would normally once the installation has been completed.
  • DO NOT modify any of the files in support_txts.


  • Download and extract the 4K Movie Installer[], made by Surihix. Extract the entire contents of the archive to the desktop or any other preferred location.
  • Download either each or all of the 4K Remastered FMVs and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes from Google Drive or Nexus Mods. Open the archive and extract the NCMPs into the movie_data folder, located in the folder that you have created, that contains the 4K Movie Installer contents.
  • Open up "Install 4k FMVs.bat" and follow the instructions provided clearly on the console. Once you have installed the movie files, exit from the command prompt within it, rather than closing the command prompt via the cross button on the window.
  • After the installation, you may delete the files under movie_data.

PLEASE NOTE: WHEN INSTALLING PATCHES USING THE INSTALLER, YOU WILL NEED ALL OF THE BINK FILES/4K PACKS IN MOVIE_DATA. THEN CHOOSE "RE-ADD MOVIES" OPTION TO INSTALL WITH PATCHES. This is because Re-Add Movies option, deletes all currently install 4K FMVs and Pre-Rendered Cutscenes, and installs them again.
  • No_One (Myself) - Upscaling the Cutscenes to 4K and Converting them back to Bink, whilst implementing the HQ Audio Tracks.
  • GreenThumb2 - For his Cutscene Extraction tool, to enable me in extracting each cutscene easily and efficiently. For his Main FMV Program, that allows efficient and ease of use installation of cutscenes, also provides a streamlined naming convention that is flexible. And finally, for generally helping me, alongside granting me permission to use his tools and his main FMV program within this mod. Without him, mods for FFXIII would have been impossible. Plus, he's a very friendly guy, who committed his time in helping me understand more about Bink and this game's trilogy internals.
  • N12734 - For extracting the audio tracks from the PS3 version and porting them over to the PC side. For granting me permission to mix the audio tracks from his mod into the upscales.
  • Skopin - Thanks to him for simultaneously upscaling and processing the Japanese FMVs.
  • FluffyQuack - For his ff13tool. I assume this is used for extracting game files directly.
  • Krisan Thyme + the rest of the team - The Development of Nova Chrysalia.
  • ベンジ - Helped a lot with packing the files into 7z archive, with lossless compression for Torrent distribution and seeding the torrents.
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raull127 Jan 3 @ 11:18am 
How do i install the Opening credits cinematic? the only format i can find in NexusMod is the .bin. Is there any way to convert it to .ncmp?
BunBun the Saint Pepsi Jun 13, 2022 @ 7:13am 
Can you add full ENG audio for the game as well? i have an Asia copy so I can't play in ENG voice, I found no solution online for this problem.
Nom_Nom✔  [author] Mar 22, 2022 @ 12:41pm 
If you are getting .bin files then you aren't downloading v2.0. .bin files are only for v1.0 which uses a different method of installation.
Bichigusomaru Mar 20, 2022 @ 11:40pm 
I seem to be stuck at step 2 for the 2.0 install. The only files I see on nexus are .rar that unzip into folders with .bin files. I don't see anything with .ncmp as an extension.
Nom_Nom✔  [author] Jan 26, 2022 @ 12:04pm 
Not at the moment due to the fact that nobody knows anything that is causing this issue. I have dug into the executable and bink dll, but there is no obvious flag or function that I have seen that could be doing this.
berkayfeci Jan 25, 2022 @ 9:36pm 
Is there any work done to overcome these issues in the future?
Nom_Nom✔  [author] Jan 25, 2022 @ 1:41am 
Yes, other games in this series have their own specific rendering issues with Bink files that has been encoded at higher res than 720p.
berkayfeci Jan 24, 2022 @ 5:50pm 
Is this only for the first game?
Nom_Nom✔  [author] Jul 11, 2021 @ 6:49am 
Oh. Fair enough. I will lower the restriction. I may put that restriction back in the future, if any trolls decides to march into the Discord Server.
Nom_Nom✔  [author] Jul 11, 2021 @ 5:54am 
Also its a good idea to keep an eye on the Discord Server for any release announcement of this.