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T-72A Main Battle Tank
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Jun 17, 2021 @ 11:34pm
Oct 19, 2021 @ 8:34am
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T-72A Main Battle Tank

Update#1: Added more armour, added APFSDS round and other tweaks
Update#2: Renewed the HUD
Update#3: Added more damage to the HEAT and APFSDS rounds
Update#4: Added stabilizers and some tweaks and more slots
Update#5: Repositioned the Driver's seat position so the head doesn't stick out
Update#6: Improved and remastered some things:
- Better HUD
- New tank track model
- Better sound effects
- Shortened burn time to only 1.5 seconds to lower the chance for bots to escape the tank
- and some other minor tweaks
Update#7: Sadly i have to remove the cannon recoil animation since it turns out to conflicts with ravenfield subweapon keybinds. but don't worry, i've replaced it with a decent camera shake effect
Update#8: fixed the track scroll

The T-72 is a family of Soviet/Russian main battle tanks that first entered production in 1971. About 20,000 T-72 tanks have been built, and refurbishment has enabled many to remain in service for decades. The T-72A version introduced in 1979 is considered a second-generation main battle tank. It was widely exported and saw service in 40 countries and in numerous conflicts. The T-72B3 version introduced in 2010 is considered a third-generation main battle tank (MBT).

comes with 2 version:
- Woodland
- Desert


- 1 x 125 mm 2A46M smoothbore gun (HEAT and APFSDS rounds)
- 1 x 7.62 mm PKT coax. machine gun (250 rounds)
- Repair tool

Roof gunner:
- 1 x DShk-40 AA HMG

HP: 4900

- Thanks to @ Phantomium for the T-72A tank model: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/Y29I4f/T-72A
- thanks to @Tookan for the DSHK HMG model: https://www.simpleplanes.com/a/6T5xbc/DShK-40

Note: This mod is NOT mac compatible
That SVJ guy May 19 @ 7:15am 
plz update
Критик ниже, советские танки и без динамической защиты выглядят замечательно
VNRF Jan 23 @ 8:18pm 
the turret rotating dont work with raventhunder mutator,can you please fix it?
VNRF Jan 21 @ 3:56am 
russian tank look ugly without era
Tailer Derden (taino dergal) Jan 10 @ 12:21pm 
I love it
Soviet Groot Jul 26, 2023 @ 10:14am 
jango bett Dec 18, 2022 @ 3:42pm 
usually i find the flags to be off-putting but the red flag actually works for soviet tanks lol
SCPKing1835 Dec 16, 2022 @ 1:36pm 
T-72 without the ERA looks oddly unsettling
D1vine May 1, 2022 @ 4:52am 
yes please
Can't hear left Apr 29, 2022 @ 9:08pm 
T-72B please sir