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Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded
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Ethnicities & Portraits Expanded

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Ethnicities and Portraits Expanded
is an expansive project aiming to bring the world of Crusader Kings 3 to life with a wide selection of custom ethnicities and custom 3D assets. From the Zoroastrian crowns of old, the crowns of the Carolingians, and the regalia of the steppe, dress to perfection and build your dynasty!

  • Expanded selection of Arabic, Persian, and North African headwear featuring new patterns and headwear!
  • Diverse collection Iranian cultural wear with unique patterns, headwear, war attire, subdivided along religious and geographic boundaries!

  • Expanded selection of European headwear including a multitude of circlets, war attire, crowns and veils, custom crowns, and historical crowns!

  • Diverse collection of Turkic and Han cultural wear with unique patterns, headwear, war attire, subdivided along religious and geographic boundaries!

  • Custom modifiers and triggers that allow for era progression! See the Arabic, Iranian, Steppe, and European clothing and headwear change over time!

  • HD Retextures of vanilla armors and items!

  • HD Retextures of skin, and eye detail!

  • Chinese headwear provided to use by the generous 痕

  • Custom Slavic clothing patterns and designs!

  • And much much more!

  • Why does this mod require DLC?
  • The 3D aspects of Crusader Kings 3 are far less compatible and finicky to work with then other areas of the game. As PDX continues to add 3D assets in DLCs, our mod requires those DLCs to be owned in order to utilize those assets as well as mix our custom assets with DLC content.

  • Why doesnt "X" culture have the items I see in the screenshots!?
  • For the full experience it is recommended to have the DLC's for CK3 as they assist us in building flavor for the cultures. It is not required, but large portions of the map will remain vanilla without them.

  • So what does this mod do again?
  • Creates more realistic ethnicities and diversity among the various cultures of CK3.

  • Is this mod achievement compatible?
  • No

  • Why doesnt "X" culture have a specific item?
  • This mod covers a vast portion of the CK3 map and as a result we have had to paint it with a broad brush with focus on only a few cultures at launch. More items will be available in the future.

  • My culture or one I like isn't represented right! What gives!
  • We will elaborate on our policy regarding ethnicities and cultural representation in a Discussion post. For FAQ, know that we respect all cultures and aim to do the best we can to represent each one as authentically as we can.

  • Where is "X" asset I saw in the WIP or Preview Pictures?!
  • Some assets made it into the initial release and some did not. Everything you saw will be either replaced or imported into the mod eventually so please be patient with our team as we want you to have those assets too!

  • What is coming next for this mod?
  • Work in Progress screenshots and discussion of future content occurs on our discord. Please join the discord to follow the latest news and progress of the mod's content. Discord Link -

  • Is this mod compatible with my old save?
  • It is not compatible with an existing vanilla save.

  • Is this mod compatible with "X" mod?
  • Compatibility is dependent on patches so if your favorite mod does not have a patch for our mod, someone will have to design one. Generally our mod is compatible with mods that do not alter the cultures or clothing groups. Below are some links to existing compatibility patches:

  • Community Flavor Pack Compatibiltiy Patch and Load Order -

  • How is performance?
  • Performance will depend on your system and can vary. It is recommended to have more then 4 GB of VRAM due to increased texture size for some models. Optimizations will be made in the future to reduce size where appropriate but be warned having lower specs may pose an issue. One temporary solution would be to lower texture settings or overall settings when needed.