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Completion Marks for ALL Modded Characters[REP]
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May 30, 2021 @ 3:36pm
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Completion Marks for ALL Modded Characters[REP]

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This mod adds the ability to have "modded" completition marks for ALL(not just mine) modded characters. You can access them by holding the TAB KEY/SELECT (the one you use to enlarge the map) in-game, they'll appear in the top left corner (You can see it in the screenshot), you can reposition it tho, using the 'completionposition' command. For modded characters the marks will also appear on the pause menu.

The original idea was to make it for "custom chars only" BUT, I'll keep it for every character for now to support mods that replace the main chars or maybe if you want a separate mark tracking for game revamp mods like fiendfolio. You can disable it for vanilla chars if you want, by running the "completionmoddedonly" command on the console.

This version is ONLY FOR REPENTANCE if you want the AB+ version then you can still find that one here:

REPENTOGON marks sync:
If you want the marks from this mod to be carried over to the new REPENTOGON marks, you need to run the command "syncmarks" after selective a saveslot. After doing that, the marks of all currently enabled modded characters will be synced. You can run this as many times as necessary. Past this point, you can either disable this mod or keep it on as a "marks backup" of sorts.

Console Commands and Mod Config Menu
You can use ModConfigMenu to change the positioning of the tab mark, change specific character completion marks and reset the marks for the current character.
However, if MCM is not your thing, the mod also features the following commands:
-completionhelp: gives the list of comands
-completionposition: allows you to set a new position for the post it
(ex: 'completionposition 140,10' places it it next to the timer)
-completionreset: resets the marks for the current character
-completionmoddedonly: makes it so the marks only show up for modded characters.

Porting Saves From AB+
To do this head to "Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods", look up for the Completition marks folder , then copy the Save.dat files and paste them over to "FolderWhereTheExeIs/data/completionmarksrep/"....thats it, I made it so it has a compatibility layer for the old savesystem so it should just load.

Reseting the save file
The process is similar to the backing up one...look out for the "Save.dat" and either remove it entirely. If you want to reset a specific character, just start a run with them and then run the 'completionreset' command on the debug console.

Editing the save file(cheater!)
You can use Mod Config Menu to change the marks for the current character but if you insist on knowing how the savefile structure works, consider the following:


The completion values are 1 for normal, 2 for hard and 0 for incomplete. For example, If I have a character named Billy who only killed moms Heart in normal mode, the save file would look like this:

If what you are opening is a repentance save, the it will be similar, but the saveitself will be like this:

Reading completion marks from another mod's code
This is NOT AN API, BUT I took the chance while upgrading this one for rep to add an option to get the marks for the current run or for a certain character. The way you can get them is by doing:
Where name is the name of the character and tainted is true/false. this will give you a table with all the marks in the same format the saves has(12 number indexes with 0-2 as values)....I also added some enums for easy following, check that on the main.lua.
You can also do:
PostItForAll:GetMarksForCurrRun() get the marks for the current run.

- So this mod only adds the marks to the game screen, right?
No, custom characters dont have marks at all, this mod attempts to add something to cover that. if you didnt notice that then this mod is not for probably dont need it in the first place!.

- I only want it in the pause menu, can I hide the tab thing?
Run the command "completionposition 99999,99999" and sent that thing into the nether realm....Ill add an actual option for this eventually, dw, but this should work just as good. You cna also do this though Mod Config Menu.

- Does this work with X character?
Most likely. I tested this with a lot of characters from the workshop and it worked with all of them. Tarnished characters are an exception, but those have their own marks anyway.

- Does it break if i enable/disable chars?
No, it shouldnt break....this mod has to be enabled to get the marks tho.

- How do I make my mod compatible?
You dont need to do anything, it should just work.

- Does it appear in the character select menu?
No, the api does not allow us to interact with anything prior to the run starting so the character menu is just "out of bounds" for the API as of now. The only thing we can do to the menus that are outside of the run is static visual changes.

- I've beaten delirium with Mei before installing the mod but the marks are blank!!!!!!
Yea, this mod handles the tracking of the completion marks, the game does not track or store progress for modded characters, so in order to get your marks, you need to accomplish stuff while this mod is enabled.

- I lost the progress on X character!!
Go to the Save.dat file and see if the character is there, if it isnt please report it!. If it is, it's most likely due to the author of the mod changing the name of the character (this rarely happens but it's possible), you can fix this by updating the name on the save.dat file.

- Why did you make this?
I play a lot of character mods and want to keep track of my progress with them...I made this one rather quick (in an afternoon)) for myself only, then I realized that some people would probably enjoy it as much as I do so I just posted it on the workshop :)

- Why did you make a separate version instead of updating thhe old one?
I hate doing this, thats why I took so long to port it, I was secretly waiting for someone else to make a mod similar to this one so I wouldnt need to do this, lol.
The reason why I did it is because I simply cannot update the AB+ version, thats why I almost never did in all these 3 years...why?, because updating mods kills saves on AB+, and I feel like saves are the most important thing for this mod.

- Can I include this on my mod so it shows the marks without using yours?
No, this is a standalone mod, not an API or a library.
If you want something like that use this one, By Connor:

Special Thanks
Im_tem, for the idea on the best way to add the marks to the pause menu.
Connor, for the slide-in/slide-out marks animation code for the pause menu.

Imcompatible mods
- MistbornRebirth: they copypasted my shader without changing the name, lol, I already alerted them of it, will remove this one from here if/when they fix it.

- Suggestions?


Last Update:
- Added ModConfigMenu compat
- Added marks to the pause menu
- Console commands for reset and repositioning.
- Repentace port
- Support for tainted bois
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No, Repentogon already has marks, read the desc for more info.
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Added the "syncmarks" command that synchronizes this mod's marks with the REPENTOGON ones and viceversa. So you just selecte a saveslot, run the command and this mod's marks should carry over to repentogon. After that point you can either disable this mod or continue having it on as a "backup". If you ever need to sync the marks again, you can run it again. Take in mind only the marks for characters that are currently installed will be synced, so you may be required to sync again when you enable more mods (or you can risk lag hell by enabling it all at once, lol).
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Ohhhh! Ok thanks for the clarification
JSG  [author] Jan 1 @ 8:18pm 
Hey, it kind of is, repentogon doesnt have the tab marks! (couldnt sneak that one in).
Still, I'm gonna make a thing to keep this marks insync with repentogon's(giving you repentogon marks or this mod marks where it fits) so this mod could still work as some sort of backup of sorts or wahtever....I wanted to do this for repentogon's release, but things were a little shakier than I expected and couldnt do it in time.