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Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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The Conclusion
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The Conclusion

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MJPW Collection
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- Finale of the Frozen Descent trilogy
- Continuation of The Executioner DLC from The Evil Within
- Wide range of weapons from The Evil Within
- Keeper boss from The Evil Within
- All weapons are meticulously tested with custom damage ranges and full controller support
- Full Easter Egg quests along with smaller Easter Eggs and a progress menu

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19 hours ago
PINNED: The Ultimate Guide To The Conclusion
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Jester_Fiend May 10 @ 7:26pm 
Nice throwback to the first The Evil Within... the memories...
DIEGO58718 May 9 @ 10:23pm 
The map looks great but can get better like the keeper re-respawn near the player when the player this far of him, when the keeper have half life become more wild against the player just like George in call of the dead, halls more closed
Skeley May 8 @ 11:07pm 
I finished the Map
Its a 7/10 the Map looks cool to begin with and the voice actors did a great job but after a while the Map gets boring.
MJPWGaming  [author] May 8 @ 2:35pm 
Thanks for playing and thanks for the videos!
Mylzers May 7 @ 3:30am 
This map is incredible no joke gorgeous amazing best Easter eggs here’s my full and complete solo good ending play through
Mylzers May 7 @ 3:29am 
Here’s my full and complete play through of this incredibly amazing map full bad ending Easter egg complete solo
Mylzers May 7 @ 3:28am 
I mad a tutorial on how to get all 4 bow upgrades if you need any help check it out here
dillpickle1975 May 6 @ 8:24am 
MJPWGaming  [author] May 3 @ 1:56pm 
Thanks for playing! The Keeper Hammer's are rewarded during the Easter Egg and The Keeper is a stalker AI that isn't meant to be killed easily (but you can kill him easily with a Death Machine). Or just get a shotgun and Pack-a-Punch, that takes him out easily as well especially if you also have Double Tap.
JracoMeter May 3 @ 1:33pm 
An epic conclusion with a few critiques, The Conclusion was a really fun experience; however, I found a few issues/misunderstandings when going into the map blind. Generally, I like to take my first impressions as blind impressions, researching EE info only when I cannot figure it the steps, my initial impressions can be found – . I was able to do quite a few steps without needing the guide, but my main concern has to do with the keeper hammer. I was unable to find it and thought the keeper hammer had something to do with the sledgehammer. Besides this I had some difficulty doing EE’s with the boss zombie, as I could not take it out. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but the boss zombie has too much health, I explain a bit more in my review – . TLDR: I had lots of fun on this map, but trouble with the easter egg and boss zombie.