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[MAY 2024] Rust Raid Costs - Quick Sheet
By hops
The NO. 1, most updated raiding quick sheet, highlighting Rust's cheapest raid methods, effectiveness, and costs.
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Introduction to Raiding Quick Sheet
This guide is designed to be easy-to read and access, feel free to open this guide whilst in-game or during a raid to quickly see the cheapest raiding methods, or if you run out of main explosives, finding the most effective raiding method with the resources you currently have available.

IMPORTANT: In each of the cheapest raid costs, some structures/deployables have 2 values, as the cheapest way to destroy the target is by using both values. Alternatively, some of the cheapest costs have accompanying values as using the cheapest raiding method may require additional/unconventional raiding tools. For example, the cheapest way to destroy a stone wall is 1 C4 AND 82 explosive ammunition, whereas, the cheapest ways to destroy a wood wall is 1 Incendiary Rocket OR 49 explosive ammunition.

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Building & Basic Raid Costs
Cheapest Building & Basic Raid Costs
All Building & Basic Raid Costs
Construction & Items Raid Costs
Cheapest Construction & Items Raid Costs
All Construction & Items Raid Costs
Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs
Cheapest Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs
All Vehicles & Defences Raid Costs
Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs
Fastest Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs
All Soft-side & Melee Raid Costs
Raiding Resource Costs
All Raiding Resource Costs
Raiding Weapon Damage & Ammo Needed
Explosive Ammo
Handmade & Incendiary Shells
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the ~ symbol mean in some of the values?
The tilde (~) is used when a value is not certain, is it an approximate as especially when raiding with fire, Flame Throwers, Incendiary Rockets, or the Jackhammer, the values can be random/inconsistent. In the Jackhammer's case, it depends on how you use the tool as some ways reduce durability but can take longer, so it's safer to approximate than write several different values.

Why does the Cheapest Sulfur say ... when melee is better?
The cheapest section is exclusive to sulfur only, meaning any method such as flame raiding or fire arrows potentially being the cheapest way are not listed as they do not require sulfur. This information is useful, for example Salvaged Shelves which the cheapest method by using sulfur is 10 F1 Grenades, however, it can also be destroyed in 10 seconds with a Combat Knife and even faster/cheaper with other melee items. In situations like these, use the Jackhammer as a universal indication of the amount of melee items you need to break an item.

In the 'Cheapest Costs', I do not raid with Handmade Shells or Incendiary Shells, what is the 2nd cheapest?
Both Handmade Shells and Incendiary Shells are used in extreme cases when all alternatives are either double the sulfur cost or when either of these options are so fast that the extra sulfur cost is not worth. In cases like these where you do not have access or like raiding with shotguns, use Explosive Ammo as they are usually the second cheapest, closely tied with Rockets, so use either alternative.

When using Handmade Shells, Incendiary Shotgun Shells or Explosive Rounds it takes less than the value listed, is the guide wrong?
No, you're right to an extent, some guns have damage differences when raiding usually to compensate the large reduction in time it takes to destroy a target. One example is the Spas-12 Shotgun, when breaking a Stone Wall, it takes 185 more Handmade Shells than all other Shotguns, however, it is 4 and a half minutes faster than the 2nd fastest, and 27 minutes faster than the slowest shotgun. The reason the guide is not wrong however, is that I take the highest value (excluding the Spas-12 which has drastic ammo differences) which only saves you explosive ammo, instead of making you too few. Ammunition values were tested with the Semi-Automatic Rifle (explosive ammunition) and Pump Shotgun (Handmade Shells, Incendiary Shells, & Buckshot Shells).

The Weapon Damage section expounds on these damage differences, differences in ammo needed to destroy a target, as well as the time taken to destroy a target. The information is in percentages, so if you wish to calculate per scenario, convert the percentage to a decimal (95% = 0.95 or 115% = 1.15) and multiply that by the ammo needed listed in the guide, which is 100%.

Explosive Ammo

Ammo Needed
Time Taken
Bolt Action Rifle
L96 Rifle
Assault Rifle
M39 Rifle
LR-300 Assault Rifle
Semi-Automatic Rifle

Handmade & Incendiary Shells

Ammo Needed
Time Taken
Eoka Pistol
Waterpipe Shotgun
Double Barrel Shotgun
Pump Shotgun
Spas-12 Shotgun
Final Statements
Thank you for reading up to this point, I hope you enjoyed my guide on the cheapest and most effective raiding methods. I have spent several months working on this raid cost guide creating, updating, and overhauling it to make it as effective, expansive, and up-to date as possible.

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Scarr Jan 15 @ 7:08am 
Is there a newer guide out there? This one is outdated by a year, missing molotov, some health values and costs are off on some items.
DaRealMcCloud Jan 6 @ 10:51pm 
Molotov is missing
Bayou Buddha Oct 24, 2023 @ 1:12pm 
this guide is out of date and falls short on cost
RNGambler Oct 9, 2023 @ 8:21am 
Great guide. Thank you good sir!
ideguchi Jul 1, 2023 @ 7:42pm 
Hope you can make raid cost about Molotov
Rolldabeatz Jun 4, 2023 @ 2:25pm 
Molotov is missing :3
Rolldabeatz May 10, 2023 @ 10:12am 
Update Please :3
Nice guide man! Thanks

The only thing is missing here before we can mark this guide as TOP GUIDE IN INTERNET and remove all other charts from itnernet is hp info. There are cases when you need to combine different explo and ammo (whatever you have in your inventory) in order to raid. From your chart it's not clear how much hp left after 1 C4 and how many explo ammo I need to finish this wall.

So it would be extremely helpful to have total hp per each structure + hp damage per each type of explosion or ammo:happy_yeti:
Any updates for armored doors?
hops  [author] Feb 15, 2023 @ 11:29am 
6 Fire Arrows = 17 seconds = 30 Low Grade
1 Molotov Cocktail = 18 seconds = 50 Low Grade

This scales up for instance with doors, the gap between typically grows larger. You are right with convenience as you do not require a tool such as bow or flame thrower to utilise. Molotov Cocktails aren't accessible early game as well as they require a Tier 2 Workbench to craft, unless you find them.

Nevertheless, I will include them in the guide. I do believe they are valuable and important for a raider to quickly calculate the raid costs alongside Molotov Cocktails.

Thank you greatly for your contribution and voicing your issues.