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How to play the multiplayer (Online fix)
By H84Gabor
Complete guides to playing the multiplayer today.
How to fix the online mode
Far Cry 2's online multiplayer is still played today, but unfortunately it isn't working out-of-the-box. A third party patching utility (FC2MPPatcher) is needed to be able to join servers. Once the game is patched, the multiplayer will work again as normal.

(At the date this guide was posted, the latest version of the patch is also needed to be able to create a multiplayer profile and to login with it. Ubisoft has confirmed they are working on fixing this recently started login problem.)

It can be downloaded here, where there is a complete guide as well:

The reason why the utility is needed is issues with the game's online services and the game itself. We are in contact with Ubisoft about the services' issues and it's possible that using it in the future will not be needed for playing. (Only for hosting.)

It is also an open source project, so there are no risks involved using it:

The developers of the tool are simply old players who wanted to reboot the online mode, as Ubisoft themselves neglected to fix game-breaking issues, even though they never actually pulled the plug on the online services.
How to play the multiplayer over VPN (Tunngle alternative)
The multiplayer is also played via Virtual Private Networks in LAN mode using Radmin VPN. (Same as Tunngle was.) A complete guide for that can be found here:
Discord support
Join us on Discord to keep in touch or if you have any questions:

Far Cry 2 Multiplayer support server:

The FC2MPPatcher's support server:
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EXPERIMENT 626 Feb 26 @ 3:45pm 
anytime gaboritto !
H84Gabor  [author] Feb 22 @ 5:23pm 
haha Thanks for the nice comment, Audi! 😊
EXPERIMENT 626 Feb 22 @ 5:13pm 
awesome job Gabor ! You are indeed a real devoted FC2 figure !!! Million thanks for all of your help and for hosting many many servers both on LAN and ONLINE even though the number of players are minimal sometimes, you still make sure all of your servers are available, updated with map rotations, and ready ! To me that's the real dedication !:steamthumbsup: