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gm_hillscape [FIXED]
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Jan 1, 2021 @ 5:50pm
Aug 15, 2022 @ 2:41am
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gm_hillscape [FIXED]

I just fixed some bugs in this map, and slightly changed the map.

~ Info ~

A spacious elevation map with a strange variety of things to do. Everything is possible in gm_hillscape from simple home decoration to rocket launches. What may seem to be part of the scenery is actually a fully integrated part of the map such as the moon in the sky!

Key elements of the map include:
*Spawn House
*Teleport System
*Flat Building Areas
*Interior Mountain Base
*Rocket Launch Pads
*Uphill roads and Bridges
*Airstrip and Hangar
*and more

~ Credits ~
Vamp: Map
Arblarg: Mapping Questions/Tips

~ Known Bugs ~
*ACCIDENTAL SPAWNPOINT IN CAVE (gets you stuck, type kill in console) [FIXED]
*Pink and black checkerboard overlays in windows [FIXED]
*overly bright spawn ceiling [FIXED]
*Missing textures (road and water) [FIXED]
*Getting stuck on Castle ground [FIXED]
*Castle door lever getting stuck [?]
*Lag... [Maybe depends on your computer]
*Runway decals too large [FIXED]
*wireframe in the middle of the sky (from the roads) [FIXED]
*if you started multiplayer and you are experiencing a problem that there are no decals on map(like poster and etc) there's a quick fix, just write in console mp_decals 99999, and here you go, if you are experiencing problem in singleplayer try to set r_decals 99999 [FIXED]

Original Map : Original gm_hillscape

I'm not the author of this map, I just fixed it a little bit, the original author of this map is Vamp
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This map brought me so much nostalgia back in the day when I started playing Gmod. I'm so glad I found it again. To the map creator: huge thanks for bringing me joy when I was a youngun.
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day time
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now make a day time edition
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