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I've made several maps for Garrysmod such as rp_innercity, gm_7eleven, and gm_citylimits. If you're asking about my maps, please read below.

If you want to make your own map similar to one of mine, I have no issues. Just don't reupload my existing maps or slight variations of my maps, I would appreciate it.

If you are making a modified version of one of my maps that uses an original file or is extremely similar to one of my own and you aren't sure if I would approve of it, please contact me in the comments. I can't stop you, but I do appreciate it if you let me know.
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Current version: gm_7eleven_v6

Night Version now available!

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Texasminer2000 Aug 11 @ 7:22pm 
I got this idea to make a modern 7 eleven map, cool secret in it as well, the whole map would be like an upgrade to say but also have some homage to your original. Would you be ok with that?
Xenon⁵⁴ Aug 5 @ 8:44pm 
󠀡 Aug 3 @ 8:39pm 
they must've been on recently as they have the animated background and profile icon border which is pretty recent to steam
poot May 3 @ 6:04pm 
when was the last time this person was online
Linventif Apr 18 @ 5:02am 
Hey, I'm doing a full remake of glife map, and I use your petrol station, if you doesn't want contact me Discord : Linventif#1909.
Sunny Dean ☭ Apr 12 @ 2:17pm 
THIS IS AMAZING I LOVE THIS MAP! CAN YOU MAKE A BIG BIGGER SO I CAN BUILD STUFF ON THIS MAP PLEASE? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104523837