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Manhunt Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10 Fix Guide (Gate, AI, and Looping Fixes)
By MrEWhite and 1 collaborators
This guide will show you how to patch the Steam version of the game to fix the infamous gate bug, along with the looping of certain sound effects.
The Newer Fix
ermaccer's Manhunt Fixer is the better way to go with Manhunt, as it automatically fixes the gate issue, AI issues, and sound issues. This guide will still be up for the time being, but I recommend you go down that route.
Gate Fix Download
Go here, [] download the ZIP and drag the contents called "link.exe, Manhunt Fix.bat, mspdb80.dll, patchrun.bat" into your Manhunt folder in your Steam game files.
Gate Fix Install
Once the "link.exe, Manhunt Fix.bat, mspdb80.dll, patchrun.bat" files are in the Manhunt folder, run Manhunt Fix.bat and another command prompt will show up, press enter.

Credit for the original patch goes out to AJ Collins, the original patch creator.
For Windows 7+
First, to get Manhunt to launch without a DirectX 8.1 error, you need to go to Windows search and search "Turn Windows features on or off" and scroll down to Legacy Components and click the plus next to it. Then, go ahead and check DirectPlay and click okay. This will install it and let the game work.

The game is supposed to use v-sync to cap the framerate to prevent the AI from having issues, but due to the game being DirectX 8, this is broken on anything higher than Windows 7. So, we need to get a wrapper to wrap the calls of the game from DX8 to DX9.

I have opted to include a link to a widescreen fix made by the excellent ThirteenAG[] to serve this purpose. Simply download and and drag both files into your game's main directory.

The looping fix mentioned in this paragraph is in beta. Another issue with recent operating systems is certain sounds (such as the crapper one) looping over and over again, "Manhunt.PluginMH" by ermaccer fixes this issue. First, go here[] and download the latest release. If you already have the widescreen fix above installed, simply drag in the data and scripts folders. If you don't, drag in dinput8.dll along with the data and scripts folders. Once this is done, this should fix all of the aforementioned sound looping issues.

Now, try to run Manhunt, and go ahead comment and tell me if this works for you. If it does, make sure rate the guide five stars. If not, leave a comment with the steps you took to install the fixes.
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khanking_123 Feb 18 @ 6:14pm 
thank you so much
ovni Dec 26, 2021 @ 1:20pm 
My game keeps crashing how can i fix that?
Achmed the Dead Terrorist Oct 22, 2021 @ 4:21pm 
das spiel stürtzt immer ab kann da jemand helfen danke
dumbass Aug 18, 2021 @ 7:59am 
the beauty of the most of old games released on steam
Xenumason Mar 22, 2021 @ 9:28am 
It's dumb, you have to mod the game for it to work
Toshiko Feb 8, 2021 @ 7:49am 
now my game crash when i end first level
NOMAD Nov 27, 2020 @ 2:08am 
me lo compre ayer y no me funciona. me salta el juego al principio. alguna sugerencia?
V[1stMa.PB]Pfc.KingChrono Aug 6, 2020 @ 8:28pm 
I used to be able to play until the infamous first gate without patches but after using Fixer my game freezes at the very first loading screen when you hit play. The one with the credits and logo and I need to restart my computer.

Any Advice? Im playing on a windows 10 partition on a macbook pro
Drink Water (Julia) Jul 26, 2020 @ 1:17pm 
It didn't work, I downloaded the patch, then I ran the "Manhunt Fix" (because there weren't any .bat there), then the prompt showed up, I pressed Enter and nothing happend
MrEWhite  [author] Jul 24, 2020 @ 4:34pm 
@Twelvestein Cap your FPS to 60.