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Fixer - automated fix for Manhunt! (Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 | Looping | AI Bugs)
By ermaccer
Automated fix for Manhunt, fixes everything wrong with the game since Windows Vista released.
No more renaming files, messing with control panels or anything, just press one button and enjoy!
What is it?
Manhunt Fixer is an automated tool designed to fix Manhunt issues, it takes care of:

  • Executable not launching
  • Various AI errors and scripts not executing properly (locked gates etc), achieved by limiting framerate to 60FPS
  • Fixes end level crashes
  • Fixes audio and music looping

I was fed up with many fake "fixes" floating around Manhunt Steam guides with fake information, weird workarounds and unnecessary stuff, it is time to finally fix the game properly.

I have developed a working audio fix, something that was really demanded.
This tool also uses content from ThirteenAG.
The Fixer

As you can see, it is fully GUI based, no command prompt tinkering.

Manhunt Fixer works with Steam and Retail release.

Usage is simple, you just need to specify your Manhunt path.

You can do this in 2 ways:

1. Obtain the path by clicking on "..." and manually selecting your Manhunt path.

2. Click on "Autolocate Steam Version" and the tool will try to locate the folder based on your Steam installation and library folders. This might fail if you don't have Manhunt on Steam.

You might want to take a look at Enhancements tab, tick any option you might find useful for you.
Hover over any item to learn more.

If anything goes wrong, you can view the log.

Download & Credits
You can download latest version from GitHub:


Source Code[]
Anyone who has ever contributed to the Fixer somehow is listed in Help->About.

Guide preview by Ash_735.
Manual Method
This method should be used only if you are unable to use Fixer or have no internet access.

1. Obtaining game folder


Go to your library and find Manhunt. Right click on game name and select Browse local files from Manage.

This will open an explorer window with your game folder.

You should know where it is installed, if not, the default path might be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Manhunt

2. Downloading required files

You will need several archives:

1. Executable Patch[]

2. Widescreen Fix[]

3. D3D8 Wrapper[]

4. Audio Fix[]

1. Executable Patch
Extract to Manhunt folder (obtained in step 1), run exepatch.exe.

If the operation was successful, you'll get Finished message.

You may remove exepatch.exe and manhunt.exe.backup.

Note: If your game is in a write protected folder (like Program Files), you will need to run the
executable with administrative permissions. This does not apply to Steam games as Steam by default makes the target folder writeable

2. Widescreen Fix
Extract to Manhunt folder.

Make sure that dinput8.dll and scripts folder are in the same place as manhunt.exe!

3.D3D8 Wrapper
Extract to Manhunt folder.

Make sure that d3d8.dll and d3d8.ini are in the same place as manhunt.exe!

Open d3d8.ini with notepad, find FPSLimit=0 and change it to FPSLimit = 60.

Note: Do not go over 60! Framerate over 60 will generate AI and script errors.

4. Audio Fix
Extract to Manhunt folder.

Make sure that AudioFix.asi is in the same place as manhunt.exe!

If you want, you can place the .asi file in scripts folder.

If followed correctly, Manhunt is now fully playable.

Fixer comes with a variety of optional enhancements. This section will give a better description to each item.
It is recommended to use most of them only after you've finished the game at least once!

Widescreen Frontend Textures

This is a pack of rescaled and blurred frontend textures.

This enhancement is recommended!

Improves renderer by rewritting it.

PS2 Cash Texture

Replaces player model texture with PS2 one, some people might like the extra details it has when compared to the PC one.


Fixed Global Models

Fixes rats & crows being pitch black.
Also fixes some smaller transparent models on maps.


Discord Plugin

If you use Discord and have game activity enabled, this plugin will use Rich Presence
to show your current level (hover over image to see name), health, killed hunters and executed hunters.


A plugin for Manhunt, it adds a lot of features. This includes access to original developer menu, custom menu, console, first person mode, simple modloader and more!

Please read PluginMH_readme.txt in your game folder after installing for more details.

Q: My game does not start, throws error 0xc0000005
A: You need to turn off compatibility mode.

Q: My game throws an error about DirectX 8.1 Detection
A: You will need to install DirectPlay, there are multiple guides online.

Q: Game doesn't launch at all when launching through Steam
A: One solution is to simply run the .exe file from the game folder - although I wouldn't recommend this in the long term. Try reinstalling Steam. Alternatively, you might get it working by getting a nocd (as it will be drmless) executable. Should be easy to find online.

Q: I'm getting random LoadLibrary related errors (or generic errors)
A: You will need to download latest C++ redistributable (vc_redist.x86.exe) from Microsoft:

Q: Fixer fails to download required files
A: Allow internet access in your firewall/antivirus software, if this does not help, try running Windows Update if running Windows 7 and lower. You can try manual method if nothing helps.

Q: Fonts in any screen are messed up!
A: This has something to do with custom translations, please install any user languages after the game has been fixed.

Q: Cursor leaves game window!
A: Create a file called "wndmode.ini" in game folder.

Paste this into it.
[WINDOWMODE] UseCursorClip=1

This will make your game launch in windowed mode too, but if you use your monitor native resolution it will essentially behave like borderless windowed.

OLD QUESTIONS (they don't apply to current version)
Q: XInputPlus shows an error while trying to install it
A: Go to the game directory and rename existing dinput8.dll to ddraw.dll
This step basically renames ASI loader to work as a different dll so XInputPlus can
safely copy its own files.

If your left stick does not work, you might need to go to the game directory and open
scripts\\Manhunt.WidescreenFix.ini file with Notepad and change DisableGamepadInput to

Q: Game does not open after installing latest PluginMH!
A: This has something to do with ASI loader, please rename dinput8.dll to ddraw.dll.
This issue will be most likely addressed in next update of Fixer.

Samz Apr 9 @ 6:16am 
Is there any chance of expanding this a bit to include the Cerberus Leader fix?
By mistake, he's set to use the "Nomral" Cerberus voice lines but by editing the files you can make him use his unused voice lines intended for regular gameplay.
Martinstorm Mar 24 @ 9:02pm 
Thank you so much i thougth i´d never play it
The Janitor Mar 10 @ 10:06pm 
@Colinator : Delete the game files and then uninstall on steam. Reinstall, shouldn't take too long to fix
lyraheartstrings Mar 3 @ 3:44pm 
update: I figured out how to get the fixer to work. I deleted the ddraw.dll the fixer created and changed the other dinput8.dll to ddraw.ll and then the game launched. Not sure why that fixed it but it worked for me.
lyraheartstrings Mar 2 @ 6:58pm 
fixer doesn't work anymore but the Manuel method worked for me. I just would prefer if the fixer worked.
miX_.dNb Feb 23 @ 8:43am 
Thank you so much! Played through the game from start to finish with this. A+
ÇOK GÜZEL Feb 22 @ 5:10pm 
doesnt work anymore
Nooobishgamers Feb 13 @ 11:24am 
dosent work even on a fresh install the game wont open
Xavier: Renegade Angel Feb 9 @ 9:35pm 
What an absolute hero, thank you so much, it took me way too long to find this but once I ran it, it worked like a charm on Win 11 which I honestly did not think was possible anymore.
Colinator Feb 4 @ 6:03pm 
Man I used a Mod For This Game and Boy when i went to replace the files it ending killing off this game for me. all the original files are gone and i can't tell if im screwed and stuck with this broken game. Does anyone Have the Orignals Files because everytime i try to run the game it seems to load and then stops and won't run :steamsad: