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Oasis Servers Guide
By Honest Car Salesman
A guide for understanding how Oasis Server Arena works! This is recommended to read before playing
Oasis Server is an arena server with custom maps and modded loot. The current map is "Desert" and gun stats in the server are different to vanilla unturned. For example, a Maplestrike in this server is a common gun, and shouldn't be expected to do the most damage!
Guns (Desert)
In Desert, 34 guns spawn, and these guns have different rarity.


TX-15 (Assault Rifle)
Taran (Assault Rifle)

Banshee (SMG)
Desert Eagle (Pistol)
P90 (SMG)
Ares Honeybadger (SMG)

Intervention (Sniper)
TPG-1 (Sniper)

Serbu (Shotgun)
SMR1216 (Shotgun)

Beowulf (Heavy Machine Gun)
DP-27 (Light Machine Gun)

Legendary Weapons only spawn in specific areas of the Military Base, in the tank roof on the road going from streets, on the towers of Sniper's Dream and in the water between Sniper's Dream and Haystacks (not all have 100% chance)

Legendary Weapons are the least common and most powerful guns in the map. You'll know if you have one because they always have a special skin! For example, The P90:


Tavor (Assault Rifle)
MK47 (Assault Rifle)
BREN (Assault Rifle)


L118A2 (Sniper)
M40A5 (Sniper)
T-500 (Sniper)

M590 (Shotgun)

RPK (Light Machine Gun)

Rare Weapons are the 2nd best and spawn all around the map. These are modded guns but they do not have a skin, they will only do moderate damage to high level armour. Here's an example of what one looks like:



Heartbreaker (Assault Rifle)
Nightraider (Assault Rifle)
Maplestrike (Assault Rifle)
Zubeknakov (Assault Rifle)

Empire (SMG)
Peacemaker (SMG)
Honeybadger (SMG)
Desert Falcon (Pistol)

Timberwolf (Sniper)
Snayperskya (Sniper)

Bluntforce (Shotgun)

Nykorev (Light Machine Gun)

These are the vanilla guns. Remember that the stats have been changed so don't expect them to do the most damage! They are the weakest guns. Here's the Maplestrike just for visual comparison:

Generally speaking, if a gun looks better, it is better.

Also keep in mind that guns have different movement stats! If you want to run fast or jump over a fence etc. but you are carrying a sniper, switch to your pistol or unequip all weapons to be more mobile!

Note that some smgs and pistols give a speed boost as well! So equipping them can make you run even faster than normal
Airdrops And High Tier Loot Areas (Desert)

Getting airdrops is important!
Airdrops give guaranteed legendary weapons and can even drop guns that don't spawn on the map! Getting these would definitely give you an advantage in a gunfight

Looting as much as possible is important!
There are lot of guns, so there are a lot of different attachments and ammo types etc. So it is important to loot areas fully so that you can hold a lot of items and be able to fight at any range. The backpacks, especially the alicepacks, are big enough to hold many guns. You should be able to fight your opponent back at long and close range!

Where to find loot
Depending on where you are, you are more likely to find one type of loot. For example, at Medics there are a lot more medical items. But at Sniper's Dream and Sniper's Wish there are more likely to be sniper items!

Armour And Backpacks
There are three levels and types of armour and backpacks. They go from level 1 to level 3 where level 3 is the rarest and best

GROM Armour
GROM Helmet: Level 3 (30% damage reduction)
GROM Vest: Level 3 (30% damage reduction)
GROM Shirt: Level 3 (15% damage reduction)
GROM Bottoms: Level 3 (15% damage reduction)

Spec Ops Armour
Spec Ops Helmet: Level 2 (20% damage reduction)
Spec Ops Vest: Level 2 (20% damage reduction)
Spec Ops Shirt: Level 2 (10% damage reduction)
Spec Ops Bottoms: Level 2 (10% damage reduction)

Military Armour
Military Helmet: Level 1 (10% damage reduction)
Military Vest: Level 1 (10% damage reduction)
Military Shirt: Level 1 (5% damage reduction)
Military Bottoms: Level 1 (5% damage reduction)

Alicepack: Level 3 (11x11)
Spec Ops Rucksack: Level 2 (9x9)
GROM Backpack: Level 1 (7x7)

Command List
• /stats pvp - To check pvp stats

• /kills - To check your current killstreak
• /killstreak - To check your current killstreak

• /vote - To vote for the server
• /reward - To get your reward for voting

• /guide - Links to this guide
• /contact - Links to my profile
The End
Congrats, you've reached the end of the guide! I hope it's helped you greater understand how to have the best chances of winning in the Oasis Server

The guide will be updated as more maps are made and if changes to items are made

If you have any concerns about weapon balancing, loot rarity, the map etc. feel free to comment or even message me!

Come join and show your skills in the arena!

Server Info
Port: 27083