Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

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Star Trek: Sacrifice of Angels 2
By myfist0 and 3 collaborators
SOA2 is a Star Trek total conversion mod for Rebellion. This guide will help describe each of the 5 playable races strengths and weaknesses. We will add more info and artwork as time permits.
About SOA2

Can anyone remember when we used to be explorers? - Jean Luc Picard

SoA 2 is a continuation, and tribute to the original Sacrifice of Angels mod for Homeworld. Much of the mods concept, and art came from SoA 1.

SoA 2 tells the story from your factions point of view about a non-canon "Second Dominion War" which escalates into an all out fight for survival when the Borg return in full force. You can control ether the United Federation of Planets, The Klingon Empire, The Romulan Star Empire, The Dominion, or The Borg Collective. The lore from our back story is still a WIP, but gives you a gereral idea on the direction we are taking this mod.

Much hard work went into this mod. Many hours of our limited free time was spent to bring Star Trek into Sins of A Solar Empire, Entrenchment, Diplomacy, and Rebellion.

SoA 2 is still a work in progress, and probably will always remain a work in progress. Until ether our interest, or fan interest in the mod fades away. There are still models, weapons, abilitys, research, and factions that need to be added to and/or replaced. Many changes will come as time progresses.

Back Story
15 years have past since the first Dominion War. Voyager has since returned home, and the Borg threat seems to have been eliminated. The Romulan people have firm control of their government once again. The Reman population has been emancipated, and are now enjoying privileges as full citizens of the Romulan empire. The lessons of Shinzon have been learned.
The Federation for the first time in decades enjoyed peace. Still rebuilding, and wary from previous conflicts Starfleet remains vigilant. Especially with new turns of events.

Chanceller Martok of the Klingon Empire has "disappeared" No one knows the fate of the empires benevolent Chancellor. Many believe he was murdered, A successor named Kodan has stepped up to take his place. He is as xenophobic as he is bloodthirsty. He calls himself the new "Emperor". Dismissing Khaless as a fraud. Kodan has a following of many "Glory seekers" that practice ways from the old times. He rules with an "iron fist" compared to previous Klingon rulers. Kodan reminds some within the empire of the Tyrant Molar. Some within the empire call Kodan the "Usurper", but wont say so out loud, because those that do wont live very long afterwards. They await one with the courage, and honor of Khaless to challenge him. Relations with the Federation are not too cozy right now.

The Romulan Empire reverted back to its old ways of isolationism, and subterfuge. Though the Romulan Empire retained some "good" relations with the Federation since the events of Shinzon. Trade, and commerce have thrived since, and there was a time where it was thought that the neutral zone would become a thing of the past. However that has changed. There are those who still support the old imperial "manifest destiny". Where they think only the Rihansu are worthy enough to rule the galaxy, and all non-Rihansu are nothing more than subject races beneath them to be exploited.

The Dominion have maintained peaceful if cool relations with the other factions since the first war. They still remain bitter at their defeat, and surrender. Animosity runs rampant within the Founders despite Odos re-assurances that the "Solids" can be trusted. Odo realized that the Founders truly did not want peace, and the surrender was to buy time to rebuild their forces, and plan a strategy for a new invasion. All of the peaceful overtures made by the Dominion were a ruse to provide a false sense of security. Odo now part of the great link could do nothing. He was effectively silenced as was part of the founders plan.

With the help of their old Breen allies the Dominion broke the peace treaty of 2373, and stormed through the wormhole with a vengeance. Reconquering Cardassia, and Bajor. They launched a three pronged assault on the three major Alpha Quadrant powers. Just as before the founders are intent on total domination of "the solids". This time there may be no stopping them.
The Breen went out of their way to re-join their old allies, and spearheaded the initial assault with hundreds of cruisers warping in just as the Dominion main assault fleets exited the wormhole. Deep Space Nine despite her powerful upgrades, and garrison fleet was destroyed in minutes. The wormhole is now under total Dominion control. With endless re-enforcements pouring through. Cardassia, and Bajor are now enslaved worlds. The Cardassians that survived the new invasion are now used by the Dominion as "battle thralls" as punishment for their past betrayal. It is a slow death sentence imposed by the Founders. Cardassian ships are forced to spearhead suicide missions, or provide a shield wall for the Jem Hadar, and Breen. All Cardassian ships in Dominion fleets seek to mutiny, and break away from their masters. They seek refuge in ether Federation, or the Klingon space.

Meanwhile.... As four major empires are fighting for survival, control, or domination.. Transwarp signatures are detected. The Borg have returned. The transwarp network was not destroyed as previously thought. Only damaged. The Borg Collective views the Alpha Quadrant species the most serious threat to their existance. Especially species 5618 (Humans). They attack not with just a few ships, but with the force of the entire collective. Worlds fall in minutes. Then all are exterminated. Assimilation is irrelivent. All must be annihilated if the collective is to survive.... Resistance is futile.

Know that it is the year 2388,
and the Known galaxy is now in a state of Total War...

The United Federation of Planets
High utility. The Federation specialize in keeping their army rolling. They have good logistical support, capable of rapidly returning damaged ships to the fray, good as new. They also have excellent survivability early on. The Excelsior is an unmatched ship, it possesses significantly higher shielding than it's counterparts do.

Late game, the tables can be turned on your opponents through advanced upgrades that greatly increase the effectiveness of already useful support vessels. Elites are durable and damaging, but relatively self contained. The only one with anything in the way of fleet support is the Galaxy class. Where they shine is in a large fleet of mixed ships, allowing that high durability and excellent firepower to excel. The fleet is highly synergistic in how the various frigates lend support to the overall capabilities, with the Elites simply serving as a powerful core force.

There are four different ways to restore the shields on Federation ships, the resupply ability on Starbases that restores multiple targets over time, engineer teams from the Excelsior and Galaxy classes that increase regeneration rates on damaged ships, and a full restore from the Saber class.

The Klingon Empire
.png]Raiders, more suited to hit and run tactics than a sustained fight. Repair away from home is a relatively slow, and painful process. It will often be more productive to leave after a battle and return following repairs, rather than to try and hang onto your new conquest long enough to make them where you're at. Recharging the shields won't prove too difficult, but major hull damage is very slow to undo. To this benefit, many of your ships are ideal for this style of combat, fast and agile with heavily punishing forward firing weapons. Many of the smaller vessels are also significantly less problematic to replace.

B'rels are significantly more powerful than a Miranda, yet cost less both in logistics and resources. They lack much in the way of fleet support and are less likely to wage a sustained conflict, but can overwhelm their opponents at the outset through superior firepower.

Your Elites are built for damage, not fleet support. Carnage is the game, high casualty warfare in short, bloody campaigns that may often end in victory without taking territory.

There are ships (in this case, the Kron) with a fleet decloak ability for the Klingons. The cloak abilities are set to trigger when set to auto-cast for the frigates, select them all, flip it to autocast, wait for them to all switch over, then take it off autocast. Use the fleet decloak to pull them back out.
....Klingon Frigates
....Klingon Crusiers
... Klingon Elite Battlecrusiers
.... Other Klingon Vessels and Structures
The Romulan Star Empire
.png]An entire fleet built around one ability, the cloak. Your ships are expensive, don't throw them away.

Whereas the B'rel is both more powerful and less expensive than a Miranda, your own counterpart to the B'rel is both more expensive and less powerful in contrast. Your advantage comes in being able to choose your battles. Logistical support is adequate, if less impressive than the Federation, but fleet support is relatively minor, much like the Klingons.

Ships are largely self contained, with only the Blackwind giving aid to the fleet. Ship abilities are largely geared towards rapid damage output over a short duration, combining with the cloak to make them an excellent ambush force.

Elites are likewise geared towards rapidly destroying things. Sustained combat against an even force is not advisable. Cloak, retreat, and come back for round two after everything is replenished. Most of the fleet has a mild self repair to get them back up to strength between conflicts, but it will do little to slow the casualties in combat.

The starting elite ship has a fleet decloak ability for the Romulans. The cloak abilities are set to trigger when set to auto-cast for the frigates, select them all, flip it to autocast, wait for them to all switch over, then take it off autocast. Use the fleet decloak to pull them back out.

The Dominion
.png]The Dominion are designed for a slow, exceptionally well-defended expansion, building up fortifications and an economy to protect and restore your fleet as you go. You can build a powerful defensive position at the same time you're creating your economic infrastructure.

You have two opposing forces, the Cardassians, who fare very poorly left to their own devices, and the Jem'Hadar, who completely lack self sufficiency. The Breen are the odd man out, self reliant and effective enough to make a run for it on their own, but with little to gain from their allies. Cardassians are unreliable, actually able to turn on their masters under certain circumstances. They need insurance to be safely used. They are however the only option for a rapid, and viable response to an incursion.

Dominion Elites are slow. Hugely powerful, but slow. Jem'Hadar frigates are fast, but underperform in a terrible way. The cure for this is in the Elites, which have risky, but highly rewarding influence over the Jem'Hadar. A high level fleet can be a fearsome force , but the loss of a single ship can have catastrophic consequences as well. The Jem'Hadar have a bad habit of suiciding if they fail their leaders. They are also highly incapable when it comes to repairing on the go. Returning to their fortifications, or building them up as they go, is the only safe way to do battle. If a battle leaves you vulnerable to counter attacks, it's time to make as swift an exit as your lumbering behemoths will allow.

On the plus side, your fortifications are spectacularly effective. Your OWP's can be centrally powered to be greatly improved, and your trade station is both a battle station and a point for resupply. Unfortunately, if you choose to forgo the Cardassians because they are weak, you may find your defenses being the only thing you can defend with, as the Jem'Hadar will never perform without their masters.

Jem'Hadar frigates are weak, ineffective ships. They underperform everyone else, even when upgraded with Breen weapons, they're still not worth the cost on their own, but they garner a massive level of stat boosting from the elites.

A high level Leviathan will get you 12% weapon cool down, 10% chance to hit, 20% angular thrust, and 20% weapon range. Non Jem'Hadar ships only gain 7% weapon cool down and 10% weapon range. Most of this is from the level 6 ability, Enforced Loyalty is more for the secondary effect of preventing mutiny from Cardassian ships. These are both passives.

A Devastator with Glory To The Founders, also a passive, maxed out will get you 5% weapon cool down and damage, per nearby Jem'Hadar, to a maximum of 10. Effectively a 50% increase to both weapon cool down and damage in any decent sized fleet. This is only for Jem'Hadar frigates.

An Enslaver with Victory Is Life does even more, but this one is a a 30 second active. 100% weapon cool down and damage to Jem'Hadar frigates.

For thirty seconds, a swarm of Jem'Hadar will outperform the Borg. The risk in this is that the Leviathan and Enslaver ultimate's both come with a caveat, lose the ship and your Jem'Hadar will suicide.

The Keldon, likewise, is important for overall fleet power, with a 10% weapon cool down and shield mitigation boost for the fleet, and further Cardassian only improvements.

The trick to becoming a nightmare with the Dominion is getting those high level ships to support the swarm of frigates. To this end, you have a very strong defense.

Your trade ports take 8 logistics, restore shields and antimatter on nearby ships, and are otherwise a major defensive installation with durability and damage on par with a level 1 star base.

Your weapon platforms, while initially terrible, are easily upgraded by utilizing central powering. Two Will of the Founders, with Power Distribution Networking researched, will give your platforms an extra 2500 shield points, a 40 point restore rate, 1000% plasma torpedo cool down, 200% energy weapon cool down, and 40% weapon range. They require large fleets to drop, and are severely damaging.

Jem'Hadar Fighters Ability
How is the Jem'Hadar Fighters ability on the Leviathan supposed to work?

They have a 4 second construction time, for rapid replacement.
When they take damage twice in a short period of time(typically this means they're nearly dead) they go into kamikaze mode.
It works like the cruise missile setup on the Borg. They magnetize their target and ram it for a couple hundred damage, along with a short term disable.
They do less than 4 damage a second, so the 200 on impact is a significant jump in typical damage dealt. The leveled ability on the Leviathan increases to twice the disable time and damage.

The Borg Collective
.png]My research stations take up 12 slots?

Indeed, they do. At three labs of military tech, you should be significantly more powerful than a max research enemy of any other side. It's not that your labs take more slots, it's that your research tree goes oh so much further than any other side. One of your primary enhancements is antimatter, an indescribably helpful upgrade. You'll find that your abilities, for the most part, have absurdly short cooldowns you can't possibly utilize.

The tricky part to losing shows up when you actually can utilize them, because you have 300% extra antimatter to play with. An Assimilation Cube only has 250 antimatter at level 1, and only gains 20 per level. With max research, that's a thousand at base, and 80 per level. Continuous ability usage for brief periods of time leading to massive devastation of a 40 ship fleet. If it has a high level queen preventing it from being disabled and a few supporting cruisers, you should expect the AI to throw a thousand fleet points at it before much in the way of damage happens. Once you have multiple high level Borg Elites at anything near max research, the game should be over.

The Borg have an ability for upgrading assimilated ships, "Borg Collective" is on the Borg's shipyards and the Advanced Sphere. When the Borg take over a ship, any loss of stats on its part means you have terrible research parity with your enemy. Borg research is massively better in hull and antimatter regeneration, but they have no parity with shields and weapons from the other races. Once you buff them, they will destroy, with great ease, their unassimilated counterparts.

Borg Documentary
Non Playable Races [NPC's]
Diverse Militia
Trek is not a universe that lends itself to the vanilla militia template. Where Sins is a game set in a vast trader civilization on the brink of collapse under invading forces, Trek is a diverse array of races. As such, planets do not have a single set of defenders as a monolithic neutral party. There are, currently, Tamarians, Maquis, Son'a, Talarians, Ferengi, the House of Duras, and the Orion Syndicate (the syndicate is mostly vanilla models at present) spread throughout the maps. This diverse system for militia will also work on any maps someone has made for vanilla Sins. Which brings us to the next topic.

Neutral Factions
Instead of just the Pirates sitting in their base, annoying you with raids, SOA2 has a more fleshed out system. Other races may have heavily defended colonies, sending raiders to worlds at random. Some of these come with extra irritating surprises when you try to remove the threat. Colonies that are destroyed may leave behind a remnant, sending out less frequent raids even after the source has been eliminated.

The depth and complexity of the design doesn't end there, that's just the map inhabitants.

Orion Syndicate - Wonderer class
Ferengi - D'Kora class
Maquis - Raider
Maquis - Atr
Talarian - Warship
Talarian - Science Vessel
Tamarian - Deep Space Cruiser
X class Planets
These are planets with a multiple ability random event system. This is a ~200 file long nightmare that picks from and implements one of currently seven possible events. Three of these events are the eventual arrival of the Unknown Probe, Doomsday Machine, and Crystalline Entity.

Unknown Probe
Doomsday Machine
Crystalline Entity
The Last Outpost
The Kalandian Installation
Tribble Infestations - Carefull, these spread easily.

M class Planets
In the Federation standard system of planetary classification[] a class M planet, moon, or planetoid was considered to be suitable for humanoid life. By the mid-24th century, thousands of class M planets had been charted by the Federation. These worlds were the first choice for colonization. Since the late 23rd century, the Federation has been terraforming lifeless worlds into class M worlds. Environmental conditions on Federation starships mimic the class M environment.

C class Planets

P class Planets

H class Planets

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