Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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[Dev] Creative Showcase
Curated by the developers of Octodad, this is a collection of our favorite custom levels and other unique content!
Come here for weird and wonderful experiments or new sorts of games made in Octodad's editor!
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Do Octodads Dream Of Scaly Sheep? (Agents Of The Valley)
Created by Tom_Videogre
I wanted to put something together for the first time using a level creator and I wanted to explore what OctoDad's dreams after the events of his newest adventure. I'm mainly a Youtuber and that's why I did my logo but I also wanted to work with perspectiv...
Octodad on a Plane
Created by Bryan
Octodad takes flight.

Short and not particularly fun, but just experimenting with the editor. Thanks to 3dregenerator for the plane model....
Useless Cheese Map
Created by Broetchen
Insanely useless.

You need more cheesy fulfillment in your life. Check out Cheese Heaven!...
Let It Blub
Created by Hamburger-san
Skate around the ice palace and check out the reskin of Scarlet and Everywoman as Anna and Elsa....
The Dad's End
Created by Crystal Man
Can you survive 10 waves of zombies? or Aliens? or whatever they are. Octodad is stuck in a nightmare with a new found ability to shoot balls of water from his tentacles. Attack, run, replenish, and survive....
Octodad On The Go Platformer
Just Updated on 4/13/14 New info listed.
This is a map where I turned Octodad into a 3D plat former to create something almost entirely different. You can only go two ways backwards and forwards. Also watch out for the bannas they are everywhere....
Dadzilla: Attack on Octogon Island
Created by Sliferjam
Such a peaceful little city. I hope nothing happens to it.

Fight the evil Abazor! Climb the Umpire State Building! Smash the city!

Unlike in the video, the completed version has music....
Squidowski Lanes: Octodad Bowling!
Created by Sliferjam
Octodad bowling! Complete bowling-related quests in a movie-themed bowling alley! Go bowling with your cousin! Just don't roll on shabbos.The Squid Abides.

Note: You have to break the glass on the trophy case. It will not open by itself. Just hit it wit...
The Abanded General Store
Octodad visits an abanded store yet there are still plenty of items left in a store that should be empty. So Octodad must find a way in. Enjoy knocking things over, a few small missions, lots of items in the store to play around with and a few pictures to ...
Parkour city V2 (V3 already avaible)
Created by
Hi here is a new update for parkour city!
Changes in this update
-Parkour city is much bigger now.
-Music added
-Splashes then octodad or dynamic objects touching water.
-All dynamic objects are grabable

Link to parkour city collection - http://...
Octodad Shorts: Birthday Cake (Reupload)
Created by SlightlySimple
Octodad bakes a birthday cake for Stacy (Notes: Based off of the Octodad Shorts Announcement Trailer, This is a re-upload since people were having A LOT of trouble with the original)...
Relaxday for Octodad
Created by ExaRom
After all the trouble with the cook, his family decides to give their boneless hero a day to relax.

This is my first level, please give feedback!
It also doesn't end right, just go out the level instead. Please tell me how i correct it.