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Rivals of Aether

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Sep 15, 2020 @ 10:42am
Jun 13 @ 12:27am
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Your hunger truly dwarfs mine.
Go, then.
Reap what it has sown.

From the creator of Acid Rainbows, Lumina, Poke Floats and Reckless Safety Notice Man, N/A is an axolotl of abyssal origins. Discovered in the depths of The Endless Abyss, it is believed to be a mere one fragment of the hive mind's will.
It possesses a massive body with a blade fin, and with it boasts broad and long range, however still vulnerable, as it is not a disjoint (most of the time).
With its long range specials, it can very easily take control of large area around you.

2022/June/13 - v2.7: USpecial changes
2022/Apr/05 - v2.6: A special Genesis alt and a few fixes
2021/June/17 - v2.5: Veeeery slight tweaks
2021/June/17 - v2.4: Both nerfs and buffs, addressing things
2021/Apr/27 - v2.3: tweaking v2.2 values
2021/Apr/21 - v2.2: void calls out to you (check the changelog!)
2021/Feb/12 - v2.1: hitpause adjustment mostly, slight changes also
2021/Jan/04 - v2.0: this may be 2.0 but it's absolutely unimpressive (fstrong tweaks)

Please keep in mind I do write changelogs. So check that out if you want to know more about what's changed.

- Complete Moveset
- Complete Animation
- Nearly 1 year worth of work
- Big range but slower attacks
- Area control element (Nspecial)
- Trummel & Alto (by Muno) Codec support
- Intimidation
- Scream

I encourage you to find out how it plays like on your own. (Because I don't know it myself.)
However, if you want to know all the details of what it can do - check out the discussions thread in where I've written all the things it can do.

Previous changes headlines:
2021/Jan/03 - v1.9: nerfs i guess and fstrong buff a bit, with uspecial visibility
2020/Dec/03 - v1.8: adjusting v1.7 values
2020/Dec/02 - v1.7: oops! all buffs
2020/Oct/23 - v1.6: various changes (mostly) according to community balance team
2020/Oct/01 - v1.5: pokemon stadium sprites, buffs, and 1 semibig counterplay i think idk
2020/Sep/22 - v1.4: buffs i guess?
2020/Sep/19 - v1.3 (v1.2 doesn't exist): slight polish and slight bubble counterplay
2020/Sep/18 - v1.1: tldr you have charge indicator, uspecial linger slash input changed, dspecial can be land cancelled if you dont hold special while landing, and parriable things
2020/Sep/15 - v1.0: Release.

N/A has been in works since November 15, 2019.

cyel/"cat" - general support, big help with usage of angle code, for always being there for me
supersandbag, todd z - for being a friend
supersonic, shplurmff, sai, sleepyplayer16, shock, fungiwizard - for supporting me, also most yall name starts with an S
archytas, tritone - for being hyped for the character
fespadea - for little coding help
artistofseer - for explaining to me what zoners usually are, which helped me get an idea on uspecial
trail mix - for scaryami's css bg color that i followed suit (gave me permission btw)
captain technicality - for aseprite export script
soundcloud undertale au music community and eebrozgi - for all the heckan cool music pumpin me up to work through this

You've all helped me get this far. I must thank you all
And thank you for checking out this character.
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sonicface2009 Aug 15 @ 12:32pm 
axolotl + dark souls = N/A
fixingmybike Aug 3 @ 1:53pm 
i love this
hyuponia  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:42pm 
and thanks for playin my character!!
hyuponia  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:42pm 
i'm not gonna allow that, but i'll consider the change with a bunch of my n/a players! also! i've been... holding off on patching n/a for waaay too long that theres too many change requests rn, so it may be a long while before n/a's gettin changed - but rest assured, i'll patch n/a! at... one point!!! thanks for your feedback! :meow:
HyperTem May 31 @ 9:23pm 
Idk if this is just me, but man, N/A just feels so underpowered to me... it has some very fun and strong kill moves, but there are a few places where I feel like its combo game is just completely non-existent. (ie. down air. If it's gonna pop you back into the air after landing, why does the endlag last so long that you can't even do anything out of it?? It would be such a cool combo starter if it actually started combos, but it just feels unreliable.) I've tried to play it for months upon months, but N/A has consistently been the 1 character I just can't get around.

EDIT: I tried editing N/A's code to allow for cancelling out of dair earlier, and WOW. This feels infinitely better to use wtf. It makes N/A's movement and combo game feel so much more open, I wish this was added officially cuz I enjoy playing him way more like this...
I'd upload the tweaked version for use with friends but I don't wanna do that without permission :P
hyuponia  [author] May 17 @ 7:59pm 
it's been tempting....! but i just cant figure out a cool final smash for n/a that i think fits n/a, so i havent been able to :GCspurk:
LyonΔ May 15 @ 4:48am 
just found the final smash buddy
whould be cool to have a final smash
local blob of meat Dec 28, 2021 @ 1:42pm 
grainneagalvin Dec 26, 2021 @ 11:50am 
Sunky Dec 25, 2021 @ 9:09pm 
this looks pretty good
i'mma see it's powa:steamthumbsup: