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Rivals of Aether

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Sep 15, 2020 @ 10:42am
Feb 11 @ 7:53am
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Your hunger truly dwarfs mine.
Go, then.
Reap what it has sown.

From the creator of Acid Rainbows, Lumina, Poke Floats and Reckless Safety Notice Man, N/A is an axolotl of abyssal origins. Discovered in the depths of The Endless Abyss, it is believed to be a mere one fragment of the hive mind's will.
It possesses a massive body with a blade fin, and with it boasts broad and long range, however still vulnerable, as it is not a disjoint (most of the time).
With its long range specials, it can very easily take control of large area around you.

2021/Jan/04 - v2.0: this may be 2.0 but it's absolutely unimpressive (fstrong tweaks)
2021/Jan/03 - v1.9: nerfs i guess and fstrong buff a bit, with uspecial visibility
2020/Dec/03 - v1.8: adjusting v1.7 values
2020/Dec/02 - v1.7: oops! all buffs
2020/Oct/23 - v1.6: various changes (mostly) according to community balance team
2020/Oct/01 - v1.5: pokemon stadium sprites, buffs, and 1 semibig counterplay i think idk
2020/Sep/22 - v1.4: buffs i guess?
2020/Sep/19 - v1.3 (v1.2 doesn't exist): slight polish and slight bubble counterplay
2020/Sep/18 - v1.1: tldr you have charge indicator, uspecial linger slash input changed, dspecial can be land cancelled if you dont hold special while landing, and parriable things
2020/Sep/15 - v1.0: Release.

Please keep in mind I do write changelogs. So check that out if you want to know more about what's changed.

- Complete Moveset
- Complete Animation
- Nearly 1 year worth of work
- Big range but slower attacks
- Area control element (Nspecial)
- Trummel & Alto (by Muno) Codec support
- Intimidation
- Scream

I encourage you to find out how it plays like on your own. (Because I don't know it myself.)
However, if you want to know all the details of what it can do - check out the discussions thread in where I've written all the things it can do.

Previous changes headlines:
none yet

N/A has been in works since November 15, 2019.

cyel/"cat" - general support, big help with usage of angle code, for always being there for me
supersandbag, todd z - for being a friend
supersonic, shplurmff, sai, sleepyplayer16, shock, fungiwizard - for supporting me, also most yall name starts with an S
archytas, tritone - for being hyped for the character
fespadea - for little coding help
artistofseer - for explaining to me what zoners usually are, which helped me get an idea on uspecial
trail mix - for scaryami's css bg color that i followed suit (gave me permission btw)
captain technicality - for aseprite export script
soundcloud undertale au music community and eebrozgi - for all the heckan cool music pumpin me up to work through this

You've all helped me get this far. I must thank you all
And thank you for checking out this character.
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Jan 21 @ 5:56pm
n/a not showing up on selection
Dec 18, 2020 @ 5:49am
Dair anomalies
< >
Dragou Feb 18 @ 1:04pm 
You just have to double tap up B without charging it !
Mr Sergal Feb 18 @ 11:09am 
I noticed a interaction with the bubbles I never got before and after passing through it with up special, it created a purple line that later slashed part of the stage and it looked pretty cool, any sound way to get that again?
taniabalaji Jan 28 @ 12:54pm 
nice but i have a better name AXEslotel
hyuponia  [author] Jan 15 @ 8:51pm 
there will be no additional alternate screams. thanks!
Bread Jan 15 @ 11:06am 
hey also will we get more roars? i just absolutely love how the screen shakes now, and was hoping to see that we could screm even better in the future. love your work man, and even if i am incapable of doing this myself, i am capable of admiring your skill for bringing such a fun character to the workshop.
Bread Jan 15 @ 10:56am 
its so satisfying to land as well...
Dragou Jan 14 @ 7:45am 
Frankly, I won't say that Upair is too strong. It's pretty easy to DI, to me. However it's a pretty good combo tool, indeed !

And bair doesn't need any tweak this move is perfect.
Bread Jan 14 @ 7:27am 
Edit: i've also noticed that upair is very, very good at stunlocking people at low percents, and while n/a needs all the damage output they can get, well, juts maybe make it slightly less good?
Bread Jan 14 @ 7:25am 
back air looking pretty good, but prehaps we could give them one more frame to land it?
just sayin.... not that i have any problems hitting it TwT
hyuponia  [author] Dec 30, 2020 @ 10:40am 
nspecial's hits have a hit lockout period where if you get hit by it, you can't be hit again for the next few frames. maybe it's that?
and yeah i think it's commonly agreed upon that fstrong is too slow. i'll try to address it at one point !
but for now. i pray yall a good upcoming year!!!