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Beauty Traits Lipstick Reducer
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Sep 2, 2020 @ 6:04pm
Mar 28 @ 8:00pm
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Beauty Traits Lipstick Reducer

ReMeDy's Beauty Traits Lipstick Reducer ver 1.3

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VER 1.3 (For CK3 1.3.1+)[]

Reduces lipstick on women with the beauty-trait for a more natural-look, and removes lipstick on handsome-traited men. For men, CK3's Handsome traits gave lipstick to *all* men throughout the world. Without any context guiding Paradox's decision to do this, I'm assuming it's a bug, so I've emulated how Paradox did it in CK2 where none of the men had lipstick.

Women: Reduces Beauty cosmetics by 80%.
Men: Reduces Beauty cosmetics by 100%.

If you'd like to adjust the amounts, you can consult my file inside my mod's gfx folder.

(For my mod, I don't think it matters, but just to be safe)

The reduced lipstick may not work in the Ruler Designer; however, once you're loaded onto the world map, it will take affect.

Paradox has designed the Beauty/Handsome trait cosmetic to only work on characters age 18+. Characters age 16-17 (including children) see no cosmetic benefits from the Beauty trait anyways.

Some characters can still have naturally bright red lips without a Beauty trait if their DNA has assigned it to them. This is working as intended; my mod merely tones down the lipstick assigned to everyone via the beauty trait. It's not meant to target characters who were born with natural red lips.

If you want to use my female character, here is the DNA:

Here's my DNA persistent code for Ruler Designer:

If you need instructions for applying any of it, consult the readme file in my mod's folder at:

ver 1.3:
- Updated to CK3 1.3.1 just in case.
- Added new example screenshot to gallery.

ver 1.2:
- Paradox changed the folder structure, so it broke my mod. My gfx file is now located in the trait_portrait_modifiers folder, with revised code.
- (Optional) Revised readme instructions for those who want to use my female character.

ver 1.1:
- Removes Beauty trait cosmetics on men by 100%. It's unclear if Paradox thinks that was working as intended.
- (Optional) Expanded upon readme instructions on how to edit save files for portrait editing.

ver 1.0:
- Initial launch.
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Star Lord May 27 @ 1:56pm 
Thanks, I basically just deleted and reuploaded all my mods. Thanks amigo.
ReMeDy  [author] May 26 @ 2:15am 
@ Star Lord
My last update was on the current version, so it wouldn't be a Paradox update breaking anything. I know it works because the screenshot in the gallery depicting the male character was screen captured on the current version. The mod is very subtle on what it changes, so unless you do a before and after, it can be hard to notice. Are you sure it's not working? Try doing before and after screenshots for yourself with my mod disabled and enabled on a character with the Beauty trait.

If it's indeed not working, first, make sure no other mods are conflicting (I recommend just disabling all other mods except this one to help isolate any culprit). Any mod that shares code with the beauty trait can be an issue.

Also, Paradox's Beauty trait only affects characters age 18+, so likewise, my mod doesn't work on anyone younger than that.
Star Lord May 25 @ 3:41pm 
For some reason it is not working? I haven't changed anything but there have been a few updates form Paradox.
Evie Mar 29 @ 4:48am 
Thank you so much!
ReMeDy  [author] Mar 28 @ 8:18pm 
@ Evie
Okay, I updated it. I tested it and it's working. Thanks for the reminder.

@ Marilag
Not sure what you mean there. One thing I've noticed is Paradox has done a better job face morphing men to actually look attractive with the Beauty trait; however, they still add red lipstick, so my mod will remove it. You can see an updated example image in the mod's screenshot gallery. Basically, I don't mind changes to a character's bone structure; my criticism is specific to Paradox's treatment of facial cosmetics.
Evie Mar 25 @ 12:54pm 
Please update, no other mod does what this one does.
Marilag Feb 15 @ 3:35am 
Please can you also fix the weird thing they do with the head shape and jawline?
ReMeDy  [author] Dec 28, 2020 @ 1:18am 
@ Poldl
Oh, my mod's code only adjusts the impact of the Beauty trait. It takes on a slight orange color because orange is closer to the natural skintone of most characters.

You could try playing with my code to increase the Beauty trait's impact and see if that increases the red/pink to a more suitable amount.
Poldl Dec 25, 2020 @ 10:17am 
Could you please alter the color of the lipstick too, so it's more red/pink instead of orange please? That would be perfect!
ReMeDy  [author] Dec 22, 2020 @ 11:22pm 
It's both Ironman & achievements compatible. I've updated the description just now to reflect this.

@ mtmounts
Ignore the warning message in the launcher. The mod should still work.