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Shattered World
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Sep 2, 2020 @ 7:06am
Aug 26 @ 12:56pm
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Shattered World

Shattered World from Crusader Kings II is back in the form of this mod!

The option to shatter into counties, duchies, or kingdoms has been implemented by making a new Game Rule you should find rather easily at the top! However, this does not make a random new world, it just destroys every title of a certain tier.

Alright, regarding Custom Rulers in 1.2.2 not being shattered --
It seems to be a bug in the game. Custom rulers just don't seem to be counted in the every_ruler scope without a reload.
If you save the game, load the save, then run the console command event shattered_world.1 then the custom rulers will be shattered too. You don't have to close the game, just save and load.

Hope you enjoy it!
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ChicagoPhil Nov 19 @ 3:57pm 
Love this mod, starting with counties... Everyone is equal, dont have to worry about major powerhouses like England
Tupac Shakur Nov 10 @ 6:29am 
Melphiz Nov 9 @ 9:09am 
btw. it would always be better if you make your files standalone and not overwrite native filenames
so instead of using game_rules just use rename them to shattered_world and only put your changed content into it

this way, it will be more compatible, modular and easier to handle and not overwriting game defaults

Like it does atm, the vanilla game_rules file contains more entries than the one from the mod. So now they have shattered world additionally but other vanilla things like matrilinear marriage are missing.
Michael Nov 2 @ 6:16pm 
Great mod. Is there any way to exclude the head of faith titles from the shattering? It would be nice to shatter at the duke level without eliminating the papacy and at the county level without eliminating the caliphs.
FiJesse Nov 1 @ 5:21am 
not working
Taurom Oct 14 @ 11:46am 
I've been testing this and so far I think it work as intended, but I just notice that in the game rules, a few options doesn't show like "Diplomatic range" and "Varangian invasion" options. Is that intended or is it a bug?
alexandru.macavei Oct 9 @ 3:34am 
Awesome mod! I'm new to the CK-series and this was exactly what I was looking for :) One thing that I'd love, but wasn't able to find anywhere yet is the possibility to actually only shatter certain realms. For example , starting in 867, I'd like to play as Aarhus county but unfortunately there's only one king over all Denmark. I'd like to split Denmark without shattering the entire world. Or maybe have the ability to select which county to start with as my custom character and be a vassal of that king. I know this might be difficult to do, but it'd be something I'd really love to see. Thanks!
Krythos  [author] Sep 27 @ 2:12pm 
@FlopWaffle I've not experienced this.
"randomly become my vassals constantly" I assume you mean this is happening as you play? Not only when you first start? This mod only runs one script, and it only runs that script once when a new game is started. Nowhere in the script would it give anybody a vassal. If anything, it would make you lose vassals.
I really don't see how this mod being the culprit to your problem.
FlopWaffle Sep 27 @ 2:00am 
Mod is cool and seems to work, but when I play with it, a bunch of realms around me (pretty far away a lot of the time) will just randomly become my vassals constantly. Is there any way to prevent this? Most of them pretty much instantly join an independence faction and finding them to grant independence to gets annoying.
Krythos  [author] Sep 16 @ 6:34am 
You need to reload the save before using the console command. It won't work otherwise.