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The Bronze Age: Maryannu (Revert to 1.2 to play)
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Sep 1, 2020 @ 9:34am
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The Bronze Age: Maryannu (Revert to 1.2 to play)


We are proud to bring you the Bronze Age Mod under a slightly different name to CK3, which features a completely new custom made map featuring the Near East and Aegean in extreme detail. From the Minoans and Mycenaeans in the west to the Ancient Egyptians in the south, the Hittities in the North and the Sumerians, Akkadians, Elamites and Assyrians in the East. Dive into this world that is as detailed as it is ancient in one of two start dates, 2115 or 1590 BCE.

The mod features many gameplay additions and mechanical changes like:
- Many new religious Tenets like Pharaohs, Oracles, Sumerian Mythology and so on with many more to come and exisiting ones fleshed out. (Currently Oracles and Patron Deities have placeholder effects).
- Exposure driven Innovations that need to be encountered by your culture to be researched. Current ones are Spoked Wheels giving Chariots, Composite Bows and lastly Writing.
- Buildings overhaul to fit the era and the focus on Urbanization.
- Addition of infanticide to represent the cruelties of the pre-modern world.
- A small taste of mechanics to come as the Distance Efficiency which lowers your gained levies and taxes gained based on distance, which can currently be lowered by Innovations.

And much, much more.

Currently lacking
- Most clothing and armor, but we have very talented people working on the mod as you can see by the Pharaoh's Nemes and regalia or the Mycenaean crowns. This will be expanded shortly with next items being Babylonian/Assyrian and Aegean/Mycenaean clothing.
- Much more mechanics and flavor, as part of innovations and tenets but also just in general like the Tributary system, currently not fleshed out, and the Distance Efficiency system explained above.
- Non-generic Innovation description and icons. The last age (Early Iron Age) also has some TBD innovations.

Hope you enjoy it! And don't forget to respond with any bugs or localization issues etc that will inevitably exist as the mod continues to improve!

Discord Link[]
We already have a very large and active community on discord, which is the perfect place to discuss the mod, bronze age history or just report bugs and give suggestions. Come join us!

And if you wish to support my, Svanley's, modding adventures on this mod or the upcoming Zanzibar mod expanding the vanilla map down to Zimbabwe, you can do so by becoming a Patron of mine. Your support makes a huge difference to enabling me to continue spending as much time as I have on this. A thousand thanks!

Current Patreon rewards:

- A special Discord Role to show off your support but also raise awareness of the Patreons existance.
- Vanity character in the mod, the details of what you need to provide can be found within the Patreon page and don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! (Sending a message on discord is the best way). The first vanity character has already been added!

Want to help?

Just playing the mod and giving feedback makes a big difference but if you wanna take the next step and become a part of the project's team there are several areas where you could do so, such as:
- 2D Art, anything from simpler icons like for buildings, traits and various UI elements or Coat of Arms to larger illustrations like big men at arms icons, character backgrounds, various UI backgrounds or even loading screens.
- 3D Art, such as the more simpler and smaller map buildings items or the more advanced units or the most advanced clothing items or new hairstyles.
- Event writing by expanding on the flavor and variety by taking your love for the era and story-telling to bring the era to life! Scripting knowledge is not necessary but does help of course.

If you have any other ideas or interests just let me know and I'm sure there is many possible ways for you to contribute!

- Sloth made the incredible flatmap, loading screen, thumbnail, more map stuff like clouds/water colors, several icons like the Sumerian, Minoan/Aegean and Egyptian religious icons. Icons for levies, knights, chariots, military tab and more I am likely forgetting.
- Owlcoholic/Rewinged made the awesome Egyptian clothing available right now and more to come!
- Benjin made the Mycenaean helmet which is just a sneak peak at the plethora of more awesome stuff in the works!
- JR Dolan for his many extensive name list for Greeks, Luwians, Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Levantines and Hurrians! And possibly some more I am forgetting. There are a ton of names alright.
- MattTheLegoman made the great cedar tree.
- Oneven/lascupa made a bunch of coat of arms you find around the world.
- Skotos of Sinope for his research on Hellenic and Greek deities as well as a bunch of general research on the Aegean area and also for commissioning clothing!
- MikeW for amazing icons for men-at-arms and some buildings.
- MobJay made the coat of arms for Byblos.
- Nopani for making and running the subreddit found here and general community management.
- PrinterIsComing for his Cultural Titles for many, many cultures as well as Aegean and Mycenaean names.

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Will the trojan war be included later on? It "probably" was the beginning of the end for the bronze age.
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Just the glimpse on that video is amazing! I'm having fun with the base game right now, sating my Medieval Norse appetite, but I can't wait to get back in to Bronze Age Maryannu when you guys release it!
The new UI from the ModCon preview looked pretty nice I must say.
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i just wont to say good job guy i love this mode and to everyone that is complaining go fuck your self and what:steamhappy:
Svanley  [author] Jul 15 @ 7:16am 
@The_Peoples_Vengeance Good idea, here is the link:

@Tero That is definitely not intended, will look into it but would be fixed in v2.0. Too much work compatching it now for it to be worthwhile.

@Warthog Can't yet say, it is a truly huge update so will still be a while I'm afraid.

@andrestricker8814 You are partially correct and some Vedic deities will be represented as cults in v2.0. Your name is despicable though and your kind complicates representing the Indo-Aryans of the era due to your hateful misinterpretation of history. (8814 = nazi slogan)

@Lyzore I don't need to do anything and you clearly have no idea how modding works anyway. If you wanna start your own mod, go ahead, but spare me and other modders from your entitled whining.

@Karuna Thank you, it's good to have reminders that most are not like him!
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@Lyzore and you need to stop being entitled, these people are working on something for free in their own free time, they don't have to do anything. Just be patient and wait, it'll be ready when it's ready.