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The Bronze Age: Maryannu (No Longer In Development)
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The Bronze Age: Maryannu (No Longer In Development)

No longer in development (9/11/22)
"Hello all, after working on the mod since early 2019, I've had to realize that the time and effort to finish 2.0 is simply too much as I don't spend nearly as much time at the computer anymore, which is a good thing for me personally, but bad for the mod. Therefore, I am moving on from the project as my focus and interests have shifted to new things.

The project will always be dear to me as I've learnt so much and got to know some of the many talented people in the modding community, so passionate to just create awesome things for others to enjoy. I especially want to thank those who contributed to the mod with assets, writing, feedback, history and so much more! As well as those who shared and spread their interest in an otherwise overlooked time-period in history. You've all been awesome!

I hope the wait in vain doesn't sting too bad, Sorry!

Thanks, and goodbye for now!"

- Svanley

The mod in its final (non-playable) state can be downloaded on the forums, for those interested. Anyone is free to use anything I made however they wish. You should be able to find what is made by others in the credits.
(BA "worked" with 1.6, but obviously not playable, lots of UI stuff, cults, tombs etc)
("Zanzibar" mod is included and is the vanilla 1.0 map expanded to include most of eastern Africa down to South Africa with provinces and cultures. Obviously not playable and will crash. In case anyone finds it useful)

This workshop version requires CK3 v1.2 to be playable

We are proud to bring you the Bronze Age Mod under a slightly different name to CK3, which features a completely new custom made map featuring the Near East and Aegean in extreme detail. From the Minoans and Mycenaeans in the west to the Ancient Egyptians in the south, the Hittities in the North and the Sumerians, Akkadians, Elamites and Assyrians in the East. Dive into this world that is as detailed as it is ancient in one of two start dates, 2115 or 1590 BCE.

The mod features many gameplay additions and mechanical changes like:
- Many new religious Tenets like Pharaohs, Oracles, Sumerian Mythology and so on with many more to come and exisiting ones fleshed out. (Currently Oracles and Patron Deities have placeholder effects).
- Exposure driven Innovations that need to be encountered by your culture to be researched. Current ones are Spoked Wheels giving Chariots, Composite Bows and lastly Writing.
- Buildings overhaul to fit the era and the focus on Urbanization.
- Addition of infanticide to represent the cruelties of the pre-modern world.
- A small taste of mechanics to come as the Distance Efficiency which lowers your gained levies and taxes gained based on distance, which can currently be lowered by Innovations.

And much, much more.

- Sloth made the incredible flatmap, loading screen, thumbnail, more map stuff like clouds/water colors, several icons like the Sumerian, Minoan/Aegean and Egyptian religious icons. Icons for levies, knights, chariots, military tab and more I am likely forgetting.
- Owlcoholic/Rewinged made the awesome Egyptian clothing available right now and more to come!
- Benjin made the Mycenaean helmet which is just a sneak peak at the plethora of more awesome stuff in the works!
- JR Dolan for his many extensive name list for Greeks, Luwians, Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, Levantines and Hurrians! And possibly some more I am forgetting. There are a ton of names alright.
- MattTheLegoman made the great cedar tree.
- Oneven/lascupa made a bunch of coat of arms you find around the world.
- Skotos of Sinope for his research on Hellenic and Greek deities as well as a bunch of general research on the Aegean area and also for commissioning clothing!
- MikeW for amazing icons for men-at-arms and some buildings.
- MobJay made the coat of arms for Byblos.
- Nopani for making and running the subreddit found here and general community management.
- PrinterIsComing for his Cultural Titles for many, many cultures as well as Aegean and Mycenaean names.

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ƈɦʊƈӄ ֆɨʟʋɛʀ May 18 @ 7:08am 
rip this mod. wish the devs didnt abandon it
El Hombre Hori May 17 @ 6:59am 
PSA: The latest version of MCN (v24.138.0) dropped support for this mod and is now supporting Bronze Age Reborn instead
AVITOHOL [BULGAR] Apr 22 @ 10:56am 
Mod will officially be released on 25th of April for CK3 1.12 by Snowlet, so watch when it drops.
Details on the new Bronze Age version.
CodaMission Apr 20 @ 8:40pm 
I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Bronze Age: Maryannu, Mod of Mods;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”
Gavin The War Criminal Apr 11 @ 1:09pm 
I so wish this want dead, I love the Bronze Age.
E Apr 1 @ 3:27pm 
@coffeecoffeecoffee: That isn't a revival. They're just maintaining the old version of the mod (which lacks things like Anatolia and Hittites).
Lector Owl Mar 21 @ 3:38am 
if only they made a mod with the clothes integrated to the acient egypt culture.. one day I hope
P.S. Mar 20 @ 8:47am 
@coffeecoffeecoffee Kinda ironic considering this started as an Imperator Mod before they shifted developement to CK3.
coffeecoffeecoffee Mar 20 @ 6:32am 
There is a revived version of the mod over at imperator.
Jadyv Mar 9 @ 7:18pm 
Everytime I cant sleep I open this Workshop site so I can fall into a fit of tears that ultimately force me to sleep