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Ultimate Workshop Downloader
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Ultimate Workshop Downloader

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When playing on a server, this script makes people automatically download your items from the workshop where one of these file types is detected: *bsp, mdl, vtf, vcd, wav, mp3, ogg, vmt, vtf, png or ttf (translating: *the CURRENT map, models, NPC animations, sounds, materials or fonts).

This will make everyone see the contents correctly (as long as they aren't buggy, of course), so many ERRORs (missing models) and black and purple textures (missing textures) will be "fixed" without the need of manually subscribing to millions of contents!

Besides that, if you have Pointshop this addon also display any unused models.

In short:
  • It's the best solution for your server, only the right workshop files are selected;
  • Play with your friends easily, don't ask them to subscribe to your addons;
  • Don't spend time making a script manually, make it really automatic as it should be!

How to use
The only thing you need to do is have this addon on the server. If it's a dedicated one, add it to your collection or put it in the addons folder, if it's a game you opened (usually in p2p), just be subscribed to it. There's no need to send this addon to anyone, who does the workshop operation is the host.

Any questions or ideas, just comment.

The code is available on GitHub:


Originally posted by Auditormadness9:
Do those workshop files get deleted from their computers after they disconnect/exit the game?

GMod manages the workshop files, and it doesn't delete any of them after players leave the servers.

Originally posted by Eevryone_:
Does this work with Addon Share

It works, but this addon replaces Addon Share actually.

Originally posted by MelonBoy:
is this safe?

Yes. Our addon just selects the correct addons and then deletes itself from the memory.

Originally posted by SeediSilver:
so does this make it faster to join servers who have alot of addons?

It'll take you the correct time to enter the server. If it was fast before, things were missing, if it was slow, there were too many things.

Check out our other new and original addon for server owners!!
Voice Battery / Charger
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Oct 6 @ 2:32pm
Will the addon work if it is not downloaded on the server?
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ahmednawroli Oct 27 @ 1:06pm 
It didnt work
Blizzard Oct 26 @ 12:56pm 
fantastic good fucking job
the.ertekin1 Oct 25 @ 7:58am 
this is so good :) :gmod:
john_ Oct 24 @ 6:46am 
que top
pumkin Oct 23 @ 9:09am 
this is great because it takes a while for my friend to join me because i have 278 mods
AY/Urso sovietico Oct 21 @ 9:53pm 
melho mod meu deus
coffeecat450 Oct 21 @ 6:06am 
What is the difference between this and Addon Share?
merlin Oct 20 @ 3:54am 
Clearly a masterpiece... Without your addon, Gmod would not be the same... :missing:
Xalalau  [author] Oct 18 @ 10:29pm 
I just want to remember you that most of the details are in the description.
Thanks 4 everything =)

@lenny pimp
I haven't tested it, but I'm sure it works.

@madkirk74 @Bassiclan
You probably have a particular problem. Tell us more details, like what are your addons and who can or cannot see them. Send the list of selected addons that appears on the console, check for script errors, check the configuration that Ceifa said below...

Esse addon é só pra multiplayer na verdade e só quem abre a partida que precisa estar inscrito nele.
ZlordSCOOBIS Oct 18 @ 8:14pm 
works great cant say its bad this deserves to be in top rated