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Xalalau  [developer] Mar 22, 2021 @ 10:18am
Extended F.A.Q.
Originally posted by "Xalalau":
What gamemodes does it support?

All gamemodes. DarkRP, Sandbox, Murder, TTT... It doesn't matter.

Originally posted by "THEEXPLIMITER":
What is the difference between this and the Addon Share?

Unlike Addon Share, UWD runs in dedicated servers, is fully automatic and optimized, checks for PointShop1 missing files, supports FastDL, ServerDL and caching with dumping.

Originally posted by "RainbowTrollFace ":
Only a few of my addons were installed (for others) but many of them still showed up as errors.

Usually it's caused by a bad configuration and sometimes GMod doesn't load the downloaded files correctly. To fix this, before joining a server first check if "workshop downloads" are enabled (Options -> Multiplayer) then, if it's still not working, just restart the game.

Originally posted by "Crack Mouse":
Where are the mods downloaded to?
Originally posted by "bum3n":
how to remove addons that this addon downloaded [...]?

Many people ask "how to delete files"...

To send the addons we use two very common Lua functions:
  • resource.AddSingleFile
  • resource.AddWorkshop

So all downloading and storage is done by the game itself, not us. Our job is just to select the correct addons automatically, which is what every server owner needs to do manually without us. See, every server you've ever logged into is piling up garbage on your computer, that's how GMod works.

We can't clearly tell you how to clean up the game because there is no default or stable way to do that. The only official thing about this is the GarrysMod/FactoryReset-GMod.bat file, but running it will return your game to its original state.

Anyway, there are some Important locations in the current GMod version that store addon files and configurations. I really don't recommend to remove their content, but if you want to do so, there they are:

"steamapps\Workshop\content\4000" -- Newer GMod Workshop addons folder (since January 2020 update)

Iside "steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod":
  • addons -- Legacy addons and older Workshop addons folder
  • download, downloads and downloadlists -- ServerDL and FastDL files and folders
  • cache -- Lua/Workshop generated cache
  • cl.db, sv.db and mn.db -- SQLite databases (Make Steam check the game files if you delete these)
  • data -- Addon generated data

Originally posted by "Metrowned":
Does this work with Automatic Workshop Downloader made by Lt. Sammy [...]?
Originally posted by "Metrowned":
I currently use the reuploaded version of P2P Hero, and I want to switch to UWD but I'm concerned that my friends will have to redownload all of my mods.

What has already been downloaded is not downloaded again, but AWD and P2P Hero send every mounted Workshop addon while UWD selects what's really needed (e.g. only the current map, addons for the loaded gamemode). If you use UDW with them, our optimizations will be lost, so choose just one of these addons.

Originally posted by "FinnishLime506":
Will this download the same Workshop items for every connection?

No, just once. Who manages the downloads is GMod and it doesn't delete the files.

Originally posted by "FinnishLime506":
Does this install disabled addons?
Originally posted by "Martinlauti1":
Will the addon work if it is not downloaded on the server?


Originally posted by "Phenomenali ":
My friend couldn't find addons like ragdoll or props on the spawnlist

UWD "Adds a Workshop addon for the client to download before entering the server." ( That's it.

Unfortunately, this "missing spawnlists" behavior is normal and we don't like it either. The only solution I know is to locally create a spawnlists searching for each item in the Spawn Menu.

Originally posted by "Dr. Sauce":
What happens to mods that don't include model/texture/sound/etc. files?

As long as the programmer has done his job correctly, GMod handles the scripts (.lua files) by itself (they are automatically downloaded by clients if necessary). So, in this case, our addon isn't needed and can be disabled without any problems.

Originally posted by "Such":
Is there a way to make the this addon only download specific addons?

No. What we select to download is what is needed (from Workshop), neither more nor less, so there's no need for manual configurations.

Also UWD is not designed to load addons on the fly, it just sets up the addons to download as soon as the server opens.

Originally posted by "Journeyman":
Is there anyway to get this to download custom addons that are not on the Workshop?

Yes. Check out our Legacy Addons Support topic.
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ceifa  [developer] Jun 20, 2021 @ 12:44pm 
can you explain why theres an ip logger inside the source code of this?
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