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A Guide to Scouting Missions in the "Adapt" Campaign
By ustaritz
A guide to help understand and complete the optional scouting missions during the Adapt Campaign

  • The new Adapt Campaign of Arma 3, introduces a new solo gameplay.

  • After a couple missions of the campaign, you will arrive at the rebel camp where you can roam around, refill etc. In this camp there are several groups of rebel just idling together. Approaching them will trigger dialogues between the characters, at the end of the short dialogue, a new task will be created, and the data added to your map.

  • In this guide i will try to explain how to complete the different missions ( as i complete them myself, this is a W.i.P. Also, this is starting from the Gori camp, i have not tried the side missions in the first camp )

In this case, you're going to have to look around yourself. But my guide should still be useful fo other tasks, and general understanding of the missions objectives and caracteristics.
How does it work
So after you've listened to the rebels. you should quickly obtain several tasks. BUT, while you're out on your way to complete one of them, you are very likely to find another Task by walking/driving up to it. The game automatically saves the progress of your patrol when approaching an area of operation ( AO for later ).

Here is a idea of the tasks you will get.

( At this point of the campaign, i have just completed the convoy ambush mission and the rebel camp gets relocated in Gori. Further up in the campaign, i expect new tasks and locations to be added and as i complete i will try to add them to this guide )

To play these missions, you must leave the Gori camp, just exit the camp towards the direction of the mission you wish to perform. A pop-up message will tell you to walk further to start the patrol.
Keep going, and a loading will start, you will then spawn a few hundred meters further, generally near a vehicule you can use. You cannot use the pickup trucks in the camp.

Everytime you leave the camp, a new "Scouting Mission" is launched, with its own batch of save slots, so if you get bored of it, you can always load back to Gori, and keep going as if nothing happened.
To end as scouting mission, you must go back to the base yourself. Completing an objective WILL NOT teleport you back to base.
The whole point of the scouting mission, isto perform as many task as you want or can, and each objective, will sometimes award you precious loot you can bring back to the base.
To bring back loot, you MUST carry it with you to the base, if you can't, i think the loot can be retreived later. You can however, put guns, ammo and other gear in the trunk of a car. If you drive this car back to the base, the car will disappear, but the content of its trunk should become available at the armory. Same thing if you swap a gun you picked up with something else at the armory, the gun you brought will end up in one of the crates so you can pick it back up again later on.

Of course, during the scouting mission, you're completly on your own. Gearing up properly, and paying attention to interesting loot is important. There's already a good set of weapons in the armory, but if you enjoy shooting the Lynx 12.7, the Rahim 7.62 or you wish to carry around some rockets or mines, you're probably going to have to get it yourself, including BACKPACKS, i've only found one single Carryall througout all these tasks, if you don't get it you might be stuck with a field pack, not so good with RPGs.
The scouting experience adds a bit of an adventure side to the mostly linear storyline. It's also a real test of skill, and especially patience. Some of these missions will be very hard to complete, running and gunning IS NOT going to do the trick. You will find yourself pinned sometimes by armoured APCs or MRAPS. Dropping 10 people by yourself with no one to cover for you is tough even with the stupid AIs.
Immobilized APC ( Multiple locations )
This task can be found in several locations. It is generally the same.
An immobilized APC, worthless, is guarded by 8 to 12 hostiles, and an MRAP which migh be armed.
Unlike some other missions with static ( and pretty dumb AIs ) once startled, most of the targets will engage you with full force and these tasks canbe quite challenging. And not very rewarding. You cannot use the APC, or the MRAP at the end, and the units do not carry special loots.
Enemy Checkpoint ( Multiple Locations )
This task can be found in several locations. It is generally the same.
A small base, guarded by about 8 to 10 units, including one, or two static units, HMG, or GMG. Do not engage these guys from up front, or, focus on treating the operator first.
Just like in the Immobilized APC task, unlike some other missions with static ( and pretty dumb AIs ) once startled, most of the targets will engage you with full force and these tasks can be quite challenging. And not very rewarding. You can pack up the static weapons, but they're worthless in the campaign ( takes two people to carry, or a car. ) You cannot use the Ifrit or MRAPs that might be parked inside. You can use the Zamak however. You might find ammo crates, but not always.
Vet Clinic
This mission is fairly simple. You must go to a clinic to pick up med supplies.
The building is only guarded by two AAF officers. Still watch for patrols on the way, the guards can hold different positions. Drop them and enter the designated building, walk up the upper floor and Kerry should say something. The Task is then complete and you can leave. If not, look on the bodies as they might be carrying the meds themselves. In that case you need to loot them.

Illegal Weapons
This missions is about finding a weapon cache and take it from weapon smugglers.
The cache is located in a small compound,and guarded by 7 people. 2 patrolmen, 2 idling guards, and 3 guards inside the main building.

Take down the patrolmen, when they're walking towards the south, killing them shouldn't alert the others ( shooting them anywhere doesn't seem to alert anyone at all anyway )
From thevantage point, you should alsobe able to takedown one of the guards who's standing on the balcony

Inside the courtyard, there is an offroader you can use later to bring back the loot, make sure you don't break it in the fight.

To the left of the truck you facing it, there will be 2 idling men around a campfire, inside the house, there should be a man as well, + the one who's on the balcony unless you've dealt with him.
The last of them is either inside, or behind the main house.

The weapon crates are in the seconday building behind the truck.

Here's what it looks like :

The patrols walks outside the compound, next to the wall. the guards are hidden by the wall, but you can shoot the one on the balcony as well. The truck is parked behind the gate.
The second building to the right is empty.
Elite Warriors

In this mission, you are supposed to go to Syrta and eliminate all CSAT special forces.
This might sound hard at first, but it's actually easy. It took me a whole lot of time to complete because i didn't know exactly where to look, since the AIs didn't seem to even move even though i was running, shooting and generally making a racket. Because of this i had to meticulously check every building of the town to end the mission.
So here's how to complete it quicker.

First thing to know, is that the special forces have laid down tripwires and mines a bit everywhere, so watch out for them and don't go to quick. Or, save your progress all the time. I was never shot by the actual soldiers but i got blown up many times.

When entering the city by the west, next to the gas station is a couple rebel corpses, and their pickup truck. WATCH OUT FOR THE CAR. It is damaged beyond repair, and might explode at any time. On some occasions it did, and other times it didn't, so preferably, don't go near it.
The truck near the building site is not that damaged though and might be used, but there is a van parked near the church. It's fairly intact so you should use it instead to carry loot if you have any.

At some point, an APC might drive on the road NORTH EAST of the city, i marked his route on the map in orange. If you find yourself hearing any running engine, avoid the area or hide, he will just turn and leave after a seond or two.

The locations of the hostiles is marked on the following map.

The first hostiles are in a building just after the gas station, if i rememberright, there is one man on the main floor, one on the upper floor, and another one on the upper floor but in a different room. Be sure to check every corner

Two other enemies are in the streets. Inside the big courtyard where the mission marker is set, ( my red marker is wrong, it should be next to the " ? " ) betweent two buildings on the eastern side, are two soldiers, slightly covered behind stuff. Chuck agrenade at them of rush them like a boss.

The last hostiles are in a house a bit further up north at the very end of the town. They're standing in the same pattern as the first house. One on the first floor ( not sure about him ) and two on the upper floor.

Shoot them all and the mission will end with Kerry saying "Jeez these guys are not ♥♥♥♥ing around". Well unless my difficulty settings aren't right, these guys were probably told to IGNORE EVERYTHING and stand still. They hardly react to your presence and it takes em about 5 to 6 seconds to realize you're not here to bring beers. Just watch out for mines and you'll be fine.

Since these guys are special forces. Some of them carry mines and especially mine detectors that you should bring back to base for later use. Use the van parked near the church to bring it back.

NOTE : Depending if you completed it or not. On your way back to base, if you follow the main concrete road towards south, you will drive up to a new task "Immobilized Armor". Avoid this route unless you want to take on them too. But it's a tough one.
Abandoned Battlefield

- to be written -
One Shot One Kill
This mission is easy. It is about finding a Sniper who shot down a bunch of rebels in the factory.
Unfortunatly, don't expect an epic sniper showdown. Here's why.

The AO will be empty of hostiles, do not expect any contact except the target. Don't bother checking all the building and surroundings when you're in there, or upon arriving. You won't see him. The area is filled with tripwires and mines especially next to doors. So don't bother checking the insides as well, there is no particular loot and the mines are deadly.

instead, stay outside the factory, and go to the far eastern side. Where i marked the map, there is a piece of concret pipe on the ground, with props on each side for cover. The sniper and his spotter are hiding in it. Not such a cool sniping spot.
Just chuck a grenade in the pipe or walk up to them with a big gun and put 30 clips in his a$$ like the evil rebel killing CSAT cockaroach he is.

This is still an interesting task to perform. The sniper carries a Lynx 12.7mm rifle with an SOS Scope on it. His spotter has got a whole bunch of clips too so you can grab some ammo for it.This is probably your only chance to bring a Sniper rifle back to the base.

NOTE : Several armored AAF might drive on the road that runs along the facility. Be sure not to grab their attention if they pass through while you're in the AO. They will not stop and just leave. But you don't want to make an APC and two MRAP HMG stop for you.

In this task, the location of the targets might differ. They could be on top or in buildings as well. So you will have to look around if they're not in the concrete pipe. Watch for mines.


You will probably find this task when walking down to the "One Shot One Kill" mission i previously showed. This is simply a clean up OP. 4 or 5 CSAT officers are guarding this encampment. Their objective is to scout the area to find the rebel base. So gun em down to keep Kostas and Miller happy.

Upon arriving to the AO ( as showed in the picture above ) you will see the two tents.
Two soldiers are sitting there facing the other way. And two or three other soldiers are patroling around the camp. These are your only targets and it should be an easy mission. If you have the Mk18 or the Rahim, you can shoot them from here.

Weapons Dealer
In this mission, you are to find and clear a weapons cache from dealers. Completing this will award with pretty much all possible guns and tons of ammo, two medkits ( infinite first aid ), nightvision, scopes and so on.

You might encounter aarmored vehicule driving along this road. Avoid contact.
There's a bunch of AAF soldiers in the compound in the middle. This is not the cache, clear it or avoid it, it's up to you. If you're playing this by night, and don't have nightvision at hand. These guys do not carry any so don't bother.

The weapons cache is in a compound in the far western side of the AO. It his quite well guarded.
About 10 to 12 units. Some of them are in a building, there's a patrol of 2 walking around it, and a bunch of hostiles inside the compound and around. It can be a challenging task on your own. A good way of clearing most of the enemies, would be to engage them from a distance, on a hill north of it. It's facing the compound and some hostiles are visible including the patrol.
It is guarded by AAF soldiers i think, but the actual weapons dealer is inside the right hand building ( when facing from the north ). He's wearing a guerilla outfit. I don't know if killing just him is enough. But clearing it all is essential to pick up the loot.
He ison the upper floor, you will find two medikits in this rooms. the weapon crates are in the other smaller building. you'll find everything in a room and a lonely box in the second room.

If you're going to complete the Air Dominance task next. Get yourself a Lynx or a Cheetah sniper rifle, lots of ammo, a TWS scope if it's nighttime too and any extra gear you want. You can pack it inside a pickup truck parked on the western side of the compound.

NOTE : If you're headed to the air dominance mission, don't drive through Neochori. An AAF patrol might be guarding it. Also, a Wildcat armed chopper is patroling around and regularly makes passes above the Air Dominance AO, when leaving this task after completion, it might spot you engage you.
Air Dominance
In this mission, you are sent to eliminate all hostiles in a particular place inside Kavala. Treating ALL the surrounding hostiles is NOT NEEDED. Shooting the soldiers inside the compound marked on the map is enough. There is about 6 to 8 hostiles to treat. Many units are occupying the surrounding area. It is then best to snipe them in order to avoid extra contact.

There are two interesting sniping position i marked. From there, the objective is located at about 700-800 meters which is a fairly easy distance, especially since the targets are mosly static.

You might not have a clear view of all targets from there, but you should be able to shoot practically all of them. I personally had to kill one remaining soldier from up close because i didn't see him at first. All the others were visible and just idling.

To shoot them from such distance, i highly recommend using either the Lynx or the Cheetah snipers. I'm not sure but you might be playing these scouting missions during nightime. If you don't have them already, get yourself one of these rifles, lots of ammo, and a TWS thermal scope, and also a standard sight such as the MRCO or RCO for all other situations. You can use it on both snipers for closer range.
If you don't have one of these Sniper rifles, complete the Weapons Dealer task first. Once done, you'll be able to grab all of the required gear from the weapons crate. See the other tab for info in this task.

This can be completed in CQB as well or with lower-grade guns of course, but sniping proved to be quite easy since you won't be engaging anyone from close range, they probably won't even spot you.

Mysterious Cache
Coming soon
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Cybernetic k1w1 Oct 22, 2018 @ 7:52am 
Oh, Ha!
ustaritz  [author] Oct 21, 2018 @ 9:26am 
Most of the locations change around from player to player. It's something i found out after writing this up.
Cybernetic k1w1 Oct 20, 2018 @ 4:58am 
Btw best way to take out the mines is to just shoot them from about 25m away. The tripwire is easy to hit as it is raised
Cybernetic k1w1 Oct 20, 2018 @ 4:56am 
Also there are several patrols as you approach the shoreline from camp. At 112131 there;s a Mora and a mounted turret (I didn't go close enough to see if there was much else, fuck going near a mora). A full squad patrolling around the fields at 108128. And finally, a RGV that patrols from 117118 to 113121 to 116127 to 119129 out to 124125, back to 116127 then 113121 and finally 117118. It has a GMG and will ruin your shit. If you have an AT mine, just leave it on the road as you cross it. Or go over the airfield to the south. It's marked as an AAF thing, but nobody is there.
Cybernetic k1w1 Oct 20, 2018 @ 4:56am 
Just completed the Mysterious Cache, might as well give you a heads up on it. It's the building group on the north of the island, the southern of the 2. There's a tripwire mine on the south door and an APERS bounding mine on the northern. No enemy on the island at all. There's a boat at 121123 that can get you there. Inside top floor you'll find 3 boxes. One contains an SDAR, a Lynx and a MK16 ABR in one box with ammo. the second has 2 TITAN MPRL launchers and 8 AA missiles and 3 field packs. The third has 2 rangefinders, 2 rebreathers, 5.56, 6.5 and 7.62 silencers, NVG, GPS, TWS, mine detectors, 2 caryall backpacks, and the one thing that you should come here for, 2 nightstalker scopes. There's almost no way to get any of it back to the mainland unless you want to ferry it by hand to a boat.
ustaritz  [author] Oct 17, 2018 @ 11:27am 
it's my guide and there' plenty stuff missing but at least i can do that every 3 months
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Wow, I really didnt expect you to answer in a 4 years old post xD
Nice guide btw, thanks for the help
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RPG, C4, maybe shoot the tires if you have a big enough gun.
xadadax Oct 13, 2018 @ 5:21am 
How i am supposed to take down the MRAPs?