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Glorious Gloves
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Jul 30, 2020 @ 12:10pm
Nov 4, 2020 @ 5:48am
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Glorious Gloves

The Glorious Gloves replace the original Gravity Gloves, giving you the power of Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun in the palms of your hands!

This mod depends on the Scalable Init Support addon.

You can reasonably beat ~90% of the original game using only the Glorious Gloves (no guns)!
If you're up for a challenge, you just might be able to beat the whole thing without guns, but you'll need to get very creative :)

See below for a complete feature list and instructions on how to use.

Special thanks to Augusta Butlin for making development possible! And a huge shout-out to the Half-Life: Alyx modding community - if it wasn't for everyone's support and shared willingness to explore an undocumented engine, I never would have been able to navigate how to go about modding with VScript alone.

This is my first mod, so any and all feedback is especially encouraged and greatly appreciated :)

  • Automagically replaces the default Gravity Gloves in any map!

  • Added Levitation
    Keep your hand closed (Grav Glove Lock input action) when you Grabbity an object to levitate it out in front of you
    • Can levitate most heavy physics objects (even some that are too heavy to successfully Grabbity)
    • All objects are kept at a comfortable distance based on size
    • Levitates Manhacks at a nearly-safe distance
    • You can reorient any object you are levitating by grabbing and manipulating it with your free hand (or if it's too heavy then just by pushing it into the desired orientation)

  • Added Punting
    Punch a closed fist (Grav Glove Lock input action) forward/away from you when near an object (tethered or not), or when levitating an object in front of you
    • Includes physics damage, heavier objects do more damage
    • Punt headcrabs directly to knock them back and deal damage!
    • Knocks over antlions; hurts them if they're already knocked!
    • Damage to enemies scales with difficulty!
    • Breaks boards and locks (requires aiming at the centre of the model)
    • Punted explosives and Manhacks explode upon significant impact
    • If you try to punt an object that is out of range, it will still be weakly pushed

  • Improved Grabbity
    Grab (Grav Glove Lock input action) to tether, and pull backward/away from the object to bring it towards you
    • If an object is out of range/too heavy, you can still weakly pull it towards you
    • Restricted tethering to require the action of closing your hand/input
    • Modified grabbity arc to always be vertical
    • Enabled the grabbity-ing of Manhacks
    • Enabled the grabbity-ing of larger, heavier objects
    • Enabled the remote pulling of doors/drawers (requires aiming at the centre of the model)

  • Added relevant haptic feedback
  • Implemented Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun sounds
  • Modular code base to support further community modding :)

This mod is CPU-bound and runs "acceptably" on an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ ~3.8 GHz. Too many physics objects in a level will overwhelm the current implementation. In its current state, you may experience performance hits in the Northern Star Hotel and later levels as a result.

This mod's code is available free & open source via a GNU GPL-3.0 License on GitHub[github.com]
Please report any bugs you experience on the project's GitHub!

Notable Bugs / Limitations
  • There are no models for the Glorious Gloves.
  • Phantom ammo will appear after you put a gun away in your inventory, and it can be interacted with using the Glorious Gloves. Still trying to figure out a way to filter this.
  • My approach to enabling Vort Energy is clunky at best; you may experience odd behaviour when near Vort Energy.
  • The ammo/resin counter magically disappears after you go near Vort Energy
  • Grabbing/Levitating/Punting requires you aim at the centre of an object
For a more comprehensive collection of bugs & limitations, please visit the Issues section of the Github page linked above.
Epic  [author] Jun 15 @ 5:29am 
Hey NinjaFramer - The gloves are largely gesture-controlled, rather than button controlled. It can be helpful to think of grabbity working like the normal gloves (flick of the wrist with a closed fist/trigger to "tug" the object towards you), levitating will happen if you keep your fist/trigger closed as the object is being grabbity'd towards you, and punting will occur when you have a closed fist/trigger (with or without a levitating object) and you punch in the forward direction. Let me know if that works for you?
NinjaFramer Jun 11 @ 2:34pm 
Nice gloves but I can't get them to fire. I can pick up items but sometimes they fling the item away. It actually just works like the regular gloves for me. I would love it if they could be used as a weapon. I am using the oculus 2. I have tried different buttons but they just drop if I release the trigger. any help?? thanks
Timerider Jan 26 @ 5:51pm 
I appreciate all the work you've put into this.
It's a shame Valve hasn't put as much into supporting modding on this like they did in previous games. There's still a some bugs in the base game they haven't fixed yet.
Epic  [author] Jan 26 @ 7:35am 

Hey Timerider! Thank you for your kind words :lunar2019piginablanket:

There are variables in my code which currently place a 45% increase of emphasis on gameplay items, and their weights could be increased further; but I never got around to exposing any of them in the console. If I do touch this feature in the future, perhaps I could also add a de-emphasis on small items so they don't get in the way as much.

As for performance, the solution I've thought of would be to simply put a limit on how many items the gloves are allowed to scan per frame. They could then process through the most likely candidates based on aim and distance, and target the best one once its reached its query limit. This approach would probably not significantly impact the user-experience of accurate targeting ( maybe with the exception of being able to tug on far away objects when there are a lot of physics objects in the way), but would significantly stabilize performance.
Epic  [author] Jan 26 @ 7:34am 

And for the glove models... Yea I wanted to do that (and tried briefly), but it was opening up a whole new can of worms to learn Source 2's animation and attachment system. This mod codes the behaviours from the ground-up for full control over thier functionality, so I'd have to implement the glove models into my codebase from scratch. The one hacky workaround I did implement was that for supporting Vort energy , I reverted the gloves back to the originals and then Frankensteined my codebase to overlap with them when the user is near Vort energy nodes ... It's not the most stable thing in the world, and I think you lose a lot of the more unique Grabbity abilities of the mod when this is active (like pulling heavier/distant objects, manhacks, doors, etc), but still retaining the Levitation and Punting capabilities... But perhaps exposing this feature through a console flag one day would give people some aesthetic joy.
Epic  [author] Jan 26 @ 7:33am 

Life's been busy, but all of these points are on my to-do list if I ever do make the time to get familiar with Source 2 again and make some tweaks :) If you stay subscribed to this thread, you'll occasionally get pinged from others posting a comment, but I also will comment here if I do one day release an update addressing these concerns. Thanks again for your feedback - it warms my heart to know people are still enjoying this mod, warts and all :p2cube:
Timerider Jan 25 @ 7:48pm 
This is an extremely impressive first mod. From my run so far:
The biggest issue I've run in to is the difficulty targeting ammo, resin, or other needed items near physics objects. Is there a way to prioritize targeting of those?
The aforementioned CPU spikes. Would they be any better if, say, only one glove was active at a time (like, whatever one you clicked the trigger on last)? Would filtering out certain objects help, like tiny wood splinters, cigarette butts, etc., or would that just result in more calculations to figure out what not to grab?
Is it possible to use the existing gravity glove model instead of the bare gloves?
Epic  [author] Sep 24, 2023 @ 2:14pm 
:lunar2019piginablanket: @Unorthodox_fox - I'm glad you are appreciating the more environmental interaction features! Once you get a hang of the gesture controls for the Glorious Gloves, it's quite easy to intentionally choose whether or not you'd like to use the more dangerous punting (or as you called it, "op laser stuff" :B1:)! For your case, that would look like not holding your hand shut when pulling things towards you (ie. keep grabbing things just like the original game's gravity gloves), and not punching the air/objects around you :) Thank you for the kind words, and enjoy!
Unorthodox_fox Sep 22, 2023 @ 11:13am 
bro this looks so sick. im def gonna have to use this after beating the game a couple times, would be cool if there was a less deadly version of this without the op laser stuff just to make exploring easier. no breaking my arms on doors and stuff just cuz the game hates me haha
bennodxb Mar 19, 2023 @ 6:08pm 
Thanks for the reply mate. I appreciate the confirmation, at least I dont have to try more tweaking :)