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Garry's Mod

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Official Prop Hunt: X Revision: 27.07.20
Type: Gamemode, Addon
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Jul 24 @ 12:52pm
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Official Prop Hunt: X Revision: 27.07.20

In 2 collections by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
Wolvin's Prop Hunt: Enhanced Addons
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Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Basic Server Workshop Collection
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Prop Hunt X
A continuation gamemode rework from Wolvin's Edit (previously from Version H Rev. I) with some additionals from Pre-v16.
This gamemode is a "Reworked" version of Prop Hunt Enhanced version from pre-16 and finalize them with revision (or) version with codename "X". In addition, this include several optimisation, code restructures & changes, tweaks, cleanups and more.

What is Prop Hunt (Enhanced) X
This gamemode is similar to current Prop Hunt: Enhanced development lineup, but include several new features:

  • Multi Language Support
  • New HUD
  • Proper Prop Rotating Technique (coming soon)
  • Minor Game Mechanics changes
  • Feature-rich & customizable gamemode
  • More gamemode events (coming soon)
  • Prop-to-Hunter attack (coming soon)
  • Tweaks and Optimisation
  • Team Balance and Team Switch Control
  • Possible works without Fretta (coming soon)
  • And any other implementations... (more to come)

However, there are several changes with codes structure which was cleaned-up, new HUD & user interface, mechanics and optimisation that should be (or already) included in future updates. This is may also a part of a continuation version 15 (rev. I) which will be a finalized version and continue with revision changes.

Support Prop Hunt: X
Reworking PH:X is slow. You can help to support the development by donating:

Official Public Test Server
We hosted public test server to make sure we can monitor with the gamemodes. There can be some live-changes made in the server.
You can join to our server at: (Currently located on Asia)

Report Issues & Feedback
Feel free to open discussion thread on this workshop or Report any possible problems (error, bugs) on GitHub Issue Tracker here: or Join to our Discord: for support.

View current changes made to Prop Hunt X. We also provide future changes.

External Links
Official Page:
Alternative Downloads & Beta Branch:
Plugins or Addons for PHX:

Quick Guide
Head to and navigate to "Installing" section.

Wiki, Manual, Guides
Currently, Wiki isn't available. We'll inform you soon once it's Ready.

Additional Notes
  • Using a forked MapVote system:
  • Using a forked eChat for Temporary ChatBox Replacement:
  • Optional: Require *Any* Admin Mod. My recommendation is ULX/ULib.
  • Looking for Language Translators!
  • May use additional game contents for specific maps & server-custom gamemode event.
  • May require (at least) Garry's Mod x86-64 version (w/ chromium) Branch in order to get some PH:X functions to work (this apply only for future changes)
  • To Change MapVote system, set 'ph_use_custom_mapvote' to '1' and change the 'ph_custom_mv_func' convar value to whatever mapvote system you have. This ConVar is hidden so better off write these convar under your server config file.

Known Issues
Some Languages weren't fully translated
We're currently working on that and should be applied on next updates.

Game Lags on some maps
Activate Multicore:

Some features are missing
We're working on features that are missing. Please make sure to check to see what we're implementing. If you made some feature changes and want to include to PH:X, consider do a pull request on github. Note: We do not accept Random Request/Asking Request that seems to be impossible without any changes made from yours.

Notes: Few taunts were removed due to Copyright. This was a small request for some YouTubers/Streamers.

This gamemode is buggy!
Currently the gamemode may be unstable. Please report any issues!

I noticed Prop Movement is still 'jaggy'
We're still looking for improvement for that issue.

Where can I see list of ConVars?
We have no wiki yet, but you can view the convar list Here[] or Here[].

More to come...
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