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Edo's Lugaru Challenges
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Jul 19 @ 8:45pm
Jul 29 @ 7:57pm
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Edo's Lugaru Challenges

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Edo's version of Lugaru Challenges. Entry to map jam July 2020.

Expert is the recomended difficulty, otherwise it wont be a challenge.

This is a remaster of the LugaruHD challenges created by wolfire back in 2005, now in Overgrowth.

Here is a link to a video of a gameplay of the original one, so feel free to check it out.

If you want to play them yourself they are available here for free.[osslugaru.gitlab.io] But also consider buying it on steam to support Wolfire.

Also credits to akazy and zramuilz, since I modified some of their old sumlauncher levels for this project. And also thanks to the og discord community for the help when fixing the script.

Also the score part of this mod I rescued it from an unfinished wolfire project that was never finished, I fixed it and improved it but its still not properly finished, like not saving the score of previous levels and etc.
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The_Scoutaloo Sep 3 @ 2:43pm 
Ooh, the SPACE BAR! I'll give that a try. Thank you!
edo  [author] Sep 3 @ 11:14am 
The end screen says "press space to continue"
The_Scoutaloo Sep 3 @ 12:41am 
This feels really good to play! But, how do you unlock the next level? I've finished the first one, but after exiting the level, the next one is unlocked.
_Ins4ne_ Jul 27 @ 8:15am 
Good stuff, I'm happy to see more arcade stuff with replay value.
Finish it so we can compare our highscores (this also goes for me and the Rabbotix Reloaded map).
Drizzt Jul 24 @ 3:23pm 
ok - level 10 is hardcore!
awesome stuff - so looks like it's Tekken vs Matrix vs Lugaru for the championship! (i wouldn't want to have to choose between them - all so different, and all such great fun and showing off the talent of the authors and the brilliance of the engine)
awesome :-)
Drizzt Jul 24 @ 11:20am 
@edo - lol - yeah - i decided to exercise some personal responsibility to not use an easily avoidable exploit rather than deny myself the enjoyment of playing while waiting for you to do some unnecessary work for free :-)
although once i continued playing i remembered that i had the difficulty on expert and that i kind of suck - so i'm gonna need to work a bit harder :-)
so yeah, really awesome set of levels - thanks! (i did notice i got the merciful tag even on a level where i slit a bunch of throats - but maybe that's considered nicer than kicking them to death? :-))
Fisupingu:3 Jul 24 @ 10:30am 
These leves were good :maglike: Fortunately these were not as hard compared to the originals.
Maybe due to enemies not being able to grab me in the air and because of the less jankier engine.
PROBGONDIE Jul 23 @ 11:47pm 
Ahhh the nostalgia...
edo  [author] Jul 23 @ 7:34pm 
yeah the points you get after kicking dead bodies I still have no fix for that, but since there is neither a all-levels puntuation letter board like in original lugaru, puntuation isnt that important. For now just dont kick dead bodies if you are looking for ways to beat your previous record.
Drizzt Jul 23 @ 3:42pm 
yup looks really awesome - i bought lugaru to support wolfire and aim to work my way through it, but since i started with Overgrowth i've been kind of spoiled by the high fidelity so it's great to see older content ported to the new engine
is great to have 3 so different but all awesome new mods so close together, and i'm really looking forward to doing all the levels of this one
but will wait till i don't get points for kicking the bunnies when they're down ;-)
awesome work, many thanks!