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How to find your/someones SteamID?
Three simple ways to get your or someones Steam ID.
What is SteamID?
The SteamID is identifier used to identify a Steam account.
Every Steam user has a unique SteamID, that cannot be changed.
Why should I have this knowledge?
There may be many situations when you'll need to it.
  • SteamID is good way to search information about users (Google is really helpful).
  • On many internet Forums SteamID needs to be filled in the profile options.
  • Sometimes is needed for Unban application or for cheater report.
First method - in game console
This is an easiest way, when we are running a game.

Press ~ key on your keyboard (it's named Tilde). It will open your console.
Then write "status" and press Enter.

This will show list of connected players with their SteamID's.
You can Copy/Paste informations from console with CTRL+C/CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts.
Secondary method - SteamRep is the most known website with informations about Steam users.
You can search users by profile URL or by their custom profile address (alias).
SteamID will be shown here:
Third method - special websites
How to get Steam profile address?
The easiest way is to use Steam browser.
To do it You must enable showing of the URL address in Steam options.

If You don't have it enabled:
  • Enter into Steam options
  • Next open Interface tab
  • Check "Display Steam URL address bar when available"

  • Press OK
If You have enabled showing URL already - open Your friends list.
Choose a person, open his menu and choose "View Steam Profile".
(You can click on His avatar too - it's faster way)

Select and copy address (CTRL+C).

Now You can use it to find SteamID.
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Prototype Sep 17 @ 2:27pm 
i cant find a friend
if anyone finds a way to contact a "baconman0522" tell me how please. i told him i would friend him when i got home.
Red_Plays Sep 10 @ 10:31pm 
This scammer blocked me after the scam and has already traded my item away
road to GE :) Aug 31 @ 10:52pm 
He blocked me after scamming me .what to do?
Wind Trainer Jul 21 @ 1:21pm report this guy he boutta scam me
Knight Souls (on vacation) Jun 13 @ 8:44am 
I'm looking for an account that has a game I bought. I was scammed through amazon. I bought a used steam game off of him and he already use the cd code for my game. His account name was warcrop131 but I could never find it. Maybe this could help me.
IndoJoe Apr 29 @ 11:45am He scams alot, i lost my ak point disarray.... ;(
LeafyDragon Apr 17 @ 10:22am 
he changed his custom url i cant find his old ID was {LINK REMOVED}
zaphodikus Dec 31, 2016 @ 3:17pm 
I am still waiting for steam to show the ID in the user interface. What is taking them sooo long?