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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Soulvizier AERA (v1.12e)
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Apr 27, 2020 @ 2:23pm
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Soulvizier AERA (v1.12e)

/!\/!\/!\ RAGNAROK + ATLANTIS REQUIRED /!\/!\/!\

This mod is based on the Soulvizier mod for TQ : Immortal Throne (v0.98i), and expands it for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Ragnarök and Atlantis.

This mod is not for beginners ! It provides challenge.

Creatures :
- Hundreds of new uniques in random encounters (heroes & bosses)
- New Elite monster groups (green name) with their own items
- New skills, textures or effects for some monsters
- Greatly increased difficulty : more monsters, tougher, with more damage

Items :
- 680+ unique Souls per difficulty level for most heroes/bosses ; they use a ring slot and can have exclusive skills
- 220+ new Unique items (Blue/Purple) with reworked loot tables
- New charms & relics including elite charms for elite monsters
- New 1-hand items : wands (like 1h staves) and orbs (usable as a weapon or smaller shield)
- Formulas to create Mythic items (above Legendary)
- Common Vitality and Poison staves (find them on enemies or merchants)
- Mercenary contracts, to summon a mercenary while the contract is in the artifact slot
- Many new affixes
- Create equipment (weapons, armor and jewelry) with the new forging formulas
- Artifact formulas and forging formulas are sold by merchants
- Experience potions can be created in all acts with formulas (sold by new merchants called Alchemists)
- Created hybrid armor classes requiring dexterity/intelligence or strength/intelligence

Skills :
- Reworked & expanded masteries (60 levels in mastery bar ; skills require up to lvl 40 in mastery bar)
- Rogue Mastery now called Occult Mastery
- Many new item skills
- Tweaked class names

Gameplay :
- Upgrade unique items with the forge (gives affixes), an infinite number of times
- Recycling system with formulas => recycle your unused relics and charms into new ones
- Health/Energy Regen depends on your maximum amount of Health/Energy
- Yellow and green rings give a flat Health or Energy Regen as a base bonus
- Some items give increased Weapon Mastery (increased damage when you use these weapons)
- Potion cost and cooldown greatly increased
- More resistance penalties in Epic/Legendary
- Increased player speed

QoL (Quality of Life) :
- Caravan Stash & Transfer, Player Inventory expanded
- Added missing NPCs in several towns
- More readable resistances in the character window
- Soul Collectors, new merchants to preview all souls in the current act

Bugfixes :
- Countless corrections of bugs for creatures, skills, items, affixes, tables, animations…
- Includes bugfixes from all available bugfix mods

Balance, consistency :
- Items use the correct affix tables, ranged weapons no longer add OA, reduce DA, staves no longer add Strength
- Rebalanced all unique items
- Weapon base damage, armor values and requirements are now more consistent throughout the game
- Requirements have increased both for attributes and levels

Other :
- New player skins with dyes sold by new merchants
- Added flavor/lore text for many unique items

In the future, work in progress :
- Adding more content for act V, Atlantis and Eternal Embers
- Expanding the recycle system to recycle MI (trade items ingame with formulas)
- New "elite" maps accessible at the end of Legendary
- Improve boss fights & drop rates
- Add death effects

Warning and Notices
- This mod changes a lot of content from the original game. Do not launch any other mod BEFORE or AFTER this one, in the same game session. Do not play a Custom Quest with a “hard mod” version of Soulvizier.
- Only use characters dedicated to the Soulvizier mod. Don’t load these characters into the vanilla game or load a vanilla game character into Soulvizier, you will lose your skill points.
- Do not bounce mods with your Soulvizier characters.
- Play without the required DLCs at your own risk.
- Use TQVault at your own risk.
Please respect those instructions to avoid losing progress or causing problems.

Supported languages
- English
- Russian
- Chinese
- German
- French

If you wish to translate, contact me.

Install languages :
"1/ Go to : ...Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\475150\2076433374\SVAERA_customquest
2/ Copy Text.arc of the language you want from the Optional directory to the Resources directory (replace existing file)"

Optional - 4GB patch (improve performance)
Use the 4GB patch to allow the game to use up to 4GB of RAM instead of 2. Only works if you have a 64-bit operating system.
Just launch the patch, point to TQ.exe in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition directory, click Open,and it’s done.
A backup named “TQ.exe.Backup” is automatically created.
Warning : if the game updates, you should reapply the patch to TQ.exe, as the vanilla file may have returned.
You can learn more about the 4GB patch here :


Frequently asked questions

Discord : https://discord.gg/qs9t6AA