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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Soulvizier AERA (v1.7b)
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Soulvizier AERA (v1.7b)

/!\/!\/!\ RAGNAROK + ATLANTIS REQUIRED /!\/!\/!\

This mod is based on the Soulvizier mod for TQ : Immortal Throne (v0.98i), and expands it for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, Ragnarök and Atlantis.

This mod is not for beginners ! It provides challenge.


Creatures :
- Hundreds of new uniques in random encounters (heroes & bosses)
- New Elite monster groups (green name) with their own items
- New skills, textures or effects for some monsters
- Greatly increased difficulty : more monsters, tougher, with more damage

Items :
- 600+ unique Souls per difficulty level for most heroes/bosses ; they use a ring slot and can have exclusive skills
- New charms & relics including elite charms for elite monsters
- New 1-hand items : wands (like 1h staves) and orbs (usable as a weapon or smaller shield)
- Formulas to create Mythic items (above Legendary)
- Common Vitality and Poison staves (find them on enemies or merchants)
- Mercenary contracts, allows you to summon a mercenary while contract is in artifact slot
- Many new affixes
- Create equipment (weapons, armor and jewelry) with the new forging formulas
- Artifact formulas and forging formulas are sold by merchants
- Experience potions can be created in all acts with formulas

Skills :
- Reworked & expanded masteries (60 levels in mastery bar ; skills require up to lvl 40 in mastery bar)
- Rogue Mastery now called Occult mastery
- Many new item skills
- Tweaked class names

Gameplay :
- Health/Energy Regen depends on your maximum amount of Health/Energy
- Yellow and Green rings give a flat Health or Energy regen as a base bonus
- Some items give increased Weapon mastery (increased damage when you use these weapons)
- Potion cost and cooldown greatly increased
- More resistance penalties in Epic/Legendary
- Increased player speed

QoL (Quality of Life) :
- Caravan Stash & Transfer, Player Inventory expanded
- Caravan in Sparta
- More readable resistances
- Soul Collectors, new merchants allow you to preview all souls in the current act :

Bugfixes :
- Countless corrections of bugs in affix tables, loot tables, item and affix files
- Bugfixes from nargil66's mods ("Enhanced Gameplay",...) and Endymion's "A few bugfixes" mod

Balance, consistency :
- Throwing weapons now share their affix tables with bows instead of axes
- Bows and Throwing Weapons no longer get affixes or properties that give OA or reduce DA
- Staves no longer get affixes or properties that give Strength
- Some nerfs to “overpowered” items (Giant’s tooth…) or buffs to underpowered ones
- Armor values and requirements are now more consistent
- Requirements have increased both for attributes and levels

Other :
- Recycling system with formulas, => recycle your unused relics and charms into new ones
- Created hybrid armor classes requiring dexterity/intelligence or strength/intelligence
- Added flavor/lore text for many unique items based on nargil66’s Enhanced Gameplay mod

In the future, work in progress :
- Adding more content for act V and Atlantis.
- Allskins mod.
- Tweaking the use of the act V forge (infinite use - maybe in every town)
- Expanding the recycle system to recycle uniques and MI (trade items ingame with formulas)
- Create quests to be able to complete sets faster without having to use stashed gear.
- New "elite" maps accessible at the end of Legendary
- Improve boss fights
- Improve drop rates
- Blood & Gore (Death Effects 1.6 Mod)
- Increase maximum level (doesn't work in AE because of engine limitations)

Warning and Notices
- This mod changes a lot of content from the original game. To ensure the smoothest experience, do not launch any other mod BEFORE or AFTER this one, in the same game session. Do not play a Custom Quest with a “hard mod” version of Soulvizier.
- Only use characters dedicated to the Soulvizier mod. Don’t load these characters into the vanilla game or load a vanilla game character into Soulvizier. You will lose your skill points.
- Do not bounce mods with your Soulvizier characters.
- Do not export exclusive items outside of this mod.
- Play without the required DLCs at your own risk.
- Use TQVault at your own risk.
Please respect those instructions to avoid losing progress or causing problems.

Supported languages
- English
- Russian
- Chinese
- Planned : French and German.
If you wish to translate, contact me.

Install :
1/ Go to :
2/ Copy Text.arc on the language you want in

1 / Перейти к:
...Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\475150\2076433374\SVAERA_customquest\Optional\Russian text - put in Resources
2 / Скопируйте Text.arc
3 / положить в :
Заменить существующий Text.arc (английский язык)

Optional - 4GB patch (improve performance)
Use the 4GB patch to allow the game to use up to 4GB of RAM instead of 2. Only works if you have a 64-bit operating system. This can improve performance.
Just launch the patch, point to TQ.exe in Titan Quest Anniversary Edition directory, click Open,and it’s done.
A backup named “TQ.exe.Backup” is automatically created.
Whatever way you launch the game (DX9/DX11), this should work.
Warning : if the game updates, you should reapply the patch to TQ.exeas the vanilla file may have returned.
You can learn more about the 4GB patch here : https://ntcore.com/?page_id=371

- Munderbunny, amgoz1 and others for respectively making the Underlord mod and the original Soulvizier mod for TQ:IT disc version
- nargil66, for many new assets, features, ideas, and general support
- WNG for new poison&vit staves, new affixes
- Endymion for bug fixes and new content (restored unused assets of the game and other additions)
- Bumbleguppy for some assets (Runes mastery : Rune Golem, Guardian stones)
- All beta testers of Soulvizier AERA
- And more generally, everyone who provided feedback and contributions.

Frequently asked questions
See here

Discord : https://discord.gg/qs9t6AA
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soa  [author] Sep 25 @ 10:50am 
Only in particular cases (like Egypt Telkine or particular bosses), you may be in real trouble. So that's particular balance that will be improved over each patch.
Hexton Sep 25 @ 10:44am 
Diviner sounds good, thanks the pet explanation.
soa  [author] Sep 25 @ 9:53am 
Most people complained that pets were far too strong, so they got toned down in recent patches.
They don't need to be "scaled" to match the mod increased difficulty, that would be pointless. If the monsters difficulty is increased, increasing the pets power in the same proportions would result in the same global difficulty as vanilla, which is extremely low.
I play a Diviner and they're not weak, but if you're used to vanilla, it may seem difficult.
Hexton Sep 24 @ 7:22pm 
Ritualist or Diviner (pet build) for this mod? I started Dream so far... just can't decide what to go with Dream, for pets and the Dream staff ability with pets.

Also pets seems rather weak so far, tired Spirit but even with dumping all points into skeleton t beginning, it didn't work. This mod is a lot tougher than regular TQ.

Are pets scaled to match the mod?
governor Sep 21 @ 7:25pm 
Thanks to the author, Chinese:lifehope:
soa  [author] Sep 21 @ 11:12am 
@Harald Hardrada : yes it's mandatory, if you don't own it you'll get bugs, maybe skills not displaying, buttons, icons missing, etc. Since Atlantis came out it seems that masteries can no longer go above level 32 if you don't own the DLC.
I haven't tested without the DLC, but even if you don't see anything wrong it's very unlikely it will work properly.

@zd99963 Install translations like written above in the mod description (you can display it in Chinese Traditional) :

Install :
1/ Go to :
2/ Copy Text.arc on the language you want in

In your case you'll find the texts in the "中文 Chinese text - put in Resources" folder.
You'll have to manually reinstall texts everytime the mod is updated.
zd99963 Sep 21 @ 6:35am 
How do I change the language to Chinese? When I open it, all the interfaces will be in English.
Harald Hardrada Sep 20 @ 8:18pm 
Hey mate. I bought steam version for my sister and myself, only for your mod- we were using old immortal throne edition with old sv. Its my fault that I didnt see atlantis req. Is it really necessary? What will we lose if we dont buy atlantis? Its a little bit expensive for 2 players, you know. Thanks for good working.
soa  [author] Sep 15 @ 10:32am 
@ 刀锋战士 There is a Chinese translation since patch 1.7. You can also display the steam Workshop description of the mod in Chinese (traditional).
刀锋战士 Sep 14 @ 8:10pm 
Did you update the Chinese subtitles