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What is TF2Ware? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to TF2Ware, the TF2 mod-gamemode. TF2Ware is a mod-gamemode about playing increasingly fast minigames for points.
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TF2Ware is a populer Team fortress 2 mod-gamemode. It’s played on custom-made maps and requires a plugin to play.

The TF2Ware plugin released January 2011. At some point in the lifespan of TF2Ware it broke due to an update to Team Fortress 2 and was rendered unplayable. In March 2013 a third-party patch fixed it. Today there are roughly 8 TF2Ware servers.

So what is TF2Ware?

TF2Ware is gamemode where players play an assortment of small timing-based minigames in quick succession.

The idea of TF2Ware’s gameplay is based of Nintendo’s Warioware franchise. Warioware games center around the idea of playing multiple fast and simple minigames in quick succession with little to no briefing beforehand. TF2Ware borrows this gameplay idea and gives it a unique first person shooter spin.

The goal of TF2Ware is to be the player with the most point by the end of the round. Points are rewarded for doing well. 1 point is rewarded to players every time they beat a minigame, or “microgame” in TF2ware’s terminology. Rounds finish off with one big microgame called a boss stage. Once beaten boss stages reward players 5 points.

In TF2Ware, as a round progresses, time speeds up. The event of time speeding up happens 4 times in a round and when it does the players with the most point get displayed on screen. On a technical level the server’s timescale is being manipulated to achieve this effect. In TF2Ware players ususaly have no weapons and no decision on what class they can be. Instead players are automatically switched to the correct class and weapon whenever the need arises.

Microgames are small simple tasks that player must perform to get points. Most last only a few second and require reflexes and quick thinking. An on-screen prompt will display and indicate what to do. These prompts are fairly straightforward and simple. Some examples of common microgames are: Avoid the player about to explode, type in the answer to the simple math problem on screen, rocket jump or stand on a platform before the water rises.

Boss stages are longer microgames that take play outside of the usual play-space. They are more complex, worth 5 points and occur as the last event before a round ends. Some examples of boss stages are:

- Ghost Busters: players are separated into ghosts and medics. Medics have to heal ghosts to death wile ghosts have to run.
- Score 7 Goals: Players are tasked with landing 7 of their grenades into a basketball hoop.
- Don’t Fall: Players must survive on falling platforms. Their melee weapon knocks other players back.

After the boss stage concludes, the player with the most points is declared to winner. They get use of their weapons wile everyone else is forced into humiliation mode. At this point they can kill everyone. The round then restarts and everyone’s point total gets reset.

After every few rounds a special round is triggered. Special rounds change the gameplay of TF2ware by adding a significant random condition to the gamemode. Whatever happens, it consists for the entire round. Some examples of special rounds are:

- Don’t score rounds: The player with the least points wins.
- No touching rounds: Players who collide with opponents die and lose points.
- Double boss battle rounds: Players have to play 2 boss stages at the end of the round.

Adding further complexity, there are also elimination rounds (which are independent of special round.) In an elimination round players have 3 lives. All players are taken out of the regular play-space. Every time a mincrogame triggers 3 random players are selected to play it. The first one to beat the microgame keeps their lives wile the other 2 lose a life each. Players with 0 lives sit out the remainder of the round. The last player left is the winner.

And that’s basically TF2Ware in a nutshell. An extreme departure from slandered Team Fortress 2 gameplay. A gamemode of pure euphoria.

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Zoomer Tuwanger Jan 3, 2014 @ 4:49am 
You forgot the Frogger boss, one of the best ones!
Haltariux Dec 30, 2013 @ 7:42pm 
oh nvm just type tf2ware.... :P
Haltariux Dec 30, 2013 @ 7:41pm 
how do you find the servers?
Chloe Rose Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:51am 
Ghost Busters is fun. In fact, its my favorite!