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What is MGE? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to MGE, the TF2 mod-gamemode. MGE s a mod-gamemode about practicing competitive Team Fortress 2 by 1-on-1 deathmatching.
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My Gaming Edge, better known as MGE is a popular Team fortress 2 mod-gamemode. It’s played on specially designed custom-made maps and requires a plugin to play. MGE originally started April 2011. Today there are roughly 50 MGE servers.

So what is MGE?

MGE is a gamemode about training and improve players skill in Team Fortress 2.

The idea behind MGE is to help players become better at competitive play in Team Fortress 2. The aim of the mod is to aid in the practise of various combat scenarios and situations.

The main focus in MGE is one-on-one battles. Players are placed into small arenas that are basically chunks of existing maps often played in competitive Team Fortress 2. Areas such as the center point of Badlands or the final control point of Granary. In these arenas 2 players fight each other. The goal is to kill the opponent usually 20 times. The first player to reach the required number of kills wins. When a player gets killed they quickly respawn in a random location within the arena and both player are given full health and a small overheal.

To do anything in MGE, players must use chat commands. To enter or que up for an arena, to see their own or other player’s ranks and to toggle the on screen score indicators. Players can also give themselves a health handicap through chat commands.

In the event that a player joins an arena already occupied by the maximum number of players (usually 2) they will be put into a que. Once the match between the 2 players actively fighting is over the que-ed player will automatically take the losing player’s place.

In MGE, besides the standard arenas of combat there are also mini-game like arenas. Minigames usually have a focus to them. One may be about the practise of techniques suck rocketjumping wile another could be about perfecting aim. The selection depends on the map. Some examples of minigames are:

- Basket Ball: A minigame about obtaining a neutral flag and rocketjumping with it into the opponent’s hoop. This minigame can sometimes be played 2 versus 2.

- Endif: A minigame based off of the QuakeWorld mode of the same name. This minigame challenges players to launch opponents into the air. Once launch high enough they die. This minigame is about practising airtshots.

- Ammomode: Minigames under this category give players unlimited reserve ammunition and normally a substantial overheal.

- No splash: Also known as direct this minigames places players in an arena where all projectiles harmlessly pass through the walls making it impossible to damage opponents with splash damage.

MGE usually restricts the Heavy and Engineer classes from play. During minigames player may be changed and locked into a smaller selection of class if the minigame specifically requires certain class that, for example need to rocket-jump. Another thing worth note is that gameplay aspects have been modified to better simulate the competitive environment. Basically random bullet and damage spread as well as random critical hits are disabled in MGE.

And that’s basically MGE in a nutshell. A fun training exercise. A way to improve skills and become better at combat, aiming and rocket jumping.

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طفيفة عالية فالوت Apr 25, 2020 @ 2:19pm 
Keep hearing "MGE me" and had to google it, now i know. Probably wont because people act like 11 in chat, but its nice to know what it is.
guru Jan 1, 2014 @ 4:18pm 
Nice guide, You might wanna tell what the commands are i.e !add !remove.
SnIpEr Dec 30, 2013 @ 11:18am 
ジッキ Dec 29, 2013 @ 6:12pm 
I used Eureka Effect their, and I spawned in total abyss.
william lane craig Dec 26, 2013 @ 5:56pm 
Say something like, "So long as you're improving, you're doing MGE right"