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An Overall Guide for Pummel Party
By SpaceMuffinn
This is an overall guide for the game Pummel Party, which covers the general Pummel Party 101, and goes into in-depth descriptions and strategy that were found whilst playing the game.

Before you read this guide, it is recommended that you and your "friends" play through the game first and find out things on your own. This guide contains additional remarks and findings on the usage and limitations of items, NPCs, and the board game map, as well as additional strategy that you may use during the game.

Disclaimer: This guide is still a work in progress and will be updated as I play the game more. If you have any additional findings not included in this guide, feel free to leave a comment and I will be happy to include it.
Game Overview
Pummel Party is a 4-8 player online and local-multiplayer party game. Pummel friends or AI using a wide array of absurd items in the board mode and compete to destroy friendships in the unique collection of minigames.

This game is essentially Mario Party, but allows multiplayer online. Your goal is to collect keys to trade for goblets/trophy while attempting to survive and outwitting your opponents through items and luck.

When a player disconnects...
If someone is disconnected in the game, the host (unsure if other players can as well) can save the game, and remake a game (after everyone leaves the current game) by clicking Load Save after making a new lobby.
Note: The game only saves up to the last completed round, meaning anything a player did midway through the new round when someone is disconnected would be reset. This includes your rolls, any map changes, AND resets the minigames you have played so far, meaning there is a chance you will have to play them again.
Before the Game
Before you make a new game, it would be good to take a look at the game settings you have prepared for the players.
Note: It is recommended to use the default settings if it is your first time playing the game, as you can figure out what you like and don't like about the features first, then tailor the game to your liking.

First and foremost, decide whether or not you want to play Board Game mode or Minigames mode.
Board Game mode allows you to run through the map and race towards goals, using items to demolish players and NPCs in your path.
Minigames mode allows you to play only the minigames which you have enabled.

Additional game mode customization are shown in the next section.
Game Mode
Max Players
4 - 8

Map (6)
Escape the heat in this winter themed map!
Recommended # of Players: 4-8
Map Size: ?
# of Globets Available At A Time: ?

Look out for the Pummel Town Killer!
Recommended # of Players: 4-8
Map Size: Large
# of Globets Available At A Time: 2
Probably the funnest map, since there are zombies stationed at certain tiles and a killer that will come get you.
Note: You can damage the killer (not sure about the zombies) and it's got about ~32 HP.
Pirate Paradise
Set sail to a pirate themed map!
Recommended # of Players: 4-8
# of Globets Available At A Time: ?
Map Size: ?

Rusty Ruins
Enter the Rusty Ruins of the post-apocalypse.
Recommended # of Players: 2-4
# of Globets Available At A Time: ?
Map Size: Small

The Rift
Embrace chaos with randomised layout/spaces.
Recommended # of Players: 4-8
Map Size: Medium
# of Globets Available At A Time: 1
Note: As a player, I found the map fairly small, so you loop around quite often.

Explore the overgrown ruins of this ancient temple.
Recommended # of Players: 4-8
Map Size: ?
# of Globets Available At A Time: ?
This map includes a new chest mechanic that presents three chests in a shell type game where the player has to follow the chest containing the goblet as they are shuffled around. Once opened chests not containing the goblet will disappear in a puff of smoke.

Map Settings
Turn Count
10-30 with an increment increase of 5
Note: 25 is the default

Goblets To Win
Unlimited (default)
1-7 with an increment increase of 1

Turn Length
Unlimited (default)
10-30 with an increment increase of 5

Pro Tip: If you want to get the most time out of renting someone through egirl.gg, set turn count and goblets to win to unlimited. You're welcome. (;
Game Rulesets
This option allows you to further customize your game (e.g. adding more achievements or disabling mini games you don't want to play).

Minimum Dice Roll
2 (default)
0-32 with an increment increase of 1
Note: The maximum value goes up to whatever the Maximum Dice Roll is set at.

Maximum Dice Roll
9 (default)
0-32 with an increment increase of 1
Note: The minimum value goes down to whatever the Minimum Dice Roll is set at.

Weapons Cache Enabled

Weapon Cache Respawn Turns
3 (default)
1-8 with an increment increase of 1

(see Minigames section further below for details on the available minigames)
Note: It is recommended that you try the different minigames and decide which ones you want to disable. Some are them can be quite tedious and annoying.

Boxing Glove
Shoots a lethal boxing glove in the targeted direction.
Aim and shoot at another player to inflict considerate damage.
Health Kit
Restores a significant amount of health.
Bee Hive
Drop a beehive to damage other players.
Aim this magnet at another player to steal their keys or items.
A remote controlled explosive eggplant, move toward your target and then detonate.
Swap Portal
Creates a portal underneath another player to swap your position with theirs, you cannot roll after swapping.
Wrecking Ball
A wrecking ball comes from seemingly nowhere and takes out your target.
Rocket Skewer
Ride this rocket ten spaces towards the goal taking out any other players in your path.
Tactical Cactus Disguise
Wear a cactus disguise protecting you from the next damage instance and Swap Portals, cannot use other items while cactus is active.
Open this present to find out what's inside, have you been good or bad?
Dark Summoning Staff
Summon an ancient evil that patrols the map killing your enemies.
Giga Laser
Atomize any player anywhere on the map with this item killing them in one shot.
Nuclear Waste Barrel
Pour nuclear waste on another player bloating their hands and preventing them from using items and damaging them for multiple turns.
Arcade Challenge
Challenge another player to a retro game using this arcade machine, the winner gains a goblet.
Note: see additional details in the Items section.

Pummel Awards Challenges
Player with the Most Damage Dealt at the EndGame.
Player with the Most Keys Gained at the EndGame.
Player with the Most Minigames Won at the EndGame.

Extra Options
Number of Players To Reward:
A # between 1-8.


Keys Gained
Keys Lost
Minigames Won
Minigames Lost
Damage Dealt
Damage Received

Challenge End Event:
Mid Game
End Game

Available Options: Disabled, Map, Enabled
All the (board) modifies are defaulted as disabled, except Fake Chests, defaulted as Map.
Double Time!
Makes the board game mode twice as fast.
Unlimited Items
Provides unlimited items to all players after the first turn.
One Hit Kill
Causes all damage sources to kill in one hit.
Fake Chests
Fake chests not containing a goal will be spawned.
Blood Bath
Increases the amount of blood spawned when players are damaged.
Big Head
Increases the size of players heads.
Causes all keys to be dropped whenever a player is damaged.
Starting the Game
Creating a Game
To start a new game, one person (the host) will create a new game.
It is always recommended for the person with the best internet connection to host the game. In the event that a player is disconnected, the host can save the game to reload the the game as a saved file.

Joining the Lobby
Though you can search through the lobby to find the game your host has created, sometimes, the game will not show up, so there is a a faster method.
If you are friends on Steam, simple right click on their name, and click Join Game.
After you join the game, you will still have to click Join to add yourself as a player for the lobby.

Character Customization
After you add yourself as a player, you can make some changes to customize your character if you wish.
(see the section below for further details)
Character Customization
Color Options (10)

Note: Try not to have both red and pink in the game, as it may be hard to differentiate between players in certain minigames.
Pro Tip: Don't pick red or pink as your character, but don't tell your friends not to pick it. (;

Eyes (4)


Headwear (32)



Gas Mask

Ice Cream
Irish Hat

Paper Bag

Top Hat

Beanie 1
Beanie 2



Cape (Unlock)
Capes are customization you can unlock by collecting trophies during the game. and redeeming them in the Unlocks page on the main page of the game. Otherwise, you automatically start with a rag cape.

Rag (Default)


This will be the name displayed during the game. It is defaulted as your account name (numbers not included), but you can also change it using up to 12 letters (English alphabets only, with the first letter capitalized and no spaces).
During the Game
Your goal can be anything you want it to be. Whether to punish a certain friend or to win the game.
For the latter case, we found that 100% of the time, you try to get the most goblets.
This may include enabled side achievements (e.g. most damage dealt, etc.), which you would get once the rounds are over.

Playing Order
At the beginning of the game, playing order is determined in order from the highest dice rolled down to the lowest.
After each round, players will play a minigame, and playing order for the next round is determined based on the placement of the minigame just played (also from highest to lowest in ranking).
NPCs (e.g. Pummeltown Killer and the bunny from the Dark Summoning Staff) will always go after all the players finish their round, but before the next minigame starts.

On Your Turn
When it is your character turn, a dice will appear above your head and you will see a streak of gold light, which will always point towards the closest location of the goblet/trophy.
You are given the option to use items (unless your head is bloated) or to roll the dice.
Note: You are only allowed to use one item per round, only during your turn, and only before you roll.
After you use an item, you roll a 1d10 dice, which allows you to roll between a numeric value between 0 and 9.
Note: Generally, it is good to follow the recommendation by the streak of light, however, there will be times when it is not wise to do so (e.g. if an NPC that would damage you is nearby).

During the game, you can use items. Ideally, items are generally used to disadvantage (an)other player(s) and/or help you achieve your goal. Realistically, players use items on based on the amount of wrath incurred on a player, and more likely, revenge .

Items can be obtained during the game by the following means:
  • Landing on an item icon.
  • Placing first, second, and sometimes third in a mini game.
  • Using a magnetic to randomly take an item from another player.

At the end of each round, a minigame will be randomly selected (unless someone selects a game through the Present item). All players are included in the minigame and will compete for placement.
Generally, first and second place will get an item, but sometimes third place will as well. All players get keys down to sixth place, at a decreasing increment (depending on the minigame played).
Pro Tip: If you are great at minigames and can control the outcome of the game, the big boy play is to be placed last, so you can destroy the players on your next turn.

Map Variance
Depending on the map you are playing, there are certain tiles and NPCs that may be included/excluded from the game.

Other Notes
Note: Players cannot pick up keys they dropped.

  • If another player is closer to the goal, it might be good to choose another direction to take and wait for the location of the new goblet/trophy location, unless you have items that may help you out. This will generally put you out of the path of danger (e.g. Rocket Skewer).
  • If you don't have confidence on rolling like a baller or if you want to ensure you reach the goal first, even if you're only two spaces away, you can use the Rocket Skewer to put you one space away from the goblet/trophy, and hope you don't roll a 0. (Example: You are two spaces away from the goblet/trophy and you have enough keys to trade, but the first tile is a reverse tile, which would make you walk in the opposite direction if you land on it. So you use Rocket Skewer to move yourself one more tile to the goal. Even though you get off the rocket on the reverse tile, the effect does not trigger because you still need to roll.)
Special Tiles
Treasure Chest
Make your way along the board towards this treasure chest. Dodge hazards and other players! The player who collects the most goblets wins.

Key Tile
You gain a random number of keys.

Healing Tile
You heal to full health.

Item Tile
You gain a random usable item.

Reaper Tile (Grey)
If this tile is grey, Reaper visits you with the following dialog:
My master has finally arrived! This space is now yours what would you like me to steal from intruders who land on this space?
You will then be given the choice between blood and keys , meaning players that land on this tile for the rest of the game has to give you health or keys based on your initial choice.
Reaper Tile (Colored)
Once the first person lands on the grey tile, the two grey tiles adjacent to each other will change to the color of the player that landed on the tile.

Weapon Cache
This is the weapons cache which spawns in a random position around the map, pass by it to receive a unique and powerful item.
Note: The weapon cache disappears for one round and respawns at a different location after someone passes it.

White Skull Tile
You lose HP and keys.

Event Tile (Exclamation Tile)
When landed on, this tile triggers an event based on the map you are on.
  • All the arrows on the map reverse its direction.
  • Sandworm comes out and damages every single player once it is their turn including the person that triggered it.

Tiles Defaulted on Each Map
Boxing Glove
Shoots a lethal boxing glove in the targeted direction.
Player hit by the boxing glove loses all 30 HP and may respawn at a random location. Keys will also be dropped, but based on the % of the maximum number of keys the targeted player holds.
Note: This is a skill shot, only one player can be damaged, but the user may also miss.

Aim and shoot at another player to inflict considerate damage.
This is a skill shot and the user inflicts 15-17 damage on the target player (one).

Health Kit
Restores a significant amount of health.
Restores ? HP.

Bee Hive
Drop a beehive to damage other players.
There is a medium radius you can drop the bee hive, and you can damage multiple players, but no keys will drop from them.
Note: The bee hive will either disappear after an X amount of time or it may also roll off the map.
Pro Tip: Ideally, you want to use this when there are multiple players in one area. You will want to place the bee hive in between two tiles, which will affect players occupying tiles on both sides.

Aim this magnet at another player to steal their keys or items.
Magnets will steal from all the players that fall within a cone radius in relative to the user, it will take keys AND one item at random (if you have any).

A remote controlled explosive eggplant, move toward your target and then detonate.
After clicking use, you can move the eggplant on the map for about 10 seconds before it explodes. It will damage any player in a one tile radius, thus it is ideally used so all players in the area take damage and drop keys in the process.
Note: # of keys dropped will vary and be a % of the total amount of keys the target player currently holds.
Note2: More difficult terrain (e.g. elevated/lowered terrain) will also affect the speed the eggplant rolls.
Pro Tip: Ideally, you don't want to place the eggplant in between two players occupying tiles next to each other, because unless they lose all their HP and are teleported to the respawn location, they will pick up each other's keys since they will still be occupying that area. You want to use it on a user you will pass by since you roll after you use an item, but you want to position the eggplant in the opposite direction of where you want the keys to drop in relative to the player you are targeting. Otherwise, the keys may also fall off the map.

Swap Portal
Creates a portal underneath another player to swap your position with theirs, you cannot roll after swapping.
If you swap with a player that is on the tile where the goblet is, you cannot gain the goblet (i.e. open the chest or free the soul) even if you have enough keys.
Note: Notice here that you CANNOT roll after swapping places.
Items (continued)
Wrecking Ball
A wrecking ball comes from seemingly nowhere and takes out your target.
Note: The wrecking ball deals 9 or 10 damage and only hits the target you have selected even if the players are on the same tile.

Rocket Skewer
Ride this rocket ten spaces towards the goal taking out any other players in your path. **
This rocket deals 15 damage to every single player that gets caught in the way, but not anyone who is not on a tile. It will stop one tile before the goblet/trophy (if the goblet/trophy is less than 10 spaces away) and you will be allowed to roll after you get off the rocket. Meaning unless you roll a 0 or don't have enough keys, you should be able to trade and obtain the goblet/trophy.

Tactical Cactus Disguise
Wear a cactus disguise protecting you from the next damage instance and Swap Portals, cannot use other items while cactus is active.
This item protects you from anything that will damage you, which also includes the Bee Hive and the NPCs (depending on the map you have selected).
Note: You can choose to use an item, but your character will take the cactus suit off and then use the item you have selected.

Open this present to find out what's inside, have you been good or bad?
There are three things that may happen when you open this box:
  • A blue aura with a flower border appears: You are instantly teleported to the tile containing the goblet/trophy and will be allowed to trade for you assuming you have enough keys.
  • A golden glow is emitted from the box: You are given three minigames to choose, which will end up as the minigame the players will compete in at the end of this round.
  • A dark aura is emitted from the box: The user gets pulled into the box and loses one round. Note: On the bright side, you can't take any damage while you are trapped inside the box, but you will also not escape the box even if the box was attacked.

Dark Summoning Staff
Summon an ancient evil that patrols the map killing your enemies. **
A white bunny will appear and take four (4) steps at the end of each round towards the closest goblet/trophy in a random direction (updated). The bunny will kill the first player in its path, but not anyone not occupying a tile, nor will it kills its summoner. The bunny cannot be damaged and will not disappear for the entire duration of the game.
Note: Only one bunny can occupy the map. If a second bunny is summoned, the first bunny will disappear, and a second bunny will appear in a random place.
Note2: If your character lands on the same tile the bunny currently occupies, it will not attack you.
Pro Tip: Good luck. If you're the player closest to the bunny, but you're really lucky, there is a chance another player that goes after you will roll onto the tile you occupy, thus pushing you off the path, and incur the wrath of the bunny. On some maps, there is a reverse tile, which will affect the direction the bunny goes in, so it would turn away from you even if you were about to be the target.

Giga Laser
Atomize any player anywhere on the map with this item killing them in one shot.
For further specification, a global line of sight will appear, but will only atomize one target (this includes players and NPCs, except the bunny).
Note: Terrain elements (e.g. bush) may also deflect the laser, so make sure the laser can point all the way to your target.

[Image Credit: Pummel Party Major Update 20200326]

Nuclear Waste Barrel
Pour nuclear waste on another player bloating their hands and preventing them from using items and damaging them for multiple turns.
This lasts for about three rounds and while taking damage, the player will continue dropping keys.

Arcade Challenge
Challenge another player to a retro game using this arcade machine, the winner gains a goblet.
The user can choose any (one) player to play one of the two games:
  • ? (essentially Frogger)
  • ? (essentially

** : When you are not occupying a specific tile, you may be exempted from taking damage from certain items or NPCs (e.g. getting caught on a Rocket Skewer or the bunny created from the Dark Summoning Staff)
  • If you die, you will be randomly spawned on the map, but you will not occupy a tile. Instead, you will be on the side of the map.
  • If another player rolls and lands on the space you previously occupy, you will move aside, so that player will take your spot. Note: This also applies if you occupy a tile where the current player has to stop (e.g. at the fork where the current player has to decide on the direction to take.)
Note: This is based on the order in the game.

Acidic Atoll
Attempt to stay on the land as it is destroyed below you, throw the bombs at other players to increase your chances. The final surviving player wins!

Altitude Attack
Search the caverns in your attack helicopter and eliminate your rivals. Claim victory by shooting down the most players before the end of the round.

Animal Arithmetic
Count the indicated animal combos as they pass across the screen.

Barn Brawl
Grab a shotgun and blast your enemies to bits. Don't bother reloading - just grab another gun! Eliminate the most enemies to be the best in the barn.

Bouncing Balls
Fly your drones shield in to the correct position to rebound the incoming balls. If a ball goes in to a players goal the last player who hit the ball scores a point.

Breaking Blocks
Try not to fall in to the lava as the platform you are standing on disintegrates and reconstructs itself.

Bullet Barrage
Dodge the incoming projectiles. Be careful you only have 3 lives the player who survives the longest or the player with the most lives after 2 minutes wins!

Cannon Circle
Dodge the cannon balls coming from outside the circle, last player alive wins.

Crown Capture
Hold the crown to gain points, knockout other players to take the crown and stop them from taking it.

Daring Dogfight
Shoot other players out of the air to gain points, player with the highest score at the end wins.

Elemental Escalation
Fill the state with your element by moving around and activating the orange power crystals, gain points ever second based on the amount of area occupied by your element. The player with the most points at the end wins!

Explosive Exchange
It's 'Hot Potato!' Why are you holding this bomb? Who knows! But you better get rid of it. Pass it to one of your enemies before it explodes! The last one standing wins.

Gift Grab
Attempt to catch the valuable gifts as they come along the conveyor belt but make sure not to accidentally catch the coal!

Grifting Gifts
Get as many presents as you can and bring them back to your tree. Steal other players presents once you can't find any others!

Laser Leap
Jump over the lasers at your feet, try to last as long as you can as the lasers become faster and more complicated!

Magma & Mages
There's only enough room on this platform for one Mage! Use your fireballs to knock your enemies off the ever shrinking platform and in to the encroaching lava. The last person standing wins!

Miniature Motors
Drive your miniature car around the house while dodging obstacles first to finish wins.

Morphing Maze
Collect the most keys while the maze constantly changes and knock out other players to slow their progress.

Mortar Mayhem
Memorize the arrows shown each round and move to dodge the mortar explosions, last player alive wins.

Mystery Maze
Run over the invisible platforms and be the first to the goal, but don't fall into the void below your feet!

Rockin Rhythm
Hit the indicated buttons as they fly over the marked circle. Hit as many buttons in a row to earn a combo, the largest combo you obtain will give you a score bonus.

Rotor Race
Race your plane through the narrow canyons, the player who makes it the furthest before teh time runs out wins.

Rusty Racers
It's time to display your drifting skills. Drive your rusty vehicle around the track but make sure not to fall off the first person to finish 3 laps is the winner. It won't be as easy as you think!

Sandy Search
Somewhere in this put of sand is the treasure you seek! Dig in all directions using your sand vacuum to be the first to find the hidden treasure.

Searing Spotlights
If you don't want to end up a bit crispy you will need to keep track of your player in the dark while dodging the searing spotlights, last player standing wins!

Sidestep Slope
Dodge the incoming vehicles as you move up the slope, the player who makes it the furthest wins.

Slippery Sprint
Run and jump over icey platforms towards the goal be the first person at the end to win, make sure not to fall in the water.

Snowy Spin
Spin your way to victory by knocking other players off the edge of this slippery platform into the bleak abyss. The order players die determines points per round the player with the most points after 3 rounds wins!
Minigames (continued)
Sorcerers Sprint
Avoid obstacles while flying through this treacherous course. Fly through the magic rings to gain points. The player with the most points wins.

Speedy Sabers
Kill as many other players as possible before the time time runs out!

Spooky Spikes
Dodge the spikes by jumping or ducking to be the last remaining player.

Strategic Shockwave
Strategically place bombs to destory obstacles and blow up your enemies. Collect powerups to increase the effectiveness of your bombs. Avoid destruction to triumph.

Swift Shooters
Shoot the targets that pop up as fast as possible but make sure you don't shoot the bomb targets otherwise you'll explode!

Temporal Trails
Ride your Light Board to victory! Draw out a trail to trap your enemies but don't trap yourself. The last one standing wins.

Thunderous Trench
One player is the lightning rod, which means lightning will periodically strike them destroying the floor revealing spikes below. If the player with the lightning kills everybody else they win.

Traffic Theft
Grab as much loot as you can, but don't get too greedy the more you grab the slower you move. Gain 1 point for each cash pile and 2 points for each pile of gold you bring back to your getaway truck.

Tunneling Tanks
Use your tanks turret to destroy the terrain below your enemies tank and force them in to the water below. The last player to hit the water wins.

Word Wars
As words appear above your head spell them out by pressing the buttons below your feet. Punch other players to step them from spelling the word before you.

Sharky Swim
One player is the shark the rest are prey, the prey must hide among the fakes while activating five beacons to escape. The shark must find the real prey among the fakes before this.

Motor Murder
Shoot the other players before they shoot you, collect powerups to increase the power of your shots, the player with the most kills at the end wins.

Pack And Pile
Use precise timing to place your boxes in a pile, first player to the top wins.

Batty Batters
Hit the falling objects with precise timing to gain points.

Billiard Battle
Shoot yourself around the table knocking the other balls into the pockets while whacking the other players out of your way. The player who sinks the most balls wins.

Rolly Ragdolls
Roll your way to victory by navigating past the many obstacles in your way, but don't fall too far behind or you will end up dead. The player who makes it the furthest wins.

Bounding Blocks
Capture blocks by stepping on them! Other players can't step on your territory so maneuver around them to capture the largest area you can, the player with the most territory at the end wins.

Selfish Stride
Choose to be selfish or not, select a bridge discretely because if more than one player chooses the same bridge it will collapse and you get nothing.

Fractured Faces
Rearrange the puzzle back into its original form by moving and rotating each piece, first player to finish wins.

Memory Menu
Memorize the displayed ingredients, once you have collected them all take them to the cooking pot and gain points.
End of the Game
After you finish the game on your map, you will be brought to the end screen, where awards (if enabled) will be passed out to players as extra goblets/trophies you can receive to win the game.

The default awards you can receive at the end of the game are:
Most Keys Gained
Most Damage Dealt.
Most Minigames Won.
Note: You can customize the awards in the Game Rulesets page in the main menu. [/]

After the awards, you can run around, jump, and punch players. You will find that the player in last place will be held captive in a cage, but they will also be able to punch you as you would to them.

Pro Tip: I find watching my body die over and over again quite gruesome, so I would hide behind a pillar, which covers me entirely at the right angle, and allows me to be undetected while the rest of the hooligans beat the crap out of each other.
Obtainable Through Playing the Board Game

Start your first game
Note: You have to be the host to get this achievement.
So Shiny
Get your first goal
You Are The Winner
Win your first game

Obtainable Through Playing Minigames
The First of Many!
Win your first minigame
Minigame Master
Place first in every minigame
Place last in every minigame
You Made a Mistake
Accidentally blew yourself up in the 'Strategic Shockwave' minigame
Steal From The Poor
Steal the last gift in a players pile in 'Grifting Gifts'
Collect 40 keys in 'Morphing Maze' minigame
Two Birds
Get a double kill in 'Barn Brawl'
Move Quick
Survive in 'Breaking Blocks' for 60 seconds
Get launched off screen in 'Tunneling Tanks'
Chopped To Bits
Get a 5 player kill streak in 'Speedy Sabers'
Control over 50% of the area in 'Elemental Escalation'
Quick Reactions
Score over 5 in 'Bouncing Balls'
Find the treasure in 'Sandy Search'
Light Foot
Complete 'Slippery Sprint' without falling in the water
Thread The Needle
Survive for at least 50 seconds in 'Sorcerers Sprint'
Lightning Rod
As the lightning holder kill every other player in 'Thunderous Trench'
Rolling Master
Knock off 5 players in one game of 'Snowy Spin'
Floor is Lava
Win 'Magma & Mages' without taking damage
Too Slow
Got hit by the train in 'Temporal Trails'
Altitude Achiever
Score over 10 in 'Altitude Attack'
Fatal Slip
Died in 'Acidic Atoll' without throwing a barrel
Road Warrior
Complete 'Rusty Racers' without falling off the track
A Daring Devil
Take no damage in 'Searing Spotlights' minigame
The Trifecta
Hit three players with the remote control eggplant
Extra Meat
Skewer three players with the rocket skewer item
No Diamonds
Complete 'Gift Grab' without collecting coal
Dodge This
Survive for 50 seconds in 'Bullet Barrage'
Seeing Stars
Knockout 10 players in one game of 'Explosive Exchange'
Xbox Controller
Use Item
Hit Dice
View Map
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SpaceMuffinn  [author] Oct 24, 2021 @ 3:22pm 
@Midrealm Oh this happened to me when I played it recently. :fmad:
谁说重伤倒地的不算英雄 Aug 17, 2021 @ 7:09am 
Ferretman Jul 21, 2021 @ 12:03pm 
@BabiiMuffin ah okay, thanks <3
SpaceMuffinn  [author] Jul 14, 2021 @ 11:55pm 
@Ferretman1221 This refers to it being enabled on the map (i.e. the board game style) vs being enabled entirely (i.e. in other modes). Hope this helps.
Ferretman Jul 14, 2021 @ 1:36pm 
hey what does the modifiers mean with map and enabled, what is the difference
SpaceMuffinn  [author] Apr 29, 2021 @ 1:30pm 
Malnourished Boi Apr 16, 2021 @ 9:25am 
Really helped me out!
Jermy! Mar 26, 2021 @ 6:49am