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What is Roll the Dice? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Roll the Dice, the TF2 mod. Roll the Dice is a mod to gameplay where people can use the chat to receive buffs or debuffs.
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Roll the Dice is a popular Team fortress 2 plugin. It can be played on any map as a stand-alone mod or coupled with many other mods. Unlike most mods presented in this series, Roll the Dice isn’t a full blown mod-gamemode. It’s a significantly game-changing mod but doesn’t affect standard rules and objectives.

The Roll the Dice plugin was released August 2008. Today roughly 130 servers run this mod.

So what is Roll the Dice?

Essentially Roll the Dice is a mod that makes it so players can roll an imaginary dice. The outcome giving good or bad status conditions during gameplay.

To “Roll the Dice” a player must use the chat command “RTD.” This can be preformed manually by opening chat and typing in “RTD” or by binding a key to perform this action.

Once a player rolls the dice, a random temporary status effect is inflicted on them. The possible effects range from invincibility, to low gravity, to summoning a sentry gun to, being frozen in place, etc. After a player successfully Rolls the Dice they must wait for a cooldown timer to finish before being able to Roll the Dice again. When a player rolls the dice, everyone on the server is informed of this action and what effect was rolled via chat. If a player dies wile they have an effect active it is also displayed.

The Roll the Dice plugin is very flexible and easily modifiable. Therefore many of the effects, their durations, their cool-downs and everything else can vary greatly between servers. Under normal conditions only one player at a time on either team can Roll the Dice with about a minute cooldown between being able to do so again.

Due to the random quirkiness of Roll the Dice and it’s ability to unfairly change the tide of battles it’s usually exclusively featured on un-serious server.

And that’s basically Roll the Dice in a nutshell. A light-hearted fun modification to TF2. A small gambling gameplay gimmick gripping with interesting effects.

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poincare Sep 3, 2021 @ 7:20am 
and also sorry for bad english
poincare Sep 3, 2021 @ 7:18am 
please dont increase for vıp's
poincare Sep 3, 2021 @ 7:14am 
fuk u roll the dice also have feature called:increase for vip's and its very broken becuase they always get powerplay no mather what and litteraly make unplayable for most game modes
Medicine from hit game Touhou Jan 20, 2019 @ 1:35pm 
do you know where or how do i get the mod?