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What is Prop Hunt? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to Prop Hunt, the TF2 mod-gamemode. Prop Hunt's a mode about searching out players disguised as props and kill them.
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Prophunt is a popular Team fortress 2 mod-gamemode. It uses custom-made maps and requires a plugin to play.

Prophunt as a concept and gameplay idea has existed for longer then TF2. It exists in different incarnations in other source engine games. Most notably Garry’s mod. For all intensive purposes, TF2’s version of Prophunt has existed since October 2009. Prophunt started to became popular in July 2013. Today there are roughly 40 Prophunt servers running either full-time, or part-time.

So what is Prophunt?

Prophunt is a gamemode in which one team becomes props and hides for survival wile the other team hunts them down.

At the start of every round 1 team is selected as the prop team wile the other team plays as the hunters. Teams alternate rolls every round. Everyone plays both sides of this asymmetric gamemodes equally.

The prop team automatically becomes scouts and can’t change their class. They use their mobility to reach out of the way hiding spots and their speed to avoid death. The goal of the prop team is to hid well enough or dodge and avoid the other team well enough to survivor until the time runs out. At which point if any of them are still alive the round will end in a victory.

The props team start off as random props. Normally they’ll appear as props that can already be found on the map. Some servers allow prop-players to change what prop they are during gameplay via a text command.

When there is only one prop-player remaining everyone on the other team automatically receives the jarate debuff and the last prop-player is granted use of their weapons. At this point it is up to the last props player weather or not they wish to continue hiding or use their weapons to kill the other team.

Prop players have a few other small attributes. They are always in third person and they can freely look around themselves wile not moving the prop by locking themselves in place. Lastly prop players can’t drown, meaning they can hid underwater indefinitely.

The hunter team’s goal is kill all the prop players in the map before the time runs out. Doing so ends the round in a victory for them. At the start of every round the hunter team must wait an additional 30 seconds extra for the other team to hide before they can start searching for them.

The hunter team normally mostly consists of pyros, as this class can set props on fire making them easily visible targets. Pyros also have the added benefit of having a sort of jetpack ability. By holding down the attack key wile jumping with a flamethower, pyros can propel themselves upwards. All classes excluding the spy and scout are playable as hunters. The spy is banned due to having the innate ability to spot enemies by placing their crosshairs over them.

The hunter team takes damage whenever they use a weapon. This is to discourage indiscriminately firing at every possible props and only focus on props that seem suspicious. Whenever a hunter kills or assists in a kill of a prop player they receive full health as well as a speed boost.

Prophunt is basically arena mode in terms of game logic and rules. In other words: rounds are one-life-only so death carries some weight. Many servers disable voice and/or text chat as well as spectating for dead players to avoid ghosting. Ghosting is what it’s called when a dead player gives away information such as a prop-player’s location to the living.

Prophunt maps have a center control point. This area has a mechanic tied to it. Stepping on the control point refills all of a player’s heath and ammo. When triggered an indicter sound effect plays. The refill effect has a cool-down before it can be triggered by the same player again.

Within TF2 there are 2 instances in which a mod is referred to as Prophunt. 1, the gamemode (what’s being discussed in this video) and 2, the minigamemode. Prophunt the minigame is played at the end of a round during humiliation in which everyone on the losing team is turned into a prop to be quickly hunted down and killed before the round resets.

And that’s basically prophunt in a nutshell. Hide-and-seek taken to a weird place of memorization and spotting the out-of-place background objects.

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Pentament Mar 12, 2015 @ 8:00pm 
anyone know a prophunt server where you can change prop?
[cf] Nikkolus Jul 5, 2014 @ 8:10pm 
Critfest has a popular prophunt server -
Reeve Asher May 13, 2014 @ 2:59pm 
would be nice ot know some servers...........