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Online Multiplayer: Setting up BeamMP
By OmeJoey
Some time ago, the BeamMP project was published to the public. This mod enables Online Multiplayer for with additional mod support. This guide will go over the basics of setting up the mod and joining your first BeamMP server.
Online Multiplayer: Setting up BeamMP
Some time ago, the BeamMP project was published to the public. This mod enables Online Multiplayer for with additional mod support. This guide will go over the basics of setting up the mod and joining your first BeamMP server.

Please note that the BeamMP project is still in early development and may still contain bugs and missing or incomplete features.
Mod setup
BeamMP uses Discord to authenticate it's users, thus you will need to join the official BeamMP Discord server (over 20k members!) in order to play online. You can join the Discord server by simply clicking here[].

Your Discord username will also be your username in-game.

In order to connect to online servers, you will need to download and install the BeamMP mod. The mod can be downloaded from the official BeamMP website[].

Once the required files have been downloaded, the mod must be installed. This can be done by simply double-clicking the downloaded installer and going through the wizard.
Upon completion of the installation process, the wizard will have created a shortcut on your desktop, double-click the shortcut and let the mod auto-update itself (yes, that's a thing now!).

The mod will only function properly when you launch the game through the BeamMP-Launcher shortcut.

You should now be ready to transfer your settings and join your first server as outlined in the next steps of this guide.
Transferring settings
Since the BeamMP mod basically acts as a separate profile for your existing installation, you can copy over your old profile settings (graphics, input maps etc.) if desired.

Your settings can usually be found at:
These settings can then be copied over to your BeamMP install directory, which is usually:
C:\Program Files (x86)\BeamMP Launcher\BeamNG\settings

Simply overwriting the existing files in the BeamMP launcher settings folder will do the trick.
Connecting to servers
Now that the mod has been installed, it's time to join your first server. Open up BeamMP through the launcher shortcut and click PLAY MP in the main menu. This will open the server list.

Servers can currently host client side mods and can be further customized by developers using server-side scripting.
Currently, the only server running a fully custom gamemode (Demolition Derby) is Uncle Joey's World - the creator of whom also happens to be the writer of this guide ;)!

To view the mods a server is currently running, click on a server and take a look at the second column.

To join a server, select a server from the list by clicking it and press CONNECT. BeamMP will now download all the required mods for this server. Once finished, you will have successfully joined your first BeamMP server!

If anything went wrong in any of the steps of this guide, make sure to read the FAQ below.
Can I host my own server?
Yes you can! You can learn how to set up a server at the BeamMP wiki[].

The launcher is stuck on connecting to Discord?
First of all, make sure Discord is running and make sure you also joined the BeamMP server. If it still doesn't work, try closing the launcher and completely restarting Discord. As a last resort you can try running the launcher as an administrator manually.

No servers show up in the server list?
This is a known bug, and is fixed by restarting the mod.

I was playing on a server and suddenly got sent back to the main menu?
The server most likely crashed. Currently this happens from time to time. This will most likely improve through future updates.

If you have any more questions after this reading guide, feel free to ask them in the comments or on the official BeamMP Discord server[].
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бедолага Jul 5 @ 7:31pm 
Hey guys, please rate my YT channel with carcrashes cuts and please subscribe to it
monkeybot May 26 @ 12:26pm 
It's a brilliant mod
Schnoz May 21 @ 1:49pm 
When I start BeamMP Launcher, I get "[ERROR] HTTP Get failed on Connection"...
Tried running on Administrator, have Discord connected and checked if my Antivirus disturbs any process. Nothing. It still doesn't work.
Puffs Mar 19 @ 11:39am 
If you want it to count hours on steam you put

"C:\Users\YOURWINDOWSUSERNAMEHERE\Desktop\BeamMP-Launcher.lnk" %command%

in the launch options of beamng! (make sure you keep the shortcut after the install to have this work!
PikachuPlayZ Mar 5 @ 7:30pm 
beamMP doesnt require discord, i dont have it and it works perfectly fine
Kramspeeder Mar 5 @ 5:31pm 
cool! works great
tim hortons gaming Dec 29, 2021 @ 7:08pm 
beamMP wont let me get through the accept screen
Duoc Vang Oct 1, 2021 @ 2:49pm 
Can't connect to bamng network To play Online can anyone help me. I clicked on Multiplayer but can't get in
-AE Sep 30, 2021 @ 9:54pm 
well for me beamp doesnt work because my beamg version is "too new"
DrivaQp Sep 17, 2021 @ 3:41am 
@MercAMG if someone was trying to hide spyware in the mod, they obviously wouldn´t tell you XD