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Panic Room - New Building
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Panic Room - New Building

This mod adds a small building that can be built to huddle up in after a battle, use as an outpost in the wilds, or as a very small starter player home.

Researchable under Core

Custom Mesh and Texture.
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AverageBandit Jun 17 @ 10:43am 
Sometimes things built inside a panic room will spawn above the room way up in the air when loading a save. Noticed this with shop counters specifically.
Havoc5150 Jun 16 @ 6:21pm 
reavers beat the door down pretty quick but i'm inexperienced in the game so dontk now what to expect, door durability wise
Tapslacks Jun 13 @ 9:34am 
the building condition is only 1 for the door?
DarKGeeK Jun 10 @ 10:33am 
Man, I was wasted when I wrote that reply, sorry for the many spelling errors, that usually doesn't happen.
Trinity Jun 2 @ 11:22am 
ngl having panic rooms in irl highschools is bullshit
having panic rooms in kenshi the video game is exactly what god intended
DarKGeeK Jun 2 @ 3:09am 
Not going to use it but it could be handy for when you are in the cannibal plains, because when you sleep you're unconcious so these stupid cannibals just try to pick you up and take you with them but since you're now locked up in a room you can relax a bit more without being annoyed by a few you scrawny cannibals. Trust me I had this problem, I had a 5 squat of martial arts men and after a long fight in (Deadcat I believe) my men were obviously kinda hurt, so I tried to sleep but the cannibals kept on waking up and tried taking me with them, but eventual everyone recovered and we went out of there with the grand cannibal wizard.
srbija pripada bosniji Mar 27 @ 8:24pm 
Same thing that happened to kjbrglt23 happened to me. I also tried prisoner cages but they also vanished.
mahatmadandy Mar 22 @ 11:45am 
I love the mod. Thank you so much. What is the door health?. Can you make it much more then 500? (stronger gate IV health). Maybe you can make apart from this one, also stronger version (e.g. available through research/blueprint)?
CamelSpyd3r  [author] Mar 20 @ 10:10pm 
Weird. I'll have to look into it but that definitely shouldn't be happening. I've only built the research bench, beds, lights, and the campfire without issues.