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Expanded Trailer Combinations
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Feb 27, 2020 @ 3:37am
Nov 27, 2022 @ 3:31am
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Expanded Trailer Combinations

This mod adds rear 'hooks' to all ownable trailer chassis allowing for more variety in ownable multi combination trailers.

If you find a bug while using this mod please report it! The mod is too large for me to effectively test every combination and accessory for each update. If you do find a bug please leave a detailed report in the comments (exact body and chassis used etc). I investigate every reported issue!

As there are hundreds of combinations in this mod, listing them all is impractical. Supported combinations generally include:

32ft STAA Doubles (permitted in all states)
32ft Triples
Up to 53ft front trailer, 32ft rear trailer RMD's
53ft TPD's with 3 Axle Dollies
TPD's of all supported trailers types.

Unique chassis/combinations added in this mod:
All Trailers:
3 axle dolly TPD's (except Container and Livestock)

Box Trailers:
53ft Spread axle

Bulkfeed trailers:
32ft chassis

Container trailers:
STAA Double Expandable trailers. This combination can be set to STAA, RMD or TPD on the fly!

Dropdeck trailers:
B Doubles using Flatbed B's
RMD's using Flatbed trailers.

Flatbed trailers:
Spread axle B trailer
4 axle B trailer
32 ft spread axle trailer
32ft 3 axle trailer
53ft 3 axle rear trailer

Livestock trailers:
28ft chassis

Additional accessories have also been added or unlocked for more trailers including:
All Trailers:
Long Load banner/tab for all trailer types

Box trailers:
Side skirts for B-Double Box trailer chassis
Side skirts for 32ft Box trailer chassis
Aero/Lift gate for 32ft Box trailer chassis

Chipvan Trailers:
Side skirts for non Belly bodies

Container Trailers:
Long Load banner for 32ft 3 Axle and 48ft Spread chassis

Flatbed Trailers:
Support Struts for B-Double Flatbed trailer chassis
Small Toolbox for B-Double Spread Axle chassis
Additional toolbox slot for flatbed chassis: 45ft Rear, 48ft Front, 48ft Rear, 48ft 3 Axle, 53ft Front, 53ft Rear, 53ft 3 Axle
Strobes for all trailer types

Grain Hopper Trailers:
Toolbox/Spare Tyre slot for 50ft Spread Axle

Livestock Trailers:
Improved stock accessories for Straight bodies

Added liftable axles to the following stock trailers:
3 Axle B/32ft 2 Axle Box/Flatbed
3 Axle B/28ft 2 Axle Grain Hopper

For those who want to run these combinations including any stock game combinations anywhere in the game please download this mod:

This mod is not compatible with TMP due to using custom game assets. Sanguinem Luna
has a TMP version listing every possible combination compatible with TMP. Please do not ask Sanguinem Luna for more combinations as they can not create them with stock game assets. Find it here:

Sanguinem Luna has also created an extended B-Double mod for ATS which can be using alongside this mod. Find it here:

Got a screenshot of your favourite combination? Post a link in the comments! It's great to see what combinations other players like.

SCS Software - Original trailers and editing tools.
Raiderium - For teaching me how to use Blender and creating custom textures. Without their help this mod would not have been possible!
GetForkStabbed - Teaching me how to use baking and shadow editing programs.
Nika - Baking, Shadows, Blender and SCS tools advice
Forerunner - Specific advice and help for modding in ATS, bug testing and knowledge base.
Forvet - Bug testing, screenshots and payrolling this mod. Thanks for the DLC's!
Zeberoli - Lead Bug/Stress tester.
Sanguinem Luna - Getting me into modding in the first place. Thanks for the support and mention in your original version of this mod!

Known Bugs:
Container Trailers: The expandable trailers are all listed as STAA Doubles. This allows the combination to be changed from STAA, RMD and TPD between jobs using the F7 Trailer Configuration function.
Dropdeck Trailers: You must manually select the hook rear bumper for the 1st trailer.
Log Trailers: Do not jack knife the dolly. This may cause it to clip inside the hitbox of the log trailer resulting in truck and trailer damage as well rolling the combination over.
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rumbear33 Mar 5 @ 9:20pm 
sorry i meant 45ft a-trlr (front trailer) with 45ft b-trlr (rear trailer)
Gdog900  [author] Mar 3 @ 7:53pm 
Sanguinem Luna already has a mod doing this. A link is in the description of this mod. .
rumbear33 Mar 3 @ 7:13pm 
Hi, is there any chance you could 45ft or 48ft b-double combo's as 53ft is a bit too big. We now legally have 45ft B-doubles here in australia.
Gdog900  [author] Oct 6, 2022 @ 11:14pm 
Additional B Double chassis are only for Dropdeck and Flatbed combinations.
Clasher Oct 6, 2022 @ 10:55pm 
Dry Van B-doubles do not seem to be supported, it doesn't seem to matter what body I use dry/insulated/refridgerated there are only the two vanilla options and none of the options added to other trailer types that support B-doubles
Gdog900  [author] Sep 8, 2022 @ 2:59am 
No. If I was to make Expanded Lodeking Combinations that would be a separate mod.
DBM Marc [NL] Sep 8, 2022 @ 1:54am 
does it allso work with the load king trailers?
Gdog900  [author] Aug 25, 2022 @ 2:15pm 
That's a combination that can be easily be made via save editing. I also do not intend on adding B Triple combinations to this mod.
indiora5665 Aug 25, 2022 @ 1:32pm 
hello @gdog900 i hope you doing well. wood you be so cain to make a 28+28+53 with 4th axle steerable refer b double if you have some time thank you
Gdog900  [author] Aug 10, 2022 @ 1:17am 
As there is no 53ft dry bulk trailers I am not making 32ft RMD's to help keep the RMD list lower. I have told you time and again to learn how to save edit. You can make whatever combinations you want then using my mod as they will all go together.