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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

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Shadow Champions - Mastery Mod (v1.94)
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Dec 27, 2019 @ 12:27pm
Mar 1 @ 4:46am
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Shadow Champions - Mastery Mod (v1.94)

Update v1.94 - Please check the Change Log on Github for more info

Shadow Champions is above everything a mastery mod; the first one that will see the light of day since Ragnarök. It aims at offering a new, refreshing experience with a set of 10 new masteries, along with many more changes and adjustments across the entire game while remaining true to the Vanilla game experience.

- 10 new masteries, each with 30 new skills
- Skill modifiers (skills which change existing skills, in a trade-off manner)
- More than 500 new items
- Monster Infrequent amulets and rings
- Monster Uniques (MU) items (ultra rare legendaries unique to a specific monster)
- Complete overhaul of all items, relics, artifacts, and completion bonuses (Atlantis included)
- Over 300 new affixes; reworked many original affixes
- Increased drop rate of many MIs
- Atlantis items drop with correct affixes; legendary uniques can now drop
- Boss overhaul (bosses are tougher and gain new skills in Epic and Legendary)
- New hero monsters
- Formula Maker merchant
- 7 end-game rogue dungeons
- Brand new secret passage
- Monsters gain more health in multiplayer
- Database & Changelog included

Change Log : SC-Log[github.com]
Item Database : SC-DB[github.com]
Difficulty Variants/Bonus Skins : Visit SC's Discord server to find them (Steam doesn't approve)

Warning and Notices
- This mod changes a lot of content from the original game. To ensure the smoothest experience, do not launch any other mod BEFORE or AFTER this one. In other words, do not play the Main Quest or another Custom Quest in the same game session.
- Do not play with an illegal copy of the game.
- Do not use Main Quest characters to play this mod.
- Create characters that you will only use to play with this mod. Do not launch other Custom Quests with those characters.
- Do not bounce mods with your Shadow Champions characters.
- Do not export exclusive items outside of this mod.
- Play without the required DLCs at your own risk.
- Use TQVault at your own risk.
Please respect those instructions to avoid losing progress or causing problems.


Use the difficulty variants to spice up the SC experience. They will provide debuffs to your hero and strengthen all enemies. The cooldown of potions is also substantially increased.

What to expect in the future
- Bug fixes and balance changes
- New items, rogue dungeons, quests

Q: Where can I find the database / changelog?
A: Either in \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\475150\1949340853 or in the download folder of the mod.

Q: Can I play this mod without Ragnarök/Atlantis DLCs?
A: Most likely not. And no, I cannot make a compatibility patch or whatnot.

Q: Is there a Calculator app available?
A: Thanks to Zaphodgame, there is one here : https://bytesquire.github.io/TitanQuestCalculator/mods/ShadowChampions/

Q: What is a MU item?
A: MU stands for Monster Unique. Like MIs, MUs only drop from a certain type of monsters. However, they act the same as a unique item : they cannot be socketed, but can be improved at the Dwarven Forge.

Q: What is a ‘Skill Modifier’?
A: These are passive skills that grant special stats at the cost of other(s). They are mostly optional and do not go beyond their maximum level.

Q: Will you make an Xmax version of SC?
A: No. The difficulty and drop rates can be adjusted, but we will stay away from mob multipliers. We want to provide better farming than the vanilla game offers, without the instability and lag that huge amounts of monsters cause.

Q: Can I use TQVault / Defiler / 3rd party programs with the mod?
A: You can use them at your own risk. We do not guarantee compatibility nor support in case it’s a cause of an issue. We advise the usage of backup files and discourage any attempt at using cheats or exploits.

Special Thanks to
- Torstein159
- Mezilazor
- Sauruz
- Endymion
- Nargil66
- Bumbleguppy
- Emhyr var Emhyr
- Jaehwan
- mvlad954
- All other contributors (from Discord and elsewhere)

If you like this mod and want to play with other people, share your feedback, or simply chat, you can join us here :
https://discord.gg/82e7dAz (there's also a download link inside if you are a non-Steam user)

- W.N.G.
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W. N. G.  [author] Apr 12 @ 4:34pm 
@Papi Misterio : I'll have the mod updated for this patch once it goes live. Trying to not be too hasty doing stuff.
Papi Misterio Apr 10 @ 1:18pm 
What a shame from my side! It was the only thing I forgot to check, I was assigned to some kind of ragnarok beta version. When I unchecked it, everything works fine. Thank You. :)
W. N. G.  [author] Apr 10 @ 1:05pm 
@Papi Misterio : Not sure what any of that means. Are you playing with TQ's Public beta (e.g. v2.10)? Maybe some of your game directories are Read-only. It's an issue that is unheard of.
Papi Misterio Apr 10 @ 12:58pm 
code of exception: 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
Papi Misterio Apr 10 @ 12:50pm 
In exception file it looks like some files are missing or invalid but I tried to download mod with antivirus on and off but no results:
Game Log
Couldn't initialize resource 'Effects\Default\DamageIndicationFX\ANM\343_Poison_Skull_Idle.anm' (invalid data)
TableDepot::Unable to open file (Records\Sounds\SoundPak\Spells\Lightning\ChainLightningtHitPak.dbr)
TableDepot::Unable to open file (Records\Sounds\SoundPak\Spells\Nature\SpiritAnimalCastPak.dbr)
Couldn't load resource '?DefaultAnim' (file not found)
Couldn't load resource '' (file not found)
LocalizationManager::Load encountered a duplicate tag: (NWQNPC_1) in file Text\modStrings.txt.
W. N. G.  [author] Apr 10 @ 12:39pm 
@Papi Misterio : Not sure what to tell you, but that's not normal. I can try to help you troubleshoot with a voice chat but that's the best I can provide.
Papi Misterio Apr 10 @ 12:04pm 
Hi I'd like to check this mod but every time I try to run custom quest my game crashes. I've unchecked all other mods, restart steam, delete game and download again, delete all games data and download again but it keeps crashing when I try to start yout custom quest. I have all dlc for TQ.
W. N. G.  [author] Mar 28 @ 10:37am 
@Syssn3ck : Thank you for the kind words. I hope you will like the other new content it brings :)
Syssn3ck Mar 28 @ 10:23am 
Hey, just tuning in to thank you for the great mod. :) I've been playing TQ on and off since 2006 and this mod is probably the best I ever played. I'm playing time + aqua atm (just picked my masteries at random) and I only play selffound, works great so far. It's a bit more challenging than vanilla AE, but really hits the sweet spot between hard but not too hard. The waterpet (don't know the name now^^) seems a bit underwhelming and I'm not sure if it is worth to pump 20 skill points into that one. I have to try a bit more.

I sometimes have issues with the attribute requirements for weapons/armors, because of the lower overall attributes (I believe the masteries give less attribute points than in vanilla), but luckily I have the lower requirements skill in the time mastery. :steammocking:

Thanks again for your work here and I'm sure I will play another character after that one.
Alrik Mar 20 @ 10:43pm 
Ok Thank you.