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Paladin Armor
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Nov 5, 2013 @ 10:24pm
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Paladin Armor

'Paladin Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all races and both genders. Paladins are mighty holy warriors who seek to cleanse the world of the unrighteous. If you you seek to better the world of Skyrim, bring justice, and slay abominations, this set is for you.

ll - Detailed Description - ll
Historically, most paladins follow Arkay, the god of life and death. But after the Oblivion Crisis there were daedra, vampires, necromancers and werewolves wandering the land and the Vigilants of Stendarr were founded to fight this epidemic. Many paladins abandoned their lone wolf lifestyle to fight as one under the banner of Stendarr to purge the rising threat of the unrighteous and the unnatural.

This set has similar stats to ebony armor, and requires the ebony smithing perk to craft. It works on all races and both genders. There is a shield included in this pack, as well as two helmet options(great helm and barbut).

ll - - - - My Request - - - - ll
If you enjoy this armor please rate it. If you really enjoy it, why not make a small donation for the time I spend making your game more enjoyable?

ll - Credits/Permissions - ll
hothtrooper44 – Paladin Armor
Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
The "great helm" is made by maty743 and only minor reworked to match this set. Great work on the helm and thanks maty!
Parts of the armor and helmet's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used here with permission. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.
The feathers on the helment are from an Oblivion mod made by jackshhk and ported by BaZoonga
The shoulder pads and cape's meshes and part of their textures were created by newermind43
Edg3k for help with the lore!

ll - - - - - My Mods - - - - - ll
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andrewo // 5.56 mm Feb 1 @ 12:40pm 
Good armor but pretty much out of context and totally not lore friendly: I mean, it's too "renaissance" feeling
Paladin Sep 16, 2017 @ 8:25am 
this is in my opinion the best armor set made so far, but the Ebony stats puts me at too much of a disadvantage to use... great work anyway
Flunk Sep 14, 2017 @ 9:12am 
does this add it to the loot pool? or do you have to craft it
FireflyKnight85 Jul 22, 2017 @ 2:53pm 
gorgeous armor, the cloak is a lil faded (pastel). The cloak would be really cool in royal purple, and even better as a single stand alone item.
Achilles Apr 29, 2017 @ 2:27am 
Do you make it ipout of ebony?
Some stupid Obese Guy :/ Mar 11, 2017 @ 5:26pm 
Please make a capeless version. :)
Some stupid Obese Guy :/ Mar 11, 2017 @ 11:42am 
Version with no cloak?
Exasiom Mar 8, 2017 @ 12:24am 
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PalaHKrul Feb 1, 2017 @ 2:53pm 
Dear Hothtrooper44,

I'm a fairly new modder. But I'm working on a neat little project that revamps the Knights of the Nine story line.
I'm adding a new worldspace, lovely chapel and quests.
My goal is to give each ''Knight Champion'' (All nine divines will have a champion) a unique armor.

In this awesome resource: I already have Zenithar, Stendarr (Will use the Julianos asset), Arkay and Akatosh.
I would be honored if you'd allowed your Spellbinder Armor be used for my Julianos Champion.
Of course I will credit you and your great mods!

And, if you have a tip for armors that could be used for Talos, Dibella and Mara's Champion I'd be happy to hear them! (Perhaps a neat idea for some new armors? )



PS. You can't recieve DM's!
Joe Spine Jan 25, 2017 @ 5:08pm 
I dont know why but it seems like the mod isnt working. I cannot craft it even though I have the ebony smithing.