Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

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Doctorate Achievement Guide
By Retron
This is a guide to finding all eBooks that grant the "scholar" XP bonus which will unlock the Doctorate achievement.
ebooks from the Missing Link are not required for this achievement.
Sarif HQ
There are three eBooks to find in Sarif HQ.

eBook #1: The Nature of Neuroplasticity - Volume 15

This eBook is found on the table right beside Pritchard when you first walk in to his office.

eBook #2: The Neural Hub: Design For A Next Generation - Volume 17

This eBook is found in office number 25 on the second floor. It can be accessed via a vent in office 27. The panel for office 27 is a level 2 hack and the door code is 4145.

eBook #3: The Tyranny of Biology - Volume 11

This eBook is found in office number 27 (right next to office 25) on the second floor. It can also be accessed via a vent in office 25. The panel is a level 2 hack.

Sarif Manufacturing Plant
There are two eBooks to find in the Sarif Manufacturing Plant.

eBook #1: Neural Interface Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution - Volume 9

In the hallway with the security camera and the turret, just after you find the PRAXIS kit, is an office that has a security monitor. This eBook can be found sitting under a cardboard box in this room.

eBook #2: Artificial Muscles - Volume 6[/u]

In the room before you can confront Zeke Sanders, in Josie Thorpe's secretary's office, there is an eBook on the desk.

Detroit - Part 1
There are 7 eBooks to be found the first time you are free to roam in Detroit.

eBook #1: The Intelligence Circuit - Volume 26

Inside Jensen's apartment on the nightstand beside his bed.

eBook #2: The Visual Cortex 2.0: The Eye, Redesigned - Volume 14

In the LIMB Clinic, make your way to the hallway in the back. This eBook is found on a trolley with some medical supplies.

eBook #3: Nano-Augmentation: Pipedream, or Theory for The Future? - Volume 29

In Greg Thorpe's apartment, in the same building guarded by Detective Chase. The one behind the gas station black market. The door panel is a level 1 hack.

eBook #4: Arms (and Legs) for Man: The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs - Volume 5

In the make-shift surgery in the same building as Tindall's and O'Malley's apartments. The front door panel is a level 5 hack. The code is 2356. The bedroom door panel is a level 2 hack. The code is 8221. The eBook is on the desk.

eBook #5: The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder - Volume 20

Found in the morgue, in the basement of the police station, where you recover the hacker's neural hub. It's sitting on the coroner's desk.

eBook #6: Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing - Volume 27

Found in Seurat's apartment, the black market dealer in the same apartment building as the DRB Jenny sends you to knock out (on the floor below). It's in the bedroom of the apartment. Sometimes they will become alarmed when you enter the bedroom so be careful. The eBook is on a set of drawers opposite the bed.

eBook #7: Vestibular Augmentation and Enhanced Agility Factoring - Volume 18

The last eBook in Detroit Part 1 is located in the DRB compound. It's in a basement level facility. If you are on the roof near the source of the signal you are sent there to investigate and look out, it will be in the basement of the building to your left. It's sitting on a stack of drums.

FEMA Compound
There is only one eBook in the FEMA compound.

eBook #1: Blurring The Boundaries between Man and Machine - Volume 1

It is located on basement level 4 (denoted by a -4 on your map screen) towards the end of the map but before the boss fight with Barret. It is in the same room as his computer. It's the room in the cafeteria area, the doorway to which is being overlooked by two civilians in an adjacent room. You can take them out to avoid detection or simply stack boxes in front of the panel to hack in privacy. The eBook is on a table inside.

Hengsha - Part 1
There are 6 eBooks to find during your first visit to Hengsha.

eBook #1: Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces - Volume 13

One eBook can be found on the top level of the Youzhao district. There is an apartment to the east on the Youzhao District map. After being dropped off, head west from the Hung Hua Hotel (where you start) to reach the entrance to Youzhao. Once in Youzhao, get on the roof via the ladder in the street, then head south to find the apartment.

eBook #2: The Science and Theory behind Cochlear Implants - Volume 8

This eBook is located near the first, on the second floor of a nearby apartment complex named "Downtown Apartments". It is sitting on a desk inside.

eBook #3: Understanding Vision (Part 1) - Volume 2

This eBook is located near the apartment complex where your first objective leads you, the place where you discover the identity of the hacker named Windmill. At the main entrance to the apartment complex, guarded by two BellTower mercenaries, are two small apartments. This eBook is in the apartment to your left when facing the main doors, sitting on a kitchen bench.

eBook #4: The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation System - Volume 25

There are two eBooks in The Hive. The first can be found in Mr. Tong's office, directly in front of you when you walk in. To get access to Mr. Tong's office you must convince him to help you during your conversation at the bar.

eBook #5: Optical Enhancement Functionality - Volume 23

The second eBook found in The Hive is located in the security room beside the main entrance. To get inside without attracting hostility from the bouncers you can sneak in via passages in the basement level near where Tong keeps his office.

eBook #6: Electrogravitic Technology Applications - Volume 19

There is an eBook in the Alice Garden Pods. It's sitting in pod number 143.

Tai Yong Medical
There are 3 eBooks to find in the Tai Yong Medical Facility.

eBook #1: Better Than Nature? - Volume 28

This is a tricky one and requires the Icarus Landing System. After making your way deep in to the TYM facility you will come in to a room with a spill that is electrified, that requires you to climb on some scaffolding up to an elevator area. Here you will find this air vent:

Go inside this air vent and follow it through until you find a corpse at the bottom with a tranquilizer rifle, some ammo and an eBook. You will need the Icarus Landing System augmentation to survive the fall.

eBook #2: Radical Evolution is a Reality - Volume 12

This eBook is found in the middle of the Lee Geng Laboratory. It is sitting in the middle of the room on the main floor, on a crate beneath a table.

eBook #3: Brain Implants - Volume 4

The third eBook is found during the boss fight with the robots while trying to open the hangar doors for Malik. It is located in Control Tower 01 and is sitting next to a security terminal.

Picus Headquarters
Thee are 2 eBooks to be found in Picus Headquarters.

eBook #1: Human Powered - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems - Volume 21

The first eBook is found after BellTower springs the ambush. Make your way down the elevator and in to the control room. The eBook is sitting on a bench under a large monitor.

eBook #2: Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants - Volume 16

This one is located in a small corner office in the larger secret newsroom. It's sitting on the desk.

Detroit - Part 2
There are 2 eBooks to find on your return to Detroit.

eBook #1: Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology - Volume 10

This eBook is found backstage on the convention centre when you are looking for Sandoval's location. It's found in Taggart's dressing room on a small corner table.

eBook #2: Dermal Modification Processes - Volume 24

This eBook is found in the middle of Sandoval's desk once you've confronted him.

Harvester Hideout
There is 1 eBook to find in the Harvester Hideout.

eBook #1: Understanding Vision (part 2) - Volume 3

This eBook is found on the lowest floor of the hideout in what appears to be a surgical room. This is where you will find Malik's body if you failed to rescue her earlier. The eBook is on a desk near the breakable wall.

Omega Station
There are two eBooks to find in Singapore's Omega Station.

eBook #1: Delgado and the Stimoceiver - Volume 22

Found in room G-23, the room directly below where you find Eric Koss.

eBook #2: Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's Success - Volume 7

Found in Megan's office inside a level 5 security safe.

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Not an improtant note, but you have the names backward for e-books 2 and 3.
The tyranny of biology is found in room 25, rather than 27.
F.o.B. Aug 25, 2016 @ 8:39am 
Very good guide, thanks for your work. I was wondering if you needed any of the books from the Missins Link too for the achievement but thankfully you don't.
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No, Missing Link DLC books have their own separate achievement, even in the Director's Cut.
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Do you need the ones from the Missing Link DLC with the Director's Cut?
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