Men of War: Assault Squad 2

Men of War: Assault Squad 2

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Tanks Only MOD
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Sep 20, 2019 @ 5:27pm
Nov 27, 2021 @ 12:17pm
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Tanks Only MOD

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Tanks Only MOD
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TANKS ONLY is a multiplayer modification relying on 5x5 tank battles and considering a tank setting and a game in the MOBA genre. Each player has one tank in their control which can be one of 5 different classes. This mod features over 128 types of tanks which date back to the time period since 1939 to 1943 (another 72 tanks dating back to the time period since 1944 to 1946 are planned to be added to the mod later). All tanks are combined in Tech trees. Each player has to follow these branches from the earliest and weakest machines to the most powerful ones in order to progress.

Tech trees:

This mod features a number of new unique gaming mechanics such as:

1) Upgrade your tank right during the battle by collecting trailers which spawn instead of broken tanks

After choosing the tank class in the beginning of a round player will start the game using the weakest machine of its class. To obtain a more powerful tank player will need to collect trailers some of which are already located on the map at the start of the match. But most of them can be obtained only by destroying enemy team’s tanks. A number of trailers necessary to change your tank for a better one is shown above each tank.

2) “Consumables” or in-game bonus system

After collecting a trailer several items can be added in player’s machine inventory. If activated they will temporarily boost different characteristics of the tank (it depends on type of that particular bonus you obtained, total amount of them in this mod is 8). For example, using a bonus you can increase tank’s mobility, durability of its modules, crew survivability, armour resistance or fix your tank without disembarkation of crew members.

3) Resource points

Besides the key points there are resource points on the map. You can replenish your ammo or fuel there but in order to do this you will need to conquer and hold them.

4) AI in the MP battle

All teams' units besides the tanks (infantry and towed guns) are controlled by AI. AI also controls the tanks which were not chosen by the players which allows gamers to play in incomplete or unequal teams. AI is programmed to help players conquer points and destroy enemy’s units.

5) New damage system

This mod uses a completely new machine damage system made from scratch. During this system development process the main goal was to minimally change this gameplay feature whilst making it more intuitive. New system fixes many issues of the old one:
- its functioning visibility is improved;
- damage accumulation system was added (each hit of a module increases the possibility of its failure in case of a new hit);
- hitbox detail level was icnreased in order to make visual and physical models of tanks correspoding to each other;
- mounted structural elements (such as wheels, boxes, shields etc.) hiboxes were added;
- the amount of elements, which can be torn off by a hit, was increased;
- HE damage mechanics was changed;
and a number of different changes was made.

6) For now this mod has 8 maps in 2 gamemods there will be more added in the future

P.S. Unfortunately, this mod can be launched only on maps designed especially for this mod and only in “conquest of territories” mode. These maps are marked in the following way:

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кирюшу забрали May 25 @ 12:16pm 
Автор я тебя прошу. Вернись к разработке мода, хотя-бы исправь ботов и это уже будет хорошо
Red Sun O'er Paradise May 8 @ 5:21pm 
comments section be like 💀
Dark beluga Apr 20 @ 1:54am 
Dark beluga Apr 20 @ 1:51am 
Хочу сказать, что мод крутой, да у него есть баги и местами он сыроват, но учитывая множество нововведений и многие самописные функции это того стоит. Жаль, что автор забросил мод.
IRON HANS Mar 12 @ 6:05am 
пожалуйста зделайте чтоб мод мог не вылетать при использования мода vlss и дороботайте всю технику ато в Ediror я немогу поставить ту или иную технику вылитает или хотел поставить турель с другога мода или технику с другога мода и вылет с ошибкой решите пожалуйста проблему
birb Mar 11 @ 4:01am 
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Укуренный Лис Feb 2 @ 4:21am 
I reply to all people in the comments. The mod is intended for playing in multiplayer, and not for viewing tank models in the editor. At the same time, the mod developer no longer supports this project. All your descriptions that the mod is terrible don't make sense.
Jerusalem Jan 13 @ 1:03pm 
terrible mod, constantly crashes when you place some modded tanks in editor
atlanticgamer89 Dec 21, 2023 @ 6:13pm 
Mod is trash now because of no longer being maintained
MemeKing Nov 23, 2023 @ 9:51am 
is there a way to make all the tanks work or is it something else?