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River Wharf
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Jul 10, 2019 @ 8:38pm
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River Wharf

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This is a floating pontoon wharf based on those operated by Sydney Ferries along the banks of the Parramatta River. They come in many configurations - different angles, entries, etc. - suited to the banks, but this is the only one I'll make. Certain limitations with how Skylines pegs shoreline assets to terrain make me wary of getting too creative. Anyway, if you dress it up a bit it will fit right in to a river setting, whether you've got fishing spots or mangroves :)

This is patterned off the vanilla Ferry Stop. It includes vanilla props, and an included road. I really wish it didn't need the road but it does. It also takes a bit of luck to get the terrain to flow right and the entry platform to ease onto the ground nicely.. I don't know if this is a result of the NoBase mesh-deleting script I used, because the vanilla doesn't have that issue, but I got a nice result for the screenshots so I'm satisfied that it's possible to get a good result.

For best appearance Move It down to where the supporting triangle on the pile guides (corner bits around the poles) is juuuust above the water line.


main 5,045 tris / LOD 236
4096x256 D,A,S,I,N,C / auto-generated

glass submesh 24 tris, 256x128 D,A,S
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Penna Jan 13 @ 11:30pm 
what are your rates
Penna Jan 13 @ 11:30pm 
plus the fact you can google images of queensland rail EMU trains
Robert  [author] Jan 13 @ 10:57pm 
All I'd really need is a diagram like the ones on the transport NSW site (e.g. . It's very useful for scale. But yeah, I've made some trains on commission.
Penna Jan 13 @ 8:01pm 
i am so sorry if i am bugging you, but if i find a good diagram (which i will have to know what it consists of) and pay commission, would you be happy to do it?
Robert  [author] Jan 12 @ 10:46pm 
Nope, sorry. Your best bet is paying someone to do it. I'd offer to make some on commission but I couldn't find good diagrams of Queenslandrail trains after a quick search.
Penna Jan 12 @ 6:12pm 
tried it, too hard, do you know anyone who makes the queenslandrail trains
Penna Jan 12 @ 2:30pm 
please be aware i may have a few questions for you
Penna Jan 12 @ 1:46pm 
Ok, Thanks
Robert  [author] Jan 12 @ 4:11am 
If you find it too difficult, there was another creator on the workshop doing brisbane stuff.. not sure if they are still going at it, but you could bug them to make new stuff :)