Realms of Arkania: Star Trail

Realms of Arkania: Star Trail

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Star Trail Guide - Main Storyline and Achievements Guide
By Shindragan
A sort of walkthrough through obtaining the salamander stone and the fate of the startrial and also navigating dungeons of the game with screenshots of my maps with notes included. I havent found how to unlock all the achievements yet, so If you know something I dont, do leave a comment and I will credit you properly.
This game was somewhat cryptic and I had fun discovering their secrets but some secrets were waaaay to hard and I had to do internet research to find out how to progress in some cases.

This guide is for just that, to use it when you get stuck.

Massive spoilers ahead and I really wish you only use this guide if you are stumped at what to do next or stuck somewhere, I hope this guide helps.

As far as I know there are no direct difficulty achievements, so you can turn on and off difficulty options as you see fit. Except those achievements that need for you to break a weapon and such.

If you are hunting for achievements save often and dont overwrite those saves, there are some achievements that are a one-time only kinda deals. If you mess it up, its gone.

Also, if you know or found a useful secret (magic items excluding potions or a lot of ducats) that I did not include here, leave a comment, if you can get a screenshot of it, even better and I'll add it to the guide and give you credits.

Edit 2021: Years later, I found this official walkthrough PDF by chance.

Alright then! Onward!
Quest - The Salamander Stone
If this is your first time playing the game, even if you played Blade of Destiny before, its a good idea to read all the tutorials.

There is no time limit in the game with one exception, this quest right here.
Once you enter the town of Lowangen, a timer will start but if you steer clear, there is no time limit.

Ask around about the dwarven pit, someone will tell you that the dwarven mine we are looking for is in Finsterkamm. Unfortunately, the market stalls are closed today so you either wait until they open to buy new stuff or venture out into the world and hope for the best.

Put your hunter character at the leftmost position, he/she is the one with the highest nature skills.
In towns, you will switch this character with the one with the highest social skills.

Getting to the next town, unfortunately no weapon store exist but there is a store.
If you need money, you can use your talents at the tavern but it takes a little bit of time.
Pickpocketing does not take time but you take the risk of getting caught.

So, head out south until you get to Gashok, do the quest there, its nice experience and magic weapons, check out the section for it.

Dwarven Pit
After you are done in Gashok (orange circle), we will head off to Hiltorp to get some weapons (Pink star) and restock on ammo if you need then to Finsterkoppen (yellow star), take the road south from Gashok.

I found this entrance later in the game when I was exploring the world map, you might be able to enter from here too:

After getting there, go north-northeast and you will see a huge building, this is the entrance to the special racist part of the city but it doesnt allow certain types of people. So make use of the Split party function (looks like four red flags/rectangles) and remove any unwanted people in order to go past the guards,

Or... you can just cast Unseen on your elves and get an achievement for it too.

Talk to the priest about the pit and how to gain entry, you will get a key, the entrance to the pit is east of the temple.

Check out the dungeon section on how to get the stone.

Now with the stone, lets head for Lowangen.


No matter from which side you go to that city, Antharon will ask to join you, why not.
Also, every normal item you own will be taken away.

To prevent losing important things, go to the temple and switch your team with a B team, even a single fighter with high endurance will do. You wont be camping to avoid going to battle, just plow through until you reach the city.

You need to have the stone in the inventory as you enter the city so it can be taken away from you.

Thats how you can progress with the main story.

Once inside the town, go find a temple and grab your main team.

Make a permanent save here in case you need it later.

Ask tavern bartenders and merchants about how to Leave Lowangen.
To learn how to escape, they will point you to shopkeeper Ugo Plotz or Dragan Escht.
You can find Ugo to the northwest, across the castle here:

Ugo will tell you to meet Dragan but he wont tell you where..
Go to the Temple of Boron nearby and ask about Dragan.

You can find Dragan here:

The house will be empty unless you know of Dragan from Ugo or a random citizen.

Ask him about how to leave Lowangen, the stone, Gavron, Sevensprings and Orc Death.
Each time you ask something, he will ask for a favor but after you do all three favors, you can ask anything.

1st favor
Dragan will send you to fetch a person, you can find him here:

2nd favor

Blue Star = Arts exhibit, wait for night to break in, dont be greedy.
Pink Star = Ask about Ingramosch, she will point you to A. Sevensprings.
Red Star = A. Sevensprings, ask about Ingramosch, he is in Toljmar.

3rd favor
Deliver a package here, can only be done during the day.

Now with all the info at hand, lets go grab the stone back to avoid the time limit game over.

You can go to this house, east of the city's entrance and get a fake stone and some loot.

To find out that stone is fake, you can cast analytica on it or pay at the Deformation Academy for analysis.

But lets go find the real one; go to the Orc's Death tavern here:

You are supposed to find Gavron and get the information out of him but I never found him.
I just went directly to Sevenspring's house (See red star in a map above) and confronted him, dont let him talk you out of it, he has it! Fight him and get the stone back!
You will also get two magical items, remember to identify them.

Now we have to escape the town, go to Black Jandora here:

You will need to pay 500 Ducats but after telling her she owes favors to Dragan, she will ask for 150 Ducats instead, sell the stuff you got from the previous fights for the stone to get ducats, a good haggler will go a long way.

Go to where she tells you, its to the northeast, close to where you stole the brooch.

The master will tell you to go find someone in the swamps but he wants two of your party members to stay here. You cannot leave the stone with one of these guys. Your max party will be reduced to 4. So its no use to leave two extra members here.

Bring someone with Analytica spell if you can, but its cool if you dont.

Northwest of Lowangen are the Moors and the Altsvellt Sumpfe, the swamps.
There are several entrances to the swamp and each one will make you start in a different point in the dungeon.
This is a huge and boring dungeon, so get ready.

[Read section: Dungeons - Swamp]

Once you are out, go back to Lowangen, deliver the package and let's set off to Blood Peaks.

[Read section: Dungeons - Blood Pinnacle]

Once you get the stone back, lets go to Tiefhusen on our way to Tjolmar, its northeast of the pinnacles, if you follow the river that is west of the swamp, north, you can find the city.

Going to Tiefhusen will yield magic shield and helmet and a the end of the quest for the StarTrial but its an OPTIONAL dungeon and quest so you can skip it if you want and go to Tjolmar instead.

When you get to Tjolmar, ask around for Ingramosch or try to go to his house here:

[Read section: Dungeons - Temple of the Nameless]
Quest - The search for Startrial
One night, while you sleep, you will have a dream and the God of thieves himself will ask you to get back something they stole from him, the legendary weapon startrial!

When you get to the town of Tiefhusen, ask around the weapon and they will point you to Jandor at the tavern 'Pile o'gold'. The Tavern is here:

Sit at an occupied table and ask about the Startrial, Jandor will speak up. Be Patient.
He will point you to a fellow by the river called Hensger. You can find him outside the weapon shop here:

Save before talking to him, in case you mess the dialog up.

Also get a grappling hook and a rope before you go, if you cant find one, then just a rope but you will have to do a lot of jumping and climbing.

I also suggest you stock up of water and rations, you will spend WEEKS down there.

Talk to him, pay him and come back here during the day, he will take you to the temple.

He will take you to the Temple of Phex dungeon and after you are done with it, the quest will be completed. [Read Dungeons - Temple of Phex] section.

Them trolls devs, seriously..
Quests - Gashok (Artherion's Avenger)
Dangerous Gashok
As you enter the town, you will receive this quest.
Go north to the Market square, you will get a clue.

The burnt out Mill

In the middle of town, by the river on the west side there is a Mill, approach it. (Red circle)
Talk to people about the Mill, you will learn a name.
Go to the marked herbalist (pink star) and ask about Antherion.
Leave town and go to the forest.

You might need to give it a few tries, put your best nature skills character as leader (leftmost).
You will never reach the cabin if you didnt get the clue from the herbalist in town.

Tell him you've come to avenge him.
Tell him you know what he has been through.

Go back to town to ask the herbalist about the strangers and about valpor.
Behind the Inn that the herbalist speaks of, you will find Valpor, ask about the other newcomers.
He will give you two names and two locations.

Erholt, his house is west of Valpor's near a well.
Deregorn's house is up some small stairs near the market.

I'll let you decide what to do next but after you are done, you must spend a full night sleeping inside an Inn in town, something will happen and one part of the quest will be completed.

Go back to Antherion and get your magical items.

Dungeons - Dwarven Pit
You will need ropes, shovels and a crowbar.
I think you might find them down here, I cant remember.

1st Floor Notable Loot:
Belt of Strength (+3 STR)
Astenil Ring (Protection against Fire)

Pink Triangle = Shaft
Yellow Circle = Important Documents
Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Yellow Triangle = Chain
Grey Star = Door

Grab the astenil ring with a courageous character, equip it.
Grab the documents, read it with someone clever.
Go up the Shaft with someone with good perception, get a key.
Go to the Ingerimm door on this floor, light the torches.
Grab the chain in a rack across the Ingerimm symbol statues.

2nd Floor Notable Loot:

Pink Star = Cart Grease + Crank
Yellow Arrow = go under the bridge into a trap
Red Circle = gnome home
Yellow Triangle = Shaft

Go down to the next floor, find the cart grease and the crank.
Before going into the trap, save and then make sure to have grease, crank and chain.
Going into the gnome home DO NOT step into the plate or you will have to reload your save.

Save before opening the chest, it will only unlock if you did not step on the plate.
Answer the riddle. You can reload a save if you fail.

Key get, on to the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor Notable Loot:
Astenil Dagger (non magic)

Pink Circle = Notable Loot + Copper Key (Need to dig a lot)

Before going up, take out your shovels and pickaxes because its time to clear some caved in corridors.
Kill the skeleton, read his note.
Run around clearing rubble, find key and notable loot.

Go up, use the grease on the cart, have a ride and some free XP.
Go up, find the floorless corridor, cross it.
The lever fixes the broken corridor bridge/floor
Get the red coins from a chest past the broken bridge/floor.'

4th Floor Notable Loot:

Use the copper key to get in here, fight, and get the stone medallion.

*Do not turn the wheel yet, go get the secret treasure on the next floor first, I missed it but then read about it long after I was dont, after you get it, come back and drain the pool with the wheel.

5th Floor Notable Loot:
I found nothing... and Im like :/

If I unlock one more empty chest, Im gonna scream.
oooh, a secret chest?!

To go down, try as you might, good thing you brought a crowbar.

6th Floor Notable Loot:
Astenil Knife (Not magic.. but its something, I guess)
Ikosahedral Stone (Just a trinket, I suppose)

A lever behind bars? I can use my magic hand to pull it, being a magician is awesome.
Whats this? lets put my strongest people in the first two slots, slabs are heavy.

Alright, I gots to wear that to get over the lava, fine.. Ill split the party and take one person.
A wall?! Hmm.. lets try the medallion.. nope.
How about the red coins? nope.
The key? nope.
oh thats right its a torch! nope.
fml.. (lits the torch with tinderbox) ok, you may pass.

whoa.. thats um.. that's big.. here's a medallion, dont get mad.

Oh.. chests.. jeez, Im having cursed treasure "blade of destiny" flashbacks.
Fine, Ill trade my promised artifact for this stone.. I guess..

Lets put those trousers back.
Time to get out with the silver key, using the shaft to go to floor 1.

Dungeon complete!
Dungeons - The Swamp
Notable Loot:
Uuz Dornak - 2H Magical Unbreakable Sword

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red Star = Lizardman Village
Yellow Star = Chest with Net
Blue Star = Rantzy
Blue Circle = Heather Herbs
Green Star = Gorger
White Circle = Witch (Can only be talked to after Lizardman quest)
White Star = Mage Tower (You can only enter after meeting witch)

Go to the village here and ask for help, help them in return by going east and killing the Gorger.

Go to the treasure chest and get the Net and the document, read the document.

Capture the Rantzy.

Use the analytica spell on the bushes or get the Rantzy first and when you pull the herbs, one of them will have a different description, grab that one.

Go back to the Lizardmen, they will tell you about a witch.

Go to the witch, she will tell you about the tower.

Go do this stupid fetch quest in the other side of this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ huge boring swamp dungeon.

Get to the tower, save before knocking on the door, answer the riddles correctly.

==Achievement: Demon Whisperer==
A mistranslation made me miss this one but I finally got it after a few tries.
The Fire Elemental in the Swamp is the Fire Demon, I am not sure if you need to pick a set of correct answers or if its simply a counter that goes up every time you solve the quest, if it was a counter, it must be around 5 or 10 times, if its a correct set, it would be great if someone figured it out. I only remember picking love as a first option.

You have two options, go back to the witch now or after you uncurse the Ratzy.

If you go after uncursing, she will attack you.
With the heather, the ratzy and a document you just got, you can finally find what you were looking for. Heal the dude, you found a healing potion earlier in the ratzy chest.
Fight the witch.

Thats it, good riddance, there's an exit close to the witch's hut. Lets go!
Dungeons - Blood Pinnacle
A cave houses this dungeon, from Lowangen, go west BUT watch out, there are two entrances.
The red entrance will be a dead end, you wont be able to progress because of lack of keys.
To find the real entrance, follow the yellow arrows.

There are a lot of illusion walls, if in my map looks like there should be no wall there, its an illusion.
Sorry I forgot to mark them, I got the map after I explored the whole place and just forgot.

Lower floor (Fake entrance)
If you enter through the node pointed by the red arrow, you'll get to here.

Notable Loot:
Broken Masterwork Battleaxe (Search dead adventurer)
Some good stuff in the Armory

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red Circle = Secret Doors (Cast iron Key required)
Yellow Star = Treasury (Golden spectacle key required) [Thank you, devs]

I see you up there, treasure chest, your contents are lame.

Middle Floor
41 Ducats
51 Ducats
Cursed Sword (MP -2, Sneak -2, INI+2)
Red Ring (Magic Resistance +2)

-----------Spider Cave System----------

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red square = Locked, needs Cast iron key
Yellow square = Locked, needs Red arrow key
Green Star = Pliers key (fight reward), Lynx Key (in chest)
Pink Star = Gold spectacle key
Green Triangle = Ally: Thurazz
Red Triangle = Ally: Praiodan
Yellow Star = Salamander Stone (Loot corpse)
Green Circle = Threadshine (needs pliers key)
White Square = Secret door (needs spear)
Green Square = Red Arrow Key

You can find the cast iron key on the top floor.
Written on a wall: The Polar diamant is in the temple of.. aaaarrghhh.. (hahaha)

A silver thaler? what the hell is that? Ill just use this spear I found in the other shelf.. huh, what do you now?..

Use swords or daggers upfront to slice the cobwebs.

Leave the cowards behind and investigate to get the sword.
It doesnt work for the achievement..

You need to drink the threadshine before burning the eggs, split the party to get it done.
Dont forget to look around the corner for some jewels and the red arrow key.. easier to get out the way you came in.. but hey.. I guess..

Top Floor (True Entrance)
Notable Loot:
321 Ducats AND !!!1 silver piece!!! oh yeah, some jewelry too
Sapphire & pots (needs Bronze Disk to unlock)

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red Circle = Bronze Disk
Pink Star = Keys

Oooh, a lute!
Orc jewelry is lame.
Hidden golden jewelry in the straw.
What a fight with them drunken orcs.
Nice mummy, normal loot.
Dungeons - Temple of Phex (Tiefhusen)
Notable Loot:
Phex Shield (AT/PA: -2/+4, Ranged Protection +8, Useable by all)
Phex Helmet (AR:3, Usable by all)

Green Circle = Gold recipe - Look into shelf, like.. ram into it or youll miss it.
Green Square = Secret door opened by finding recipe
Blue Square = Unlocked Secret Doors / Fake Walls
Red Star = Phex Idol Riddle
Red Square = Phex Idol open this Secret Door
Yellow Star = Finger Socket Riddles
Yellow Square = Offering Statue opens this door.
Red Arrow = Scale Puzzle opens this door

That dude cheats.
Oh! Tetris puzzle, im game.

Classic pressure plate puzzle.. hmm. Golden Axe, takes me back to the old SEGA days.
This Axe is actually the key to escape through the entrance, why? I dont know!

Beware opening doors, you might get stuck...
There is a recipe on a table near the chest with all the tiaras.

Those portraits are clues for the socket construct puzzles later on.

Whoa.. this is handy... puzzles! Save the game here.

"Every time you put a tile close to another of the same kind, they blow us in the face"

I'll give you a hint, notice you have 4 blue tiles and there are 4 purple tiles in the board.
For a full solution, check out the Notes section at the end.

Ah.. so thats why I have been seeing the symbol everywhere.. hmm..better backtrack and count.
Remember that the statue that is asking, itself, also counts.
The idol will open a secret door.

Scales puzzle, the pyrite is always lighter, its not that hard to figure this one out.
When you find the pyrite coin, drag it to the black box on the bottom right.
The puzzle opens the door east of the elemental tiles puzzle.

Boat Puzzle: Think of knights in Chess and figure out which button sends you in which direction.

Armor Chest Trap: Weight is the key, think Indiana Jones.
Noone has figured out the pots puzzle yet.

When you get to the offering statue, split the party, find your poorest adventurer and make a party out of him, as him go and donate your money, it might be 25% of all your money or 50%, I dont know but if you did it right, the secret door will open.

If you get thrown into the gate maze, use split party to escape the labyrinth, you can even split the party into 3 groups. I made a video on how to get out.

There are some illusion walls you can just simply walk through once you get past the elemental tiles puzzle, use penetrizzel.

Pressure Plates: Solution is right here, just capitalize on your knowledge.
We Will Wander
We Shall Not Stay
We Will Survive
Strolling Each Way

Value of Virtue: You need to grab the stones from the sockets in the pedestals.
Im not sure how it works, but with trial and error I managed to grab them.
If you want to know the ones I figured out, go to the Notes section.

Get close to a High Wall and you will be required to use an item, use a grappling hook and a rope.

The note with numbers you found earlier will give you the code for this door.
Hint: 0 is the rarest number.

Do not attack them, just bow and listen, leave quietly.
The quest will progress and you will get an achievement.

Unknown stuff:
Couldnt open the chest in the small locked doors maze.
Couldnt open the chest near the scales.
Couldnt figure out the vase/pots puzzle near where the Phex artifacts where.
Couldnt open the door down to the jailcell.
Couldnt figure out the lone pressure plates, one at the northwest and the other near the end.
Dungeons - Temple of the Nameless (Tjolmar)
Bring lots of food, water and repair kits cuz its going to be a long one.

1st floor
Notable Loot:
Red Amulet (Fire Resistance)
Golden Ring x 2 (Fire Resistance)
Dragon Slayer (Spear, non-magic, horrible weapon but you need it)

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Yellow Circle = Illusion Walls
Blue Star = Gong

Read the document, you have three numbers.
Count from the entrance towards the back, the last is on the opposite wall.

Key in tree pot.

Sacrificing permanent AE will improve Holy Smelting! spell by a lot.
In the next room, you can use this spell to get the second flame key.

Even in the last game, blue rings were baffling to me.

To get the fire resistance jewelry you will need both flame keys.

Striking the 10 gongs will give you an achievement.

Is there a secret behind the stair darkness teleporter?

2nd floor
Notable Loot:
100 Ducats x 4

Yellow Circle = Secret Door
Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red Circle = Amulet Part
Red Square =Amulet Door

Brass Key in a shelf in the storage room near the entrance.

10 healing potions in a chest at the end of the dorm corridors.
Sleeping potion recipe in a table in that same room.
(Honestly, its better just to ignore the dorms, those fights are hard)

As you gather the amulet pieces, walls will open.
You need to be fast, the amulets reset if you take too long and you will have to fight again.

3rd floor
Notable Loot:
Magic Helmet (AR:3, can be worn by all)

Pink Circle = Notable Loot
Red Circle = Demon Riddle
Red Square = Dragon Claw Door
Yellow Square = Secret Door

CULT has four letters.

Check the stone tablet:
"Come closer - i can hear
your beating hearts"
The spacing is intentional.
Check notes section for solution.

The skeleton fights down here are ridiculous.

To answer the riddle you must find the answer, you cant just guess.
Look at the pillars in the room.

With the Dragon Claw in your possession, the door at the Red Square will open if you just walk into it a few times.

Go up the secret door nearby and fight your way to the final boss.
The achievement Savior of the Svellt Valley will be your reward.
Allies (Sociable achievement)
At first I thought I had to have a party full of NPCs but thats not the case, you just need to have all the NPCs in your party at some point in the game.

You can miss some of the NPCs if you are not looking for them, so here is a list.

  • On your way to Lowangen, after going past New Llowangen, you will meet Antharon and if you accept, he will join you for a while.
  • Inside Lowangen, Dragan will send you to fetch Vinsalter, he is technically an NPC Ally.
  • After escaping Lowangen, in the swamps, you find Agdan, uncurse him and he will join.
  • In the Blood Pinnacles, middle floor you can find Thurazz and Praiodan in the jail cells.
  • North of the swamps, near the mountains (left of the sign that says Grosse Ode in the world map) you can find Korima.
  • In the Temple of the Nameless, first floor, you will meet Helen after you free the key from Ice.
  • In the Temple of the Nameless, after the final boss, you will unlock the final companion and this achievement.
This only works in the starting town of Kvirasim.

Remove your pants and loiter around for a while, eventually a little girl will scream about you and a mob will form.
They will beat you up for public indecency.

-Note: You can play the game without pants and in some cities people will react differently to your exibitionism.

Do damage to one of your own teammembers, just click on a teammember and attack.

The most missable tutorial is the fight tutorial, you must speak to a guy in a green shirt standing in front of the tavern at Kvirasim and do the battle tutorial with him. Other missable tutorials include The Smith.

Voice Talent
You need to go to the Lizardman village BEFORE the quest to find Agdan.

For the achievement Jinx, the first place I found a rat hole was in the dwarven pit's 2nd floor here:

Save before entering the room.
Make sure your lead character has low perception and instinct to get it easier.

If you fail, you can always reload and try again. Easy.

Spider Slayer
For this achievement, you need to kill the Spider Queen at Blood Pinnacles spider Cave.
Check out that section above.

Secretive Person
For this one, you need to enter or escape through the Dwarven Pits backdoor cave.

In Finsterkoppen, city guards wont allow any elves enter the elite part of the city.
But why not be clever and have your elf use the spell Unseen that makes them invisible.

Sweet Fruit
This is missable.

While looking for the Dwarven Pit, you will encounter this ONE-TIME event.
Feed the goat some sweets or licorice and you will get this achievement.

Temple of Phex: Elemental Tiles Puzzle Solution

Temple of Phex: Pressure Plates Puzzle Solution
The first plate doesn't count.

Temple of Phex:Socket Pedestals
Here are my personal results but I think they change from game to game.

Temple of Phex: Virtues
All the virtues should go in the 1st hollow.

Temple of Phex: 3 Digit Code (912)

Temple of the Nameless: 4 Digit Code

Dungeons in World Map

I swear I saw someone mention they found an otterskin in the old version of the game in the same level where you get the bronze key, 2nd floor of temple of the nameless. I'll go there later.

While restarting my game and looking for the capricorn, I found this ONE-TIME event.

Skin and eat the animal and you get the skin BUT the game kinda freezes and you cannot move again.. so what the hell, game?
The Basilisk
Buy/Find a Brass Mirror for this.

From Hilvalla, go west and then north to find a strange smell.

Take your best tracker, with stealth, dexterity, agility, hide, etc and give that person the mirror.

Courageously move towards it and when you are 2 paces away use the mirror.

Achievement get!
Achievement Mysteries
==Master of Classes==
Just spent a couple of hours defeating the final boss with all classes and this didnt unlock.

Do I have to go through all the game with different classes? or just the final dungeon?
Defeating only the dragon didnt work.

What are the conditions for a class to have "completed the game"?

Does Hunter/Huntress count as one class or two?

Do imported character's classes count towards this achievement?

==Knight of the Lion==
I know it has something to do with rescuing a priestess of Rondra but I saved her at the beginning of the game and it never unlocks.
Edit Dec 2021: The achievement is fixed with the latest patch, save her and you'll get it.

I 've seen the beggars at Lowangen and Tiefhausen but the counter never goes up.
Are there beggars somewhere else?

I found the cursed sword in the Spider's Lair but it doesnt trigger this achievement.
Havent seen any other cursed things, I could import the cursed armor from Arkania 1, would that work?
Oddly enough, you can use the spell destructibo to disenchant the cursed sword and get a magnificent foil.
< >
paladinofmm Jan 23, 2023 @ 9:36pm 
Cursed achievement still bug with latest patch? Got a cursed sword from Blood Pinnacle, equiped it, swing it a few times in combat, nothing? Cast Analytica on it and also equip it and swing in combat also not getting it. Anyone can enlightened on how to get this achievement. Thx.
Dark-Chummer Aug 9, 2021 @ 2:29am 
With the new 1.10 Patch the game is more better than before.
Shindragan  [author] Aug 9, 2021 @ 12:18am 
amazing! Ill need to reinstall and play it again to see if I can get some others, thanks for the heads up!
Dark-Chummer Aug 8, 2021 @ 11:16pm 
The Knight of the Lion Achivement works since 1.10 Patch, after you recue the priestess of Rondra.
Shindragan  [author] Mar 7, 2021 @ 10:46pm 
Heh, its the little memorable things in games that make them worthwhile, aint it? hah
selina Mar 7, 2021 @ 10:12pm 
"Im having cursed treasure "blade of destiny" flashbacks."
Right? I swear that traumatized me.
Shindragan  [author] Sep 11, 2019 @ 6:18pm 
Not sure, never played the original. But if what Ive researched abnout the original taught me is that this remake is pretty faithful, so Im pretty sure you should be able to pull it off with enough lucky rolls and the mirror. I know stealth might not be the only high skill you need to sneak past him.
Sirius4srs Sep 11, 2019 @ 5:30pm 
Do you know if it's possible to kill the Basilisk in the original game? Or only in this remake?