Realms of Arkania: Star Trail

Realms of Arkania: Star Trail

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Star Trail Mods
Our Game has a lot of options to be modified by users, from ramping up the difficulty and adding new classes of monsters and players to creating whole new questlines along with items, NPCs and battles
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Recent Announcements
Version 0.79
  • The camp scene on travels now displays all heros that are able to act
  • The camp scene on travels now shows the current weather conditions and the time of day
  • Dullskull was revised. Dwarfs are now especially bad tempered when suffering from it
  • The dwarf crossbow received a unique image
  • When surviving a serious illness without any healing, the according hero receives experience
  • Battle fever was revised. Elfs suffer more than other races
  • Rabies was revised. Elfs are immune to it, all others now actually get the rabies
  • A problem when repeatedly changing a characters worn wardrobe was fixed
  • Fixed a problem that the toadskin caused a false skin shade to be displayed
  • Fixed a problem that when "taking all" and the inventory was full, a random item went missing
  • Adapting the looks of heroes in the temple doesn't cause lighting problems any more
  • The cloud animation in the main menu doesn't disappear any more when using the settings window
  • The white lines in the main menu are finally fixed
  • Female goblins can now be created correctly
  • Canceling the hero choice when casting destructibo now works as intended

Towns and Dungeons
  • The cellar vault dialogs received some images
  • A blurry texture at the blacksmith of Tjolmar was fixed
  • Female NPCs aren't bald any more
  • The leather clothes chest in the Finsterkoppen Pit now works as intended
  • Lowangen nighttime lighting was fixed
  • Fixed a texting problem at the scales puzzle in the Cellar Vault
  • Filled several dorment houses in Tjolmar with life
  • Fixed a z-fighting chest cover in Tiefhusen
  • Fixed a flying basket in Tiefhusen
  • Fixed a missing well collision in Tiefhusen

  • The witches broom now receives an additional damage point for every 5 battle rounds it is active, making it gradually even more dangerous
  • Depth of Field in combat now auto-focusses on characters
  • Added a new battle avatar for trolls
  • Used the new goblin race for all goblin opponents

  • Unlocked Steam Workshop
  • It is now possible to hand out XP in effects
  • Added possiblity to add avatars and templates by mod
  • Readded images in Dialogs
  • Allowed overwriting of existing files in Modding Character Editor
  • Fixed several bugs when creating Goblinsin the Modding Character Editor

We'll release the next update in roughly 2 Weeks, so around the 28th of April! Happy Easter from the Alpha- and Crafty Teams!